[MBC Video Star] APINK’s JUNG EUNJI phone call with Actor SEO HA JOON cut

By | August 14, 2019

Hello? I’m in Taiwan I know, i’ve got lots of credits. Oh really? They must be really close friends. Anyways, oppa is currently recording for a show. ohhh You suddenly… changed your tone. Why don’t you pass the phone? wait… Eunji ya~ Unnie~ This is Hyosung~ What kind of Oppa is Ha joon usually? uhh.. haha~ Well firstly… Firstly? He’s a person who thinks that he’s really handsome. Wahh! wait! I swear on this- Please explain later.

85 thoughts on “[MBC Video Star] APINK’s JUNG EUNJI phone call with Actor SEO HA JOON cut

  1. Crazy Ajumma Post author

    hehe I saw this day before yesterday during the show,all of Eunjis friends are dhebaak khekhe, plus the famle mc who is speaking with eunji is also eunji's Unni friend.

  2. ayuuMezan 2307 Post author

    i saw the one with eng sub but its not complete and cut.i need like this one and have eng sub ..huhu

  3. ayuuMezan 2307 Post author

    i ship eunji with any male idol she's interact with..

  4. mickherosu Post author

    omg! he is so handsome! i really love watching his actinng! hope they will make a great pair! eunji daebakk!!

  5. ayuuMezan 2307 Post author

    the one i saw with eng sub i love the end part when ha joon oppa said to her 'talk something' she said 'sorry' and he replied 'its too late to say sorry'..haha eunji unnie u're really savage..eunji unnie and ha joon oppa seems really close..i hope they get acting in same drama as lovers maybe???😁😁😁omg i cant stop shipping her with anyone..shes so shippable..

  6. Nightwing Shawshank Post author

    Secret Hyoseong and eunji have been besties for ages.

  7. Melsya Post author

    When ha joon start calling eunji :
    Ha joon : Hello?
    Eunji : I'm in Taiwan
    And someone said "Ohh they really close friend"
    Ha joon : I'm already know (eunji in Taiwan)
    Eunji : Really?
    Ha joon : Yes, now i'm in the show
    Eunji : Ah? Really?
    Ha joon : Oh suddenly, you change your tone..

    When MC talking to eunji
    MC : In your opinion, how is ha joon?
    Eunji : firstly he is oppa that think himself handsome
    Ha joon resisting "I can explain this"
    Its like that i think. There is some part i don't know

  8. Michelle Crystalyn Post author

    I like their interaction somuch. I have already watched it for 3 times. And I'm not bored doing this. They are cute together. I ship them ❤️️❤️️❤️️ 사랑해

  9. chiya kwang Post author

    engsub please? i ship her with anyone as long she arent hurt by the man fans.

  10. SIT down Post author

    I don't understand anything but it's fun to se the savage Eunji

  11. Shanemarie Royo Post author

    siya ba yung actor na my video scandal ngaun sa korea

  12. Dasom Park Post author

    Eunji is the female Heechul.

  13. Dasom Park Post author

    when u think they have a cute relationship then clicked on a video link commented below …..and realized that this man got a scandal ..wthh

  14. galang rangga Post author

    Who else watch this video because Seo Ha Joon leaked video mastur**?? Haha..i got you

  15. FriedaLeahx Post author

    Yes daddy, I'm glad I watched that video coz I stan him now. He's so fine 💦😍

  16. aimann Post author

    have you guys watch his masturbation video ?? damn he got a good dick.

  17. JeanGame Post author

    alguien me puede decir que estaban hablando(es que me pareció interesante la conver )

  18. Priscilla C. Post author

    They seem really close and he's in the middle of such a career damaging scandal right now and it's just been announced that an idol is involved I really hope eunji isn't dragged or involved in this

  19. Ugly Never Start with I But Always Start with U Post author

    Eng sub please💜🙏🙏🙏

  20. krys jsj Post author

    i love the savage eunji hahaha "dont pretend like you care" wohooooo

  21. x prettycarats Post author

    from what I understand (might not be accurate)

    basically eunji says she is in taiwan first, and hajoon says he knows and the MCs talk about how close they are. then later (I skipped some parts cos I don't rly get those parts) the MCs ask if eunji was ever touched by hajoon before and eunji says that she likes hats(?) so hajoon bought her one suddenly so she was touched. the part when he got pissed he was like "say smth" and she was like sry sry~ then she apologised agn and then hajoon says smth like "it's okay, take care"(?) and then eunji says "stop acting like that on camera!" (acting nice to her).

    that's pretty much all I understand, the rest I am not sure. hoped this helped:)

  22. nasteha532 alak Post author

    can somebody tell me please what is the show's name

  23. mlonerr2234 Post author

    I was looking at Hajoon's phone then I realized we have the same case hahaha

  24. Very Appropriate Name Post author

    idk who is feeling awkwardness seo ha joon, or the rest..

  25. ThenextpersonwhosleepsonRMgetsclickclacktothebang I Post author

    I just came here after watching his…yeah…

  26. Rach Escamilla Post author

    Omg 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  27. BLACKVELVET TRASH Post author

    I need the complete English suuuub

  28. Minnie’s Cheerful Is Everything Post author

    Everyone love Eunji also me hahaha. She is a sincere friend material.

  29. PandaPoop Post author

    What happened to this guy? Does he not act anymore because of that scandal? I wonder if he is still friends with Eunji

  30. 20687581118 NGU Post author


  31. lover diliraba Post author

    SEO HA JUN 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  32. mary christodoulou Post author

    i hope to see seo ha joon soon in a new drama!!!!


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