Marketing Monday: How To Verify Your DNS For Search Console

By | November 24, 2019

Hey Cohlabborators, Logan here with this week’s episode on: “How To Verify Your DNS Through Search Console” Today we’ll go through how to get access to Search Console as well as how to get a Google account if you don’t have one. How to get into your Domain, we’re going to use GoDaddy as an example. How to log in, where your DNS is. And we’ll do an overview of what you get from Search Console. So first we need access to Search Console. If you don’t have a Google Account, let’s look at how to get one. Let’s say your using your “” or “” address. If you want to access Google products using that email address, go to at the bottom, see Create Account button. Click that. It will take you to a creation page. Below that click “use my current email address” This will allow you to go through the process using an outside account but creating a Google account. Once you’ve gone through that process, now you can go to Click “Start Now”. It’ll pop up two options for you, Domain and URL Prefix. You’ want to use “Verify Domain”. We’re trying to capture all of the data of everyone who visits every version of your website. They may access your site through http, https, http://www., or https://www. We want to capture all of those people so, under domain type in or It’s going to pop up with a TXT record and that’s what we need to take to a domain name provider like GoDaddy. So here we are at GoDaddy, You have your own domain name provider, the process will be different but the basics are the same. So once we log in, we have to click into My Account, then we’ll see a list if you have multiple domains. For us, the right one is, straight across you’ll see DNS, click that. It’s going to pop up with a bunch of A records, CNAME records. At the bottom we’re going to add a TXT record. For us, the host is going to be “@”. For you it might be “*” or just “”. Then we’ll copy and paste the TXT record in there. And set a time under TTL, we set 1/2 hour to try to speed things up, but it can take a full day. Let’s head back to Search Console. We’re trying to verify, click Verify Now, it’s going to check and show a green box if we waited long enough. SO now we can see we have full access to Search Console. Overview tab, Performance tab shows us how we’re doing in search results. URL inspection so we can force-crawl new blogs and pages to Google. Sitemaps allow us to add a sitemap and automatically show us what pages Google should crawl. Coverage shows if there are any errors with our pages we’re crawling we need to fix. This is a really valuable tool that’s great to have. Well that’s all for today, thanks for watching. Please like and share our video with your friends if you learned something. If you didn’t learn anything, ask us a follow-up question below, and we’ll answer as soon as we can. Also, be sure to like and subscribe to get the latest Marketing Monday every week.

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  1. Eezore Post author

    Two things. First: You sound sick! Hope your feeling better! And secondly, the real question, can I use this to search the traffic for a site I don't own? For example if I wanted to see the hits on a specific page of a website that I use to post content to see how popular it is? Let me know, and get better soon!


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