Melting Traffic Lights Explained

By | March 5, 2020

my name is R. Crosby Lyles and this is
News from the Can. This thumbnail jumped out at me like a lion out of the bush I
guess or whatever recent apocalyptic images have the web trembling so this is
heatwave in in Mexico and what you’re looking at here is you’re looking at the
melted plastic shrouds from traffic signal this video is about high levels
of UV being detected in higher latitudes like Amsterdam where they receiving I
think he said it was 10 milliwatts per square centimeter the thing I believe
it’s watts this whole video really is about UV and mr. mbb 333 is one of my
favorite Watchmen he’s got great stuff you know the saw he’s always got showing
something the spectrum of observations that he makes makes up for any shortfall
he might have in technical knowledge of what’s actually going on he says UV
explained I didn’t necessarily see an explanation of why we’re seeing elevated
UV radiation in the upper latitudes we’re talking high 50 degree latitude
typist for again Amsterdam up there where it’s normally like he said two to
three millivolt per square centimeter and now it’s like they’re seeing 10s and
12s and somebody I think in Oregon I think maybe British Columbia was seeing
like a 15 millas per square centimeter seen UVC and according to mr. M VB 333
study group out of Harvard apparently has acknowledged has has documented UVC
hitting the ground ground level so that’s kind of sort of a little bit of a
red flag now explanation for the UV and potentially for melted traffic lights
for that you want to look at BP Earthwatch I’m always looking at this
guy’s stuff this video right here and he will tell you about the intensity and
the speed of solar wind this is a fascinating video because what he gets
into it I said far in terms of an explanation about the UV radiation and
maybe even god I hope not a possible an explanation for the
melting traffic lights although there’s another explanation here I’m going to
show you that in a second the Earth’s weakening magnetic field when you have
high speed solar winds coming at the earth those particles just pushed right
down to the Earth’s surface and there’s all kinds of stuff that goes
on with that we’re seeing elevated levels of volcanic and tectonic activity
as well as various types of sky phenomenon including a low altitude
radiation belt over the South Atlantic among other things
volcanic activity going on everywhere everywhere but to get it really get a
handle on that you’re gonna want to watch this BP Earth watch video YouTube
kind of makes a lot of really technical stuff a little bit more digestible it
may not be all that complete and stuff but you get a pretty good idea about the
generalities of what’s going on and this picture right here will show you I mean
in no uncertain terms you can see that solar wind penetrating right down to the
Earth’s surface that looks like what we were just talking about latitude 50
some-odd high 50s maybe as high as latitude 60 degrees latitude he’s
talking about CERN is back here somewhere in CERN it’s a high-energy
Collider so that the magnetic fields that they’re generating or doing or like
actually doing things with the solar wind you know and that’s what you’re
really that’s what you’re seeing right here is like CERN has its own magnetic
field that’s observable from space so that’s something in and of itself so
what this solar wind does when it hits the atmosphere is it reacts with ozone
and makes water vapor for one thing which water vapor in the high
stratosphere schools down the planet it can create
coalesced ice crystals and just water just a egg water is a greenhouse gas but
greenhouse gas in the upper stratosphere and it causes the planet to cool down
that’s a function of statistical mechanics and because a greenhouse gas
emits a photon at the same energy that it’s absorbed the reason that a
greenhouse gas causes heating towards the surface is because statistically
speaking it absorbs a photon of infrared radiation it reinvents that photon and
then there’s probably because it’s closer to the surface a neighboring
molecule that’s going to absorb that infrared radiation close by back and
forth and just trades those photons back and forth it traps the heat it traps the
photons traps the heat not only that but you have thermal action of the air and
everything else and and it keeps it travel further out when you’re talking
about in the upper stratosphere the atmosphere is closer to space then as a
matter of statistics half of those re-emitted photons are
just gonna go out into space so that’s why it greenhouse gases in the upper
stratosphere cause cooling that’s a little technical but yeah it’s really
true so now here we got the situation where the solar wind is penetrating
right on down to the Earth’s surface it looks like and a necessary component of
that just to go back to this in this video here mister M VB 333 is basically
making the broad observation that on days that are sort of partly cloudy the
UV levels are higher than when it’s totally clear and that would that that
would make me think that well maybe there maybe there’s a correlation
between higher levels of solar wind impacting the upper stratosphere or the
upper atmosphere and higher levels of UV of course it’s a totally reasonable
explanation penetrating radiation coming through these holes in the in the
magnetosphere that’s kind of warm the interior of the earth I mentioned
something about moons in a previous video you know who really knows
right quick segue here somebody left a comment on the last video that I put up
anomalous cold temperatures June 2nd 2018 somebody named keeping up when I
did this video I made a reference to two moons and during a grand solar minimum
you have increased increased amounts of cosmic radiation that penetrate down
into the into the Earth’s atmosphere and a result of that as of the collisions
between cosmic radiation and air molecules is that you get an increased
amount of moons but that’s just one particle of many and so I threw it out
there you know as I somehow or another I made a sort of a correlation between
increased mu on penetration and increased tectonic and volcanic activity
and I was going to take it out and I just said yeah let’s you know I’ll leave
it in there let’s see who’s out there let’s see who’s paying attention well
move on step in they can penetrate down tubes as deep as a couple of kilometers
