Marketing Mythbusters: SEO & Social Media

By | August 30, 2019

I’m Tony. With Lessing-Flynn. That’s Tony Tandeski. Lessing-Flynn, as in Lessing-Flynn Advertising. Like the one in Des Moines Today we’re here to bust some myths. Marketing myths. [Music] Marketing is full of myths
Like, all sorts of myths Crazy-ass myths
People think things that are just totally dumb
So today, the myth I’m going to talk about is social media doesn’t matter for search
engine optimization You heard that right
People actually believe this And that’s dumb
You see, it’s not a direct ranking factor. Like, Google doesn’t take it and put it into
it’s algorithm or anything but it definitely impacts a lot of factors related to search
engine optimization or SEO So when you post to social media, you create
a backlink that goes directly to your article, which, I mean, brings in traffic. And traffic is good, right? It’s definitely a ranking factor. So, when you create that link on, let’s say,
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, wherever, and you’re driving traffic back, that is definitely
impacting your SEO and ranking factors So a backlink is basically like someone saying,
hey, I really like your content so I’m going to link to it. I’m just going to go right to it. I’m going to say, hey, I like this so much
that I want you to see it too. So once you get them to your website via social
media, then they go there and they’re like, hey, this is a great article full of some
great information and it’s a great user experience so I’m going to poke around a little bit. That means more rankings and more traffic. So some of those ranking factors include things
like authority, engagement, traffic. Those are all ranking factors for Google. Google loves that. And so, social media definitely impacts those
ranking factors and your SEO overall. So don’t forget your social media plan when
you’re talking SEO. It might not be a ranking factor from Google,
but it definitely impacts your bottom line when it comes to those rankings. So I’m Tony Tandeski, and this marketing myth
– busted.

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