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By | February 18, 2020

make money on Clickbank 2020 which is the Clickbank for beginners method that I’m going to share with you in today video and it’s the affiliate marketing with free traffic on Clickbank so if you are using Clickbank or any other affiliate platform so you can use it really doesn’t matter what platform you use so in today video I am going to share with you that how you can use your affiliate link or your affiliate products or offer link and promote on the social media or any other platform so with free traffic and free method and it can really work worldwide and you can make a huge amount of money as the Commission on affiliate system so what’s up guys my name is NAW and you’re watching gain money and tricks channel if
you’re new to our community consider subscribing and turn on the bell notification whenever we upload a new video you will be notified of that so we are uploading every day new videos to our YouTube channel on how to make money online how to get passive income and how to work from home so there are different strategies and tricks are here to make money online directly from your home or from your area your country so most of them are the free sources and free traffic ways and it is absolutely a worldwide that you can use and make money online as a commission or you can make with website or app the money actually so in today’s video the process or the video that I’m going to share with you that is the absolutely free traffic and it is totally free passive income that you can make money online with this strategy so let’s jump into the main video I don’t want to make it the video longer so that’s why we can go to the Clickbank first so once you go to the click bank first so generally if you are choosing the products or offers actually on the Clickbank so you have to use the strategy of the gravity which is very important and very necessary for those people who are promoting the Clickbank through so what is gravity actually gravity is thing or the one which has for example the offer or the product has the more gravity the more success rate of conversion is there so if there is more gravity I mean high gravity is there so of course you will promote that and you can have a better conversion rate from that many people will say that so let me search on here on the Clickbank but I don’t want to choose any product that I just simply search click on the search bar or the search icon so they will show me let me sign in let me sign into my account the most important thing under clickbank is to use choose the product which is the high-gravity and another thing is that the gravity a limit is that should be about the name chan okay so about the Chan 200 that should be the gravity and the more gravity you have so the more chances will be there but I just choose the search bar here and then I choose the gravity sort by the gravity so the first one that she’ll has more gravity on the Clickbank and many people are purchasing or buying that or promoting this product is left to talks is that okay which has almost let us see the gravity 546 gravy T it has means it is it is a really high gravity that you can so you can choose this product or you can go down choose any other products and the resolution is another one which has the gravity of 299 is almost 300 gravity that it has and it is another one and then you can go down a little bit and choose the one that it suits with best so let me choose this one and today video that has secret obsession and credible conversion for female cold tropic okay so this is our weight loss product actually which is working for female and the commission rate is 45 dollars actually so let’s see the main page of this or the main website once you click here you will see this page so this is the main page that you we need to four more tests so if the first there is a simple video that is a simple video it is played and by tax and speaking a little bit if I just open the volume of that or just make it the volume on so I don’t want to that so I just show you here that we have some video which type of website is that actually then if you go to the affiliate page which is very important for us to choose what they have in their affiliate page you can click here once you click here you will see the pager like this and this is the main page that you we can promote this product or actually how so an affiliate page they have the main page like this one and they have banners email samples of email promotion length custom reports they have product review they have Fox and angels they have and contact us a forum their hand so if you come here they are showing one by one each and everything and the opsal of this product is very good so if you use this it has more option like $35 $72 $50 $22 there are the upsells so upsetting means that the most you promote the more money you will get from this offer actually so if you promote you will have more money than $42 as I $45 actually as I mentioned here that’s $45 on the first end so if you promote more so you will have the options and that case you can make more money with this product actually so if you go to the affiliate page and then you have for example here here is each and every can just get available for promotion of that but you can also go to the design article if you want to promote this actually so you can simply type a wedge lost okay weight loss product or weight loss or how to lose weight or how to do that for example so those are the sample searches that people are doing that on YouTube in Google sometimes so you can do as well and in ezinearticles actually so if you just see here that top 15 weight-loss meds okay the big picture are permanent which loss so you can use all these articles as a free source for just kind of working your thing so from these you can make for example this is the article and you can choose and you will have for example a read PDF or ebook actually from this article so you can make it the article the PDF from this article it will be great and just link to your app Illiad link and then you can share on other platforms so I will show you that how you can share on any other flat forum or the freest tropic source I will show you so just stay to the end of this video but with this article with this product actually we are not we don’t need to use is an article or dude products but that is for tools is an article is produce offer or product that they don’t have the article but luckily this one is having here the PDF if you come to here to the customary force and click on the custom PDF pre force then you will be required something that like your email address of when you are signing that so you can just add your email address and click get started now so once you add your email address they will allow you to go to their affiliate page whatever you want so almost done to confer miracles please check the box to let us know you are human so let’s check the box and here’s the licked you you okay we choose that the and we have selected the checkmark and now it is opening so here are the tanks for example for article city force here or the each and everything is here mention here just terminals are here okay so again if you go to the Fed tropic so these are the petrol patrols and these are articles reports are that so you can simply just click on the custom PDF report okay just click on the custom PDF report and they will allow us to PDFs okay PDFs so here are the slick report to generate so you can simply click the secret to building forward momentum and your romantic older relationship this is one the second one is the secret to understanding male attraction travels now the third one is how to fascinate a guy who thought he was not ready for a relationship so you can simply click one of them okay and then you can use your clickbank ID here for example I want my one is dead so I can select so the next options are optional and then you can use at the message pretty for compliment these things are optional I can simply click on the checkmark and then I can create your personalized PDF report okay so click on that once I click they will generate the the PDF file or the PDF report for me so we need to wait a little bit to just generate with our affiliate links the most important things with this PDF is that that it will converts your affiliate link inside this PDF for free actually oh and so this is our PDF is ready it is almost 14 pages and these are the link wizard or through the presentation so if you click that that would be our affiliate link not a Clickbank or this one it is our own tracking ID and affiliate link actually so it is ready now and we can simply just see that is the complete refor ok we can simply just click here and see us for okay you can use that there and you can go back it’s downloaded and now you can go back to so let me see it’s ready so this is our PDF and it is ready now okay so what we need to do here is let me choose the title of that we should give our title to that how to fascinate a guy okay so this is the title and we can go back here and use this is the one how to assassinate a guy who beats up the commas I need to remove the commas okay naturally it’s not accepting ok simply we can just how to attract attract someone someone who is mad ready okay so you can use the title of this one and then we can go back here so what is here now the important part is here that how we can promote and where we can throw more so let me go to the Google and just have in the google color me oh okay color me oh so once you charge the kalam you and you will see this link here okay column your publishing platform for documents and magazine and then you can click here once you click here you will see this page okay so this is a free website world wide web site and they have more tropic online column is that so if you go to the tropic of test you can just have you can go to the similar wave and we can just start allow me Oh lemieux dot-com okay you can click here and let’s see what how many tropic format they have actually so there you go you can scroll down a little bit you see kalam okay 1,400 visitors they have okay 1430 14 millions visitors they have and that is a bet one that you can just promote your affiliate link here and the best part is also there that they have France Columbia Mexico Accord Ukraine okay means top countries are these and you can radically work with that and because they are the richest country and you can buy and purchase something there okