Marketing Strategies 2018 – On-Page ,Off-Page Seo and Social Site SEO

By | August 12, 2019

So what is social site SEO, on page SEO,
off page SEO, and what are the differences between them aren’t they all
the same thing well we’re gonna dive right into that question and answer it
for you and we’re going to provide you some real-life examples in this video Okay so what is SEO and why does
everyone keep calling them different names and subcategories are they the
same thing do they achieve the same purpose we’re gonna answer all those
questions. So SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. So what that means
is when someone goes to Google, Bing, Yahoo, uses Alexa, Google to search
that’s called a search engine because it’s a platform a website that you’re
using to search for terms or other resources products websites businesses
places to eat doesn’t matter so it’s called a search engine because it’s
somewhere where you go to search things and find results find answers so you’re
probably watching this on a either YouTube or Facebook or on our website or
whatever it is that you’re watching this on and that’s actually have search
engines built into them YouTube’s search engine you just type in the name of a
video topic what is SEO on-site SEO whatever it is you typed in and this
video came up as an answer so how did we rank that in YouTube or if you found
this on Facebook how did you how did you find us in Facebook? Well or maybe you
found the website how did we how did you find our website and eventually led you
to this video? Well that’s a combination of the three different types of SEO so
search engine optimization is broken down into three kinds social site,
on-page and off-page SEO. So we’re gonna break down each one of them individually
but they all achieve the same purpose the goal is to… optimize each of those
different things to get your listing your video your website your business
your Facebook page your Instagram profile whatever it is ranked higher
above your competitors. So search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Alexa they take
into account social proof so it’s how many people follow you, how many people
like you, what’s your engagement rate. So let’s dive into the first one social
site SEO so just like if you know someone in real life who is super
popular they have lots of friends people like to talk
them they have a good reputation in social settings you’re more likely to
trust that person you’re more likely to know that that person knows whatever it
is that they’re known for so for example Brad Pitt he has a social reputation of
being a good actor so same thing how people have reputations in social
settings websites businesses profiles products services they all have social
reputations on the Internet so how do and just like a friend would
refer you to somebody else that they know as a good social reputation in real
life Google and Bing are gonna refer you to someone that they know their
algorithm knows has a good social reputation but you can’t ask friends and
family who who to go to through Google so what Google you because Google
doesn’t have any friends or family right so what it uses instead is social media
profiles it uses Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and it takes
pools all that information together and says okay who’s popular who who is known
who’s really good at what they do so let’s say that you search for the
talk-show host okay Oprah Winfrey has got millions and millions and millions
of followers on social media so Google is gonna recognize that social social
site SEO there that social proof and give you that result and say hey you’re
looking for a talk-show host here’s Oprah Winfrey so what social
media are what’s SEO people do is they go into your social profiles and they
can optimize your content your business you’re paid your profile your videos etc
to score better in those rankings so for this video use for YouTube videos you
use tags and descriptions and search engine description writing for for a web
page you do everything from your writing content, writing blogs, doing tags, in the
tag manager Google description stuff like that so for social for a social
site SEO it’s things like changing your description your name of your profile
doing hash tags hash tag is a big big factor for YouTube videos it’s tags for
you know Instagram Twitter hashtags that’s how you do better social
site SEO. So the more relevant your keywords are the more relevant the
people are searching for somebody searches for a talk-show host and then
Oprah’s got a bunch of hashtag talk-show hosts in her posts hers is more likely
to come above a different talk show host who doesn’t have those hashtags so
that’s social site SEO on-page SEO and off page SEO refer to your website all
driving traffic to your website on page SEO is making changes on your page on
your website your physical website you go to your website you change the
description you write blog articles to do keyword titles for different pages
like your Contact Us page as a certain tag in it that Google identifies when
people are searching for talk-show hosts contact information right so then your
contact page should show up first so that’s called on-page SEO off page SEO
is optimizing your search engine results off your page which is not on your
website so you use external sources for example having a celebrity who has a
blog a food blog write about you or let’s say that Ellen would write a
little blog post about Oprah that would be SEO supporting Oprah’s
page because she put let’s say Ellen put links to Oprah’s website she talks about
Oprah in her post so that way Google identifies oh this other influencer this
Ellen DeGeneres’s blog post is mentioning Oprah Winfrey therefore that
must be support Oprah Winfrey’s websites a good website for talk-show hosts and
Rises her results to the top that’s why influencer marketing is so powerful
because that really helps the off page SEO portion of it and especially the
social site SEO if you’re working on with social media influencers so
those are the three differences between search engine optimizations with a
social site on page and off page but at the end of the day they’re all giving
Google and Bing and search engines a bunch of information so that they can
collect it and determine who is who deserves a better search ranking for so
that way that their cagoule owes customers people who are searching
online can find the best results and hopefully become your customers. So thank
you for watching and I will see you in the next video.

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