Make Money Online Fast Targeted Traffic Stupid Simple Method

By | January 20, 2020

all righty guys welcome back to today’s
video in this video I’m going to show you how to drive targeted traffic from
Instagram to your offers and it’s a stupid simple method and we’re going to
get started on that right now alrighty guys welcome back to today’s
video like I said in the intro I’m going to show you how to drive targeted
traffic from Instagram to your offers and so that you can make money online
okay it’s a pretty simple method to do this only thing here at the outset I’ll
tell you to start here that it is not a free method it’s going to take anywhere
from about $10 to about $50 depending on what you choose or to do or how you
choose to use this method that I’m going to show you here okay alright now first
of all this is my name is Kevin layer with freedom motivator calm at this your
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to my videos and of the channel what we do here is affiliate marketing how-to
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throw in a motivational video for you as well okay alright so with all that to do
that way let’s go ahead and get in on this method here I’m kind of excited
here to show this to you pretty easy to do so what we’re going to do first we’re
going to grab us a product to sell what will happen we want to have an affiliate
offer to sell right so we’re going to go to a popular website most people know
about Clickbank right so we come over to Clickbank and as you see they’re here
when you log into Clickbank it’s you just log in if you don’t have an account
with Clickbank it’s free to get one in fact while I’m talking about this free
to get an account a click back this method that I’m showing you can be
done anywhere in the world it doesn’t matter where you’re at as long as you
have a computer with internet access okay all right so we’re logged into
Clickbank here and we’re going to choose in the column on the left here this red
column is all the categories of offers or products that you can market other
people’s products right alright so we’re going to we’re going to take one from
the health and fitness category here the the three main categories or niches that
you want to stick with them and you can do any one that you want but the three
main ones are health and health and wellness wealth and relationships those
are the three largest markets in the world in the or in the online world as
well alright so for the purposes of our example here we’re going to take the
health and fitness section here but what I’m going to do first is come up here
and I’m going to find what I want to do is find a very high popular product so
instead of actually clicking here on health and fitness what I’m going to do
is come up here you see their search engine right up here where it says find
products here just all I’m going to do is click on the search magnifying glass
there and it will automatically load up the most popular because the searching
by popularity out there it will load up the most popular products and the newest
products that just came out on the Clickbank marketplace all right so we’ll
take the top one here I like the gravity it has here it’s got 438 score on the
gravity right there if you can see that that means there’s about 440 people out
there on the internet that are marketing this particular product called the
Cinderella solution and doing it successfully alright so if that’s a
popular product we’re going to go ahead and take that and this particular
product you get thirty three dollars and eighty seven cents per sale okay and
that we can click on the sales page here and it comes over and you see that this
product it brings you to the video sales call it video sales letter BSL and it’s
about women losing weight it’s a weight loss program for women all right how one
woman discovered the female fat loss pill it missed by modern medicine and so
on and so forth here so that’s a that’s a pretty popular product as we saw so
we’re going to choose that one now what we do is and you can click on the
affiliate link here well and see the affiliate page too but we won’t we won’t
be concerned with that what we want to is we want to get our affiliate link
right so what I’m going to do is click on promote here and that brings us up
here and you see your account nickname should be in here if you get one under
your account that’s when you signed up for your account on Clickbank right and
you can put in a tracking ID for your affiliate link if you’d like to now
since we’re using Instagram for this it’s you can put one in there maybe just
a call it Instagram or whatnot so also for but I’m not going to fool with it
here now in this not at this time but anyways they have both the video sales
which is the default landing page which is that video that I clicked on a moment
ago and then they also if some people may like to read a written sales page
instead of the video sales page they can actually read about the product here so
you can choose which one of these two you want if you’re using this product
right so we’re just going to leave it at the video then we’re going to click on
generate our affiliate link or hop link here so we’ll click on that and it gives
us this link right here you see your affiliate link is right here and that is
a long and ugly affiliate link so what we’re going to do is we’re going to
shorten that up a little bit so I’m going to copy it alright and then what
we do is we take it over to Bentley dot-com and go to bid lee vit or del y
