Meet ASAPmaps, a Google My Business Optimization Software

By | March 13, 2020

One thought on “Meet ASAPmaps, a Google My Business Optimization Software

  1. High Shots Photography - GMB tips Post author

    I'm a photographer in Nova Scotia. I have a question regarding Geotagging. I have been Geotagging for a while now and am wondering – I have some incredible shots of Peoples homes. Drone stills etc. Would you Geotag these with actual data showing where they are specifically or show my coordinates of where my business is? It makes sort of sense because I want the business from other people. And the more photos Geotagged to my coordinates the better? Right? Will google get confused because of all the different locations in the photos and only one Location in the tags? Can't seem to find this info anywhere. Any would-be Appreciated!


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