Managing SEO – Do you even need an SEO Tool to be effective at SEO?

By | August 22, 2019

Should you use an SEO tool? Do you even need one? Let me tell you very frankly, for the first
three years when I was doing SEO, I never rely on any tools. So you could very well go about not using
one if you had no tools. But I say they are useful, you don’t need
the tool may be for a regular purposes, but you definitely need one for certain activities. And it depends at what stage and what level
of SEO you’re doing. Now, when you’re doing Keyword research,
obviously you could just use Google’s keyword planner, but nowadays, Google has restricted
volume ranges so you might need the tools that gives accurate volumes. You could use a tool like Mondovo or you could
use many other tools available out there. So for a tool like keyword research, I think
you would need a tool that provides you extensive database of keywords as well as relatively
accurate volume ranges volume data that you could rely on based on the location that you
are targeting. Then when it comes to, see SEO tools can save
you time. And that’s what you got to to use tools,
any tools that you use in life has got to serve purpose. Either it should give you insightful data
or should save your time. Now, think about what can really save you
time. So, like with Mondovo, we have rank tracker. Why is that useful? That’s useful because you save time in reporting
to your clients or to your boss on how well their site is doing on the search engines. You don’t want to be manually checking. You don’t want to be wasting time and money
trying to get data from here and there. You want just one easy platform that’ll
give you the data that you’ll need. So for reporting purposes, if you don’t
have a system in place, to get all the data like if you want data from Google Analytics,
your rank tracking, your Facebook; everything in one, then you might need a tool. And it doesn’t have to be our tool,
it could be any other tool but we provide everything in one platform which makes reporting
really really easy. And that’s what you’ve to be smart about
SAVE TIME. So if we can save your time, you should definitely
use the tool and that’s not only for reporting but when you want to spy on a competitors
or your client’s competitors, you do need to do a competitor’s research. You could be checking the keywords they are
ranking for or could be spying on their links that you’ve build. So, practically you cannot go about such things
without a tool in place. Now again, Mondovo comes into play out here
but again remember it’s insightful data. So again, the tool fits into the context of
serving your data that you will not get anywhere else. Do you need an SEO tool for optimizing your
page? Not necessarily, because if you have built
enough experience in SEO over time, then you can very well rely on the experience. But otherwise, yes, SEO tools are meant for
saving time and providing insights.

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