comm right and then we put our link in to paste it into the bitly shortener
here you see there is the link and then we just click on shorten and it shortens
up and it gives us this show link right here which looks a lot better
than that long I’d live wonderful picnic right so what we do is copy that link
all right now we’ll close out of ala bitly and then what we’ll do then is
we’re going to take our link and come over to a site called shout cart right
here this this site shout cart is where we’re going to get our traffic at so
we’ve got our offer our affiliate offer that we’re going to market and then
we’re going to get some traffic now to this video sales page through our
affiliate link right so what you want to do is come here to shop cart it’s free
to register on this and this is my login here from my account so I’m going to go
ahead and log into my accounts you can register one for free right up here at
the right when you come here and then we’ll click login and it brings us to
the dashboard here and what you do then is you want to come and you want to
browse click on the magnifying glass up here where you can browse all the
different influencers could see what this is about this is influencer
marketing as you can see influence or marketing by South card influencers are
people on Instagram that have massive audiences anywhere from above 10,000 and
on up to the millions all right so what we’re going to do is click on our browse
here brings us into here and we can browse or buy shoutouts from social
media influencers now why would you want to why would you you may be thinking why
would you why would I want to buy traffic from Instagram well let’s just
come over here to Instagram for example and let’s take a look this is my current
account right here I’m logged into my account already but if we come to a site
called similarweb now I have their Google Chrome extensions up here on my
browser okay so if I click on that it’s going to show me the web statistics for
Instagram calm just the whole Instagram site not my profile page if you look
down here roll this up if you look down here the
monthly visits to Instagram alone are 3.4 billion people that’s with ABI
billion people per month if you can’t drive targeted traffic and get traffic
to your offers from this website I don’t know where you can get it from because
that’s a lot of people folks that that’s a massive amount of people I think
Instagram is what number three or number four in the world Google being number
one right in terms of traffic that’s a lot of traffic 3.4 billion people per
month I don’t know what that would be per day something like I don’t know what
would that be two hundred and seven thousand three hundred thousand per day
maybe something I don’t know that might be too high but that’s a lot of folks
but anyways you can get that at similar web if you go to similar web calm and
you can get this Chrome extension and this will tell you the website
statistics of any web site in the world so it’s a it’s a handy little tool to
have on your on your browser okay all right so anyways what we’re going to do
is we’ll come here back here to shout Cart and since we’re doing our offer is
in the health and fitness or weight loss niche right I’m going to type in here
for example into their search engine lose fat and then just press Enter oops
I gotta have one can’t have two words gotta have one word so we’ll see what
that does and we didn’t get anything with that yeah see try weight loss and you get a few here on this here now
there’s a there’s one other one that I did I was looking to see let’s see here
let’s see who’s I’m trying to find this one particular one I saw yesterday and
I’m not getting it because it was it had shout out starting at $15 it was the
cheapest that I could find for the amount of traffic but that’s okay we’ll
go with these right here for example he does have to do some searching around
you can also you can either do it by the search engine or you can categorize your
searches over here on the left-hand side and I’d like to get a better sample than
this actually let me see if I can come up with a better sample do it choose
Instagram with a by the link that’s what we want we want influencers that’ll
allow us to put our affiliate link on their bio on their Instagram profile
okay so I’m going to choose that I’m going to
choose all pages on it we’ll come down here I’m going to click all of it click
this off here I’m going to choose Fitness scars how about food and
nutrition and that brought us up the same thing that didn’t bring that up so
I’m gonna try a different one how about Fitness see if we get yeah we still got
the same ones and maybe somebody already bought the one I was looking at
yesterday that’s the food nutrition nature luxury mode okay oh well so we’ll
just go with these right here there was one that was a little bit cheaper than
this but it doesn’t matter at all the same you can come in and do a search
through all the influencers and find one in your price range that you like now
you can see for example this one right here it’s at she health they’ve got a
hundred and one hundred eighty two thousand followers on this Instagram
now the score I’ll explain to you what that means here in a minute and then the
starting price is about $30 okay there’s another one down here fat loss go let’s
take a look at it if I click on it you can see it’s good they’ve got 219
thousand followers they got a score of 3.9 and the score on that the shout card
score is a unique algorithm that calculates authenticity of engagement
