Meet the new Google Drive

By | December 12, 2019

Meet the new Google Drive. It lets you
have all your files within reach from any smartphone, tablet, or computer
and now it’s faster and easier to use. First, you’ll notice a
single button called “new” which is where you go to add
something to Drive or create something new in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, or any other Drive-compatible apps. You may also notice Drive is now faster
and a single click lets you see file details and recent
activity. To open, just double click the item. After adding
more and more files to Drive you’re going to want to organize and
share them so we made that easier, too. Now, you can use the same commands you use on your computer to select multiple files and then use the
menu or right-click to take group actions or simply click and drag to move the files
and folders all at once. In the mobile app, you’ll see a list of
items in your Drive and you can change views to see
thumbnail previews of your files. From this screen it’s easy to search for
files or add something from your device to
Drive like photos and videos. And, on Android, you can even add other
files like music and downloads. Click the file info button to enable
offline access, see recent file activity, and move or print your file. This is also
where you can invite others to files or folders as well as set what types of access they
have. These are just some of the ways we are
making Google Drive faster and easier to use and we’re just getting started. Give it a
try from any device at

36 thoughts on “Meet the new Google Drive

  1. Takawi Peters Post author

    I searched on facebook,, linkedin, and then I gave up decided YouTube as a point of contact. Working in youth development and the arts for my entire career has led me to lots of personal fulfillment but an empty bank account (more or less). Thank you team google for providing such an array of services to me for free. Gmail and Google Drive have helped me in way more ways than I can list here, but I sincerely want to offer my gratitude for it all and in hopes that it will forever be accessible. Thank you 🙂

  2. SBK Stóre Post author

    What did he say? Can't hear a dam sentence with that music blaring.

  3. Emerald Diamond Post author

    I use it to save and download my word docs or pdf files I also use Dropbox

  4. Graciela Bustos Post author

    Quiero traducir el video al español. cómo hago'

  5. Diego D Post author

    il sottotitolo in italiano non c'è, compare un'altra ingua

  6. Choszczno Post author – Let Your Clients, Customers and Coworkers Upload & Download Files Directly From Your Website With Google Drive.

  7. ItsYaBoiJustin Post author

    Dude I'm in the uk and it lets me watch escape the night S2

  8. Imtinaan Muhammad Post author

    looking for a site that anyone can actually operate and for free until it is up and running

  9. Sorveglianza Aerea Territoriale Post author

    It could be nice to translate this video in some other languages, to give this quick overview to foreign not speaking English users.
    We could be available for Italian and Romanian.

  10. Elapostol tv Post author

    Genial aplicación … útil simple sofisticada etc .. gracias por prestar este servicio que sirve para tanto

  11. JEAN-YVES SGRO Post author

    Would be nice to have this video WITHOUT the music background!

  12. Ioronrote Montour Post author

    You people are so technical. You really need a madman around to shake things up in a dimly lit semi-basement office. Near the furnace? Hahah.

  13. Habib Rezazadeh Post author

  14. JJgregory frost Post author

    struggling is the real meaning of life

  15. 山田ふみお Post author

    The earth is one and the resources have a limit. Then we should joint own them and just divide. And so we need to set up the world Federation.

  16. 山田ふみお Post author

    The geography on the earth is in-equal which people are fixed happy or unhappy. And so we should help unhappy people with the finance of the world Federation.

  17. José Morais Post author

    Este aplicativo é,melhor e eficaz como o video explica..

  18. Achmad Fauzi Post author

    Hi, I'm from Surabaya, Indonesia. Thanks for your explanation 🙂


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