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By | September 22, 2019

Marketing Automation Tools – Marketing Automation Software Platforms everyday people search online for
answers products and services they need they don’t read ads they don’t open
direct emails they search the question is when they search do they find you or
a competitor this is Andy he’s director of marketing for a tech company he’s
looking to improve his email marketing the best way to attract qualified leads
is to create relevant search friendly content that will meet people where they
are at the search box and pull them into your website the answer is inbound
marketing and the number one marketing software platform in the world is
HubSpot hub SWAT software helps marketers turn strangers into visitors
visitors into leads and leads into happy customers inbound marketing has four
steps the first step is to attract people to your site that’s what helps
you understand what’s bringing visitors in and optimized content to turn more
strangers into visitors start by determining the topics you want to be
known for HubSpot has a suite of SEO features
built right into your content tools to help you identify those words and see
opportunities for ranking better for them after you’ve found those
opportunities use HubSpot to create and optimize content around those topics
let’s say we want to rank for email marketing best practices one of the best
things we can do is create high quality blog posts on that content companies
that blog get 55 percent more traffic than those that don’t
the good news is hub spots got your search engine optimized blog built right
in as we create our post we can see when we’re including keywords that we want to
rank for in addition hub spots blog is optimized
for social media and mobile viewing to factors that are increasingly important
in search the nice part is HubSpot automatically optimizes your content
using responsive design so you don’t have to worry about it search is
becoming more influenced by social – social media is a common thread that
runs throughout all of hub sports content once your post is created you’ll
want to share it on your social media accounts you can set up your blog to
automatically share your posts when published you can also use hub spots
built in social media public sure which helps you schedule draft and
track all of your social shares let’s backtrack we have this great content
we’re sharing it through social media and it’s highly optimized for search
engines so we’re going to attract visitors now we want to convert them
into leads you’ll notice at the bottom of the post we’ve included a call to
action you can build these calls to action or CTAs right in HubSpot and use
them to direct readers to a conversion or landing page our CTAs will drive
visitors to a landing page where they can opt-in for additional information
that’s our conversion point you’ll notice our landing page tool looks a lot
like our blog tool our editing the interfaces for all content creation is
almost identical so learn one and you know them all landing pages have easy to
build forms that allow you to collect and store information about your
contacts this information gets saved to your new contacts profile within HubSpot
this is what a contact profile looks like we now have a record of Andy
because he found the call to action on that blog post and gave us some
information about himself andy has converted from a visitor to a
lead when someone is a contact in your database a whole world of
personalization opens up the contact database stores information about their
interests and helps you determine where they are in their decision process
knowing this information is incredibly valuable for a sales rep but it’s
priceless for a marketer every single field in the contact database can be
used to create targeted contact lists which we call smart lists smart lists
our ever-growing list of your contacts that can be infinitely segmented based
on certain criteria like industry job title or recent conversion you can of course use these targeted
lists for email but unlike traditional marketing automation software which
focuses exclusively on email some spot allows you to nurture your prospects
across your website and social media to in HubSpot we call automation workflows
these workflows help marketers automate tasks and create a personalized
experience for contacts we want to thank the lead for downloading the e-book but
also nurture them into a more qualified status so this workflow will send
several emails over the course of a month to inform and guide the lead to a
point where they’re ready to talk to our sales team the content of these emails
just like the blog has to be really good one way to help these emails be
effective is personalization add in any of those contact properties using this
personalization tool in the email and that contact property will populate for
the recipient HubSpot analytics ensure Marketing Automation Tools – Marketing Automation Software Platforms users are sending the most effective
emails possible you can view the performance of individual emails or see
how your email marketing is doing as a whole but again email marketing isn’t
the only personalization HubSpot can do when Andy clicks on that email and comes
back to your site he’ll find the whole experience has changed that’s because
the same smart lists can show different content to different segments of people
on your website here’s how it works since Andy has already expressed an
interest in email marketing best practices will refocus our website on
that and nudge him from an e-book download to a demo
andy is now what we call a sales qualified lead he’s ready for one of our
sales reps to contact him because he’s expressed a lot of interest in our
company andy will get a demo discuss his marketing needs and determine whether
he’s a fit for HubSpot software once andy becomes a customer the personalized
attention continues HubSpot adds context to social interactions like most
monitoring tools HubSpot social inbox helps you spot
social mentions of your company competitors or keywords
unlike others however HubSpot color codes those mentions so you can elevate
comments from your customers and answer those first in fact you can create
targeted views of your customers leads or any contact list customers get VIP
access with HubSpot software if they revisit your site to download some
content they won’t have to fill out forms customers are recognized
automatically hotspot can even alert you if a customer visits your help or cancel
page you can set up a workflow to send an internal notification to a customer’s
account manager whenever they view your cancel page your marketing efforts are
only as good as the data behind them with HubSpot every piece of content from
calls to action to site pages have performance data but HubSpot also gives
you big picture data the sources report breaks down all of the mediums that
drive traffic to your website for example you can see how many visits
leads and customers social media is generating for your company page
performance is another analytics tool the breaks down individual pages on your
website you can see what pages drive the most traffic and immediately fix those
that don’t page performance will even fry pages that have search engine
optimization issues and provide suggestions for improvement
because everything is integrated you can create highly customized reports of
segments in your contact database or track entire marketing campaigns in one
place each month HubSpot will email you a
PowerPoint of your analytics for your internal reporting now you know how hub
spots all-in-one software works but software is just one part of the picture
HubSpot equips you to succeed with your own personal inbound marketing
consultant and free ongoing training in our academy there you have it your
entire inbound marketing strategy in one seamless platform Marketing Automation Tools – Marketing Automation Software Platforms you

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