from influencers it is updated daily and is unique to each influencer ranges from
0 to 10 10 being the best so this one’s about 4 this one allows by a link in the
bio and their success rate of accepting your campaign or your purchase is at a
hundred percent so if we scroll down here it talks about this is the number
one weight loss page for women so that’s that’s pretty much right in our category
right but as we look down through here and talks about it this is you got to
pay attention to this this particular person on his his or her Instagram
account they don’t like anything from Clickbank right here see that please no
Clickbank or unrelated offers okay so that one we wouldn’t be able to use they
don’t want any offers from Clickbank so we’ll go back and we’ll choose this one
here she health or weight loss well that’s got before let’s see what we can
find out about that okay yeah here we go this one here is a score of 4.1 which is
good they’ll take a link in their bio they got four hundred and fifteen point
four thousand followers on their Instagram account that’s a large market
folks that’s enough to fill up what four football stadiums and then so then you
know seventy thousand person football stadium that’s a lot of followers a lot
of potential traffic for your offers targeted traffic to because it’s when
the weight loss niche which is what our affiliate product is in okay they got a
success rate of 100% of accepting their offers or their campaigns
this website we scroll down gives a little description here it says this is
a highly active account about fitness and weight loss the audience is mostly
from the US females from 18 to 34 years old the best time to post shouts is
between 12 and 17 p.m. UTC time and audience repetition is 82% wound at 18
percent members so they don’t say anything on here that they won’t take a
clickbank offer right so they should accept our offer easy enough would come
down and show some more statistics they got average likes on a post is 3205
average comments is 32 and the total posts on the account is 922 gender is
for women ages 25 34 here it says what United States mostly and so on for
through activity their activity mainly is in the afternoon one to six similar
to what they were saying up here about 12 and 17 so if you’re going to buy a
shout out from this particular influencer here you want to make sure
you choose the between those hours that you want to post it right now if we
scroll down here you can see the prices this one’s a little bit more expensive
than the one I saw yesterday I was looking for but maybe somebody’s already
purchased that one from the time being that’s why I can’t get it to show up
again but anyways you can have a two-hour shout out with your with your
affiliate link in their bio so what does that mean so if we come over here and on
my account for example let’s go actually let’s go to their account so if I come
up here and I copy this their account name here at weight loss well when I put
that into the search engine here and you see it’s the first one that comes up so
we click on that and it brings us over area 415 thousand followers and you can
see it’s all about weight loss and food and things
like that here so you if you wanted you could buy a shoutout for just $25 for
two hours with your affiliate link in there right here on their Bible if it
would be posted right here with a little call to action like something like check
out our newest weight loss product right here and click the link below and your
affiliate link will be right there for two hours on this site you want to make
sure you do it between noon and six o’clock right in those times right there
and your chances of getting traffic to the your offer is going to be pretty
pretty good I’d say pretty good and so that is pretty much how you do that that
is what I wanted to show you today you can come here to shout Cart get your
offer first from Clickbank come to shout Cart look up an influencer and then
purchase a shout-out make sure you choose the one with the bio link for
example if we choose this one and then click on it actually I could click on
manage it to get with you all come down here add it to the campaign you click on
that and it’s going to bring you over here and that’s here that was added to
the campaign I should have there we go up here on our cart losing my direction
here so we see us at it here you can post and bio leg for $25 and then the
next step is of course to purchase that right and it’s going to ask you about
your campaign deals what do you want set for your call up to action link up there
and then you want to schedule it and you can have notifications sent to you too
as well and then of course review and submit your order and then along through
twenty-five dollars in and within whatever time range that you told them
to post that and on what date you would see or your link there and you
begin getting sales coming to your Clickbank offer okay well guys that’s
what I had for you today wanted to show you this stupid simple method to drive
targeted traffic this is complete targeted traffic to your offers and how
you can make money online doing this okay alright it guys won’t want to let
you go with that and don’t forget to reach down there below and hit that
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have to go along with that too alrighty alrighty guys great I’m gonna
let you go with that and I’ll see you again here in a couple of days on the
next video you guys take care and have an awesome day today I’ll see you later
bye bye

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