Malta Information Technology Agency uses Azure Stack to deliver e-services to their residents

By | August 10, 2019

[MUSIC].>>Malta is a tiny island and
the center of the Mediterranean Sea. Malta is focusing
a lot on technology. We have recently placed
first with regards to e-government services across
the entire European Union. So, we’re extremely proud about that.>>The main projects
are modernization of the taxation and
social security applications, and applications related
to justice and to health.>>We’re trying to
make them very robust, flexible, and very easy to change. Legislation changes pretty quickly, and we need to be agile and to react quickly to those legislative needs. There are lots of data sources
within government, specifically within health
information systems. Through the use of
Azure and Azure Stack, we are building services and
micro services which can talk to each other and unlock the data
which is in different siloes. When it comes to these delicate
information systems, you need a transparency system, so we’re looking through
use blockchain as an enabler for
patient consent systems.>>My Health is a portal
that seeks to integrate all the information from
various clinics, hospitals, and even clinics
abroad into one portal of information for the medical
practitioner and the patient.>>Security and
privacy requirements are very strict when it comes
to government data, and especially when it comes
to citizen personal data.>>Azure Stack and its products
meet the requirements for GDPR and the security required to hold and take care of
the citizens information.>>A hybrid cloud gives
us the flexibility and the opportunity to decide what information needs to
be kept on premises.>>The thing that
excites me most is that we’re going to have one platform. From an operational experience,
an administrative experience, software development
experience, it’s all the same so it makes things much simpler. Moving forward, it will
be much easier also to provide newer technologies. The Azure cloud is
continuously growing. More things are being
added each week. New systems and solutions that
we are not even aware of today.>>Azure and Azure Stack provides
us with a choice of tools, so that really fires up the imagination. There is no limit to what kind of information system we can
actually deliver to our citizens. [MUSIC].

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