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By | August 14, 2019

The hardest part about like starting an SEO
campaign, the most time consuming aspect is creating a content plan, you know we actually
just hired a guy like you, just pure SEO first time, we should have probably done it earlier.
When I hired this guy, we brought him on, it’s like set down a path and I am trying
to figure out exactly how I want to like use Recon files The SEO dashboard, execute on
our SEO agenda. SpyFu is like this huge site, 150 million pages, there are so many things,
we are talking SEO reports, keyword tools, that type of that is the direction that we
want to focus. We do a lot of things like people they check
for domain names, Wal-Mart versus Target is actually a keyword that we rank on that, so
as I kind of do that, I am kind of like execute this, I am like what I want to do is a different
report, what I want to do is getting the keywords that care about, it pushed me over the edge
to some degree. Because I don’t have anyone to sell to.
Like it’s not on your SEO campaign like, I
just basically want to take it and have it tell me what are the biggest opportunities
within this group, which one should I optimize for and this report will show me in order
which ones to execute on, it groups them, it’s real simple, to translate our keyword
group page into a list of articles for you to execute on, it’s like not just which keywords
I should be optimizing for, but like what’s the biggest group like what’s the most, which
group has the most opportunities, is it that, because we have like whole bunch of keywords
of that around like selling SEOs, is that the best way for us to execute or is it the
PPC stuff, you know what’s the biggest opportunity, you know based on our rankings currently what
can we achieve the most. It’s not the sales document, it’s also helps
you execute, you get instant results, you put in your keyword, get the results, I mean
I guaranteed that we are using it to execute, which I wouldn’t have said at our SEO dashboard,
I wouldn’t have thought we are going to start execute… We show the keyword groups you
should execute on, we show how they work, and we rank them, I mean you can rank them
right there, and just decide which one is the most important, you put in all your keywords
and actually get that specifically, so it’s a… Weird, weird, because our mission is
to help you sell SEO services and not to help you execute per se, but what I am talking
right here in terms of figuring out what the best keywords to execute on, the best keyword
silos to execute on, shit works.

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