Managebystats Review On Amazon Seller Toolsuite

By | August 30, 2019

[Music] take action today click the link in the descriptions below this video now [Music] everyone out there my name is dia I want to talk to you today about this really awesome tool for any Amazon seller out there it was actually made by Amazon sellers it’s called managebystats and basically what managebystats does it provides you a whole ton of functions that are not provided well by Amazon or for that matter by any other service out there what’s that what am I talking about well with managebystats again because this is made by Amazon sellers who saw I need to create a kind of a whole software tool suite to allow you to understand better how you’re doing with your sales in the Amazon or where you should be looking to sell and stuff it is provided you a whole bunch of services such as you can see graphs updated daily which will show you key metrics by day week month or year for your business and for every one your seller accounts each your brand each your product lines each of your products even each of your SKUs you can get all the metrics you could possibly hope for to understand how well things are selling what’s not selling what’s being looked at it’s just it’s comprehensive to the max also you can access and search all transactions you’ve ever done by customers names their phone numbers email addresses order ID product any other key information you can see you know who’s bought from you if there’s multiple sellers or whatever the case would be even where they’re behind you know the geo-targeting can be interesting because if you’re having a lot of sales in like a certain area then maybe you can increase your selling efforts in that area you know however you well whether it’s taking out ads whatever you can get that all from an Amazon account which is awesome also you can instantly see all that information for your you know your current Amazon payout period or any prior two-week Amazon payout period so this goes into you know basically two-week increments but that’s useful because it keeps you up to date on what you’re doing and if that wasn’t enough you can also manage your inventory restock with smart prediction and alerts that lets you know when you need to order new inventory so in other words if you’re selling 50 of an item on Amazon and you’re getting down to about 20 or 10 or 15 products you know you’re gonna get a notification hey it’s time to restock because sometimes that kind of stuff can just blow by it was especially if you only thousands of items on Amazon you can’t keep track of it all possibly I mean basically managebystats lets you know all your numbers and be able to search and act and all the information Amazon provides I mean let’s let’s just talk about that for a second if you’re serious seller and amazon and clearly I’m talking to this serious sellers out there you can look at your Amazon business very easily and quickly using this obviously amazing you know tool and in order to do that again you know you’d have to do this all manually it could take you hours if not weeks to get all this information compiled together in order for it to be effective and by that time it’s not gonna be affected it’ll be ineffective because a lot of information moves way too fast on Amazon this kind of stuff you need to know right away but with managebystats you know in seconds which is awesome and again it was made to fill a need because you I’m sure if you’ve sold anything on Amazon you know the challenges of getting complete view of your sales and product information especially organized in one place for some reason Amazon just hasn’t figured that out yet that they can make it so much easier and streamline this stuff that they haven’t so managebystats is a solution that’s basically up to the challenge of fixing this very important problem and it gets all of your information your business in one location so you can see where critical changes need to be made decisions for your businesses you know need to be your thought-out and you have all the information you need all the stats you need in order to make the most informed business decision for yourself so in other words you can spend more time managing and less time digging because digging is something you will do a lot if you don’t have managed by stats and you’re selling a ton on Amazon you know again it will make a difference in running your business it’s and this is a full-featured program there’s thousands of users to it this isn’t like some little program I mean everybody uses it and also you know they’re constantly updating it making improvements the makers of it I’m talking about and you know they respond to your feedback they actually do listen and what’s really cool about that it’s you know it you see this this suffer just rolling and growing into something so much bigger and better and also you know if that wasn’t good enough it’s a cloud-based solution so you can use it from anywhere and that also is very useful so you know if you’re out Wow yeah and you could just literally just tap into it anywhere like you know on your mobile device and you’re good to go and if you know you want you could take for a test ride there’s an absolute free trial that they always give out in order for you to see just how powerful it is no strings attached and I think that’s really incredible too because you know how do you know if it’s even gonna work for you if you can’t even try it out right and with manage my stats they’ve been kind enough to let you try it out actually for a decent amount of time for a couple of weeks at least at this point that’s pretty awesome so look don’t listen to me listen yourself I’m always a big believer and a person doing their due diligence and checking things out on their own I’m just simply here to inform you that managebystats if you are an Amazon seller even if you’re not a big Amazon seller but you’re getting you’re getting there you have you know items you want to see you’re doing well Nantz my stats is still gonna be very useful to you but and certainly if you were a big-time seller Amazon it is a must it’s an essential must-have cloud-based software suite tool that you need to use so do yourself a favor check out the video or check out the link below this video you can see exactly I’m talking about I can click the link below this video it will take you right to seeing what managebystats is all about and I wish you nothing but the best of luck with your sales on Amazon I know how it can be especially when you’re doing all this digging you came and understand what you’re doing and how why you’re selling what you’re selling managebystats gonna compile it information for you help you make great decisions with selling on Amazon even if you’re not a big seller and if you are a big seller like I said it’s a must-have you’ll make a lot of better business decisions using managebystats coz you’ll follow the metrics you’ll ever possibly need in one place and you don’t have to hire a whole army of people to figure that out for you it’s just done with a few clicks of a button so yeah click the video link you’re below this video and you’ll be well on your way to definitely making better sales Oh Amazon let’s manage my stats okay so they liked all of you out there take care we hope our short review has helped you decide if this is right for you if you’re ready to take action click on the link now [Music] you you

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