Meet UX Designers at Google

By | February 21, 2020

I’m a design manager within UX. I’m a design manager on the material design
team. I’m a UX designer here at Google. UX designers on a day to day basis design
interfaces, navigation models, UX patterns for a lot of different apps and surfaces. The UX family at Google is really broad. We have a lot of different specializations
that go into what contributes to the user experience. Google promotes a culture of autonomy and
self-direction because that’s where a lot of innovation lies. I think that’s a way for each person to grow
and help them build their career here. Google cares deeply about good design. Larry has this design anecdote: the toothbrush
test. He wants us to build experiences that users
use twice a day, everyday to make some meaningful difference in their lives. We build new ways of doing that, whether it’s
via video or you can send some new beautiful emoji that our team has worked on. Designing a product where four million people
use or billions of people use it—that’s scary. It’s hard to get out of bed everyday and think
about a billion users, but it’s easy to get out of bed everyday and think about making
something useful for a billion users and doing your best to create that. I think that’s the best part of it, where
I helped change the UI in a way that’s more usable and more efficient to users and that
might help each person and individual on a day to day basis. It’s a very humbling experience. I can fondly recall moments where I would
be sitting on a plane or on the train and see someone pull a device out of their pocket,
fire up that thing that I worked on, and not make any fuss about it but just go, use it,
do something with it. It’s wonderful.

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