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By | September 6, 2019

Hi All, Sagar Sethi here to talk about how
digital marketing is more effective when it’s backed by real world data. According to the Nielsen CMO report, 63% of
marketers in the U.S. consider data management platforms as one of the top three most important
marketing and measurement technologies. This is because when you know factors like,
Who your target audience is, how many of them are looking for your services, and most importantly,
where they are looking for your products and services, your campaigns tend to speak to
your audience better and cost you less in the long run. So let’s break it down to what you need to
consider when you are starting your marketing campaigns:
The very first & most important thing is ‘outcome’ You need to know what is the outcome you’re
expecting if, your campaign does well. So the most ideal return for your efforts
and money. Is it more leads, more walk in customers,
more social engagement or phone calls. Once your outcome is clear your campaign can
move to the next level. Based on what you expect from the campaign,
you can then work on other important factors such as who is your audience, what is their
age, location and other defining factors. After this exercise you would know what to
expect and who to target. Using these two pieces of information, you
can now find out where these users are already looking for your products and services. At this point you would want to define your
marketing channels such as facebook, google or connected tv. Based on what channel of marketing you chose,
you would create the ads format, ads copy and call to action strategies to match the
general nature of these platforms. You would not put the same ad on linkedin
as you would on facebook. Every channel has a different tone and different
types of users. After you launch an ad campaign, it’s time
to collect your own data. A good marketing campaign would measure views,
clicks and conversions. After this you can measure your engagement
from every dollar spent. Essentially, you need to know where your dollars
are going from all your marketing activities. The spray and pray approach used to work in
the past. However, with all the tools available in the
market today, your marketing campaigns need to have more visibility. If you would like us to look at your digital
marketing campaigns or help you create one from scratch, please call us for a free consultation
today! Remember, grow big & convert more!

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