which is not very deep you know the magma is down into the
hundreds of kilometers so this person keeping up who’s been keeping up left
some spam in a comment and I’ll get to that in a second but goes on to talk
about well you know correlation is not causation don’t believe everything you
hear from dumb scientists the reason there is more tectonic activity is
because of this and so it links to he or she links to a NOAA document talking
about magnetic pole reversal our magnetic poles shift and it’s shifting
so fast now then it’ll cause errors and some of the you know some programming
that people are using they’re kind of giving us this page is giving people a
heads up about how fast the poles are moving and they’re moving just
incredibly fast now so you know this is something that happens it hasn’t
happened a long time but it’s something that happens
and so you have a you have a current of magma under the earth under the the pole
that that creates the geomagnetic fields well there’s more than one circuit or
current of magma at play here there’s one under the South Atlantic that causes
the South Atlantic anomaly which is a low altitude radiation belt because of
the circulation of the magma of the South Atlantic is creating a magnetic
field that is in opposition to the geomagnetic field and that causes that
you know sort of a hole in the magnetic field over the South Atlantic which
produces a little a little radiation belt and they have to sort of avoid it
well every time the the ISS flies through the this radiation belt
they have little problems you know so there’s that so anyway yeah increased
flows then there’s this thing here pole shift speed increasing so fast knowing
of issues notification of off-grid living in the first few minutes of the
video he’s talking about how NOAA falsified some global warming data and
then talks about how before every ice age there is a period of global warming
which is true that’s true they say that well it’s you know because of changes in
the Sun and all that well that’s just you know that has to do with the
hydrocarbon business you know the coal business and the oil business and all
that it’s that anti global warming drill baby
drill shit on the one hand you’re saying you trust NOAA to tell you about the
magnetic field but you don’t trust them to tell you about global warming you
know that global warming is not a real thing so here’s the deal with that just
quick segue about that yeah it’s true that there’s a spike of global warming
before every ice age but it’s also true that there’s 400 parts per million of
co2 in the atmosphere and we haven’t had that in like I don’t know what is it
three million years or something like that
so there’s a lot of unknowns yeah we’re going through a grand solar minimum
that’s true and it’s gonna get colder that’s true
we’ve got volcanic activity which is caused from the weakening Earth’s
magnetic field it just allows more energy energy from space wherever the
hell it’s coming from to come in and penetrate the earth so added heat can’t
possibly help magma is a magneto hydrodynamic sort of it’s a it’s a
Magneto ferrous material so changes in a magnetic field are gonna affect its
transport that’s the Lorentz forces right so the magnet the the magneto
sphere is it changes because it changes in that transport which caused changes
in the magnetic field it’s a self-feeding self-reinforcing loop the
more twisting that you get the more the the magnetic field that may weaken which
may let more energy in from space wherever the hell it’s coming from
whether it’s mulan’s or whatever that whatever the nature of that penetration
is but when you have less magnetic field you are going to have more penetration
of radiation from space it’s just going to happen at least particle radiation so
electromagnetic radio electromagnet radiation you know that’s going to be a
function of the kind of material that’s in the atmosphere so it’s the kind of me
frankly a little bit of spam and I kind of answered them a little bit here but
this is true what the guy is talking about here that that magnetic neato
sphere is turning south were in the usual patter and pressure so he’s
talking about pressure on the mantle and the crust because of the changes in this
the currents in the magma so yeah that’s all true but you got a figure in the
magnetic field that you know all that stuff is tied together it’s really
difficult to predict but it just so happens that these volcanic changes
happen when there are minimums in solar output and related to changes in the
magnetic field so an owl that’s tied into you know the Galactic cross and all
that crazy stuff so this is a big picture here and you
know yeah we might be going through a grant solar minimum everything but don’t
count your chickens about the whole global warming thing that 400 parts per
million of co2 adds a turd into the punchbowl and we really don’t know what
what all how it’s all going to shake out mexico’s having a heatwave in other
parts of the world are going to have heat wave so we’re just gonna it’s gonna
be it’s it’s gonna be hard to predict but all these you know political shots
at NOAA now they’re taking shots at Wikipedia and everything else I in on
whatever you know but when you started trying to attack national organizations
that’s their business collecting data you know I don’t know if they falsified
that data or not I don’t know really what the what the full story is with
that but greenhouse warming is a real thing that’s an actual real thing and
you know there’s a lot of stuff going on you have to make an accounting of it so
there’s that but anyway you know I I’m always thankful for our commenters
especially when they have something that’s pretty cogent to say and this is
a pretty cogent remark you know caught me and I’m caught me in a bad moment you
know when I you know let that move on statement in there you know I’m like
well shit man I wish I hadn’t done that you know because you never know when
somebody’s gonna come along you know what I mean
and give me shit about some but anyway that’s that the melted traffic lights
though made me think of microwave radiation penetrating down so the Sun
yes the Sun and apparently the moon does give off microwave radiation but here’s
the thing microwaves and electromagnetic radiation in general are not going to be
diverted by a magnetic field what you will see is you will see a slight phase
shift or a shift in the spectrum from a magnetic field you can actually measure
the magnetic field of a celestial body by how the spectrums are shifted in its
vicinity if you take a candle and you you to point your spectrograph at it and
you a magnetic field between your
spectrograph and the candle then you will see that the spectrum of the candle
is shifted to because of the magnetic field but it doesn’t prevent the
electromagnetic radiation from penetrating what prevents
electromagnetic radiation like microwaves from penetrating is an
absorber like water vapor there’s two competing ideas there every material has
its own microwave absorption frequency generally they tune a microwave to admit
at the absorption frequency of water so that your microwave will will cook
nicely and not melt things in your microwave now you notice that plastic
will melt in your microwave there’s things that you can melt in your
microwave and you can burn paper and your microwave depending on what kind of
paper that it is but generally speaking most of the stuff that you put in there
that doesn’t have water in it doesn’t heat as efficiently and they want it
that way you want it that way you want your your microwave just to heat the
water food basically has water in it then that’s what you’re trying to heat
is the water you don’t want to be breaking down the chemical structure of
your food or your you know whatever you’re trying to put in the and the
microwave because it’ll make it taste funny or whatever you know or it’ll be
bad I’ll turn it into something toxic now we’re talking about melted traffic
lights here if this was caused by microwave penetration it would mean that
something in the upper atmosphere that there was a substance in the upper
atmosphere that was being somehow depleted which is plausible
you know if solar wind was penetrating you know and it was causing you know a
depletion of some substance that had the same absorption frequency as the plastic
you know what I mean then that would allow microwaves through
you know but that’s the only thing I could think of that would cause the
plastic shroud on a traffic light to melt or if you look over here at the
Mother Nature Network which is the only place I know I’ve never seen these
people before in my life they might have been around for a million years okay
this is from June 5th 2018 you know it’s hot outside when the traffic lights are
melting and they show you this nifty picture here but look turns out it was a
burning car that melted the traffic light so and that looks like a lot like
the seller traveling like so you know anytime I see photographic novelties
coming from Mexico I try to like do a little due diligence on that a little
research to make sure that I’m not looking at some bill shed because I’m
sorry you know the guts you know it’s Mexico all right you know not to
disparage Mexico Union there’s some beautiful people in Mexico some fabulous
music some great beer I don’t drink beer I haven’t had beer in a long time you
know what I mean you know and of course they’ve got the best weed and and
another shit too but you know if you see some UFO footage it might it’s probably
legit you know what I’m saying but if it’s an alien if it’s a captured alien
you might want to do some due diligence on that you know what I mean in a little
research so I see melton traffic lights in the thumbnail and I’m like wow you
know holy shit but I’d said to myself you know before I pass on any shrill
commentary I probably better do some due diligence and sure enough at least one
of these and the link will be in the description at least one image is from a
burning car I mean if anything like this is really going on from the Sun you
would see a lot of other there would be force fires everywhere you know what I
mean and it’s just because it’s because the absorption of plastic is pretty
close to the absorption of water and other stuff you know it would just you
would see other these wires would be all messed up see cuz it’s that’s all made
out of plastic so you know it’s just I’m sorry
it would just if anything like this was a see that’s the other thing too the
wires themselves would have absorbed that microwave radiation and it would
just cause so much havoc you would have heard about it already that would have
been that would did if you’ve seen any like this coming from the Sun there have
been so much other shit going on this would have been the minor part of the
story this would not be the main part of the story so this is probably from a
burning car or something like that i’m just guessing could be wrong but i’m
telling you if this was from the sun yeah you it would be apocalyptic out
there so don’t let an image you know today and furthermore in in closing i
know this is a long video I’m in North Central Florida and it was a beautiful
day out I mean it was cool here it is June and it was a it was a really nice
breezy cool wonderful day out so you know let’s not panic folks just do your
due diligence you know you see a scary image verify you know before let’s not
and besides freaking out isn’t gonna really help anything anyway you know but
it’s fun I guess fun to be scared or whatever I
know anyway that’s all I got my name is Lauren Crosby Lyles hope you guys got
something out of this and you know watch these guys you know even if even if you
get I want to say this and every now and then these guys and mr. M BB 333 and BP
watch and some of these other cats that I see suspects guys I think is one of
them and a sky watch or something like that you know every now and then you’ll
hear something from them that’s like it’s kind of questionable you know
they’ll start talking about Nibiru and shit like that and Nibiru or however the
hell you pronounce it and stuff like that and I just you know I got a kit
with a grain of salt and just move on because generally speaking they make
observations you know I look at the observations I don’t necessarily listen
to the analysis I look at the observations and I think that’s fair you
know sometimes our analysis is tight and sometimes it’s on but but what they’re
doing is valuable so you know I always keep up with these people and I thank
them for you know for doing it so anyway that’s it my name is Laura
Crosby Lyles hope you guys enjoyed this take it easy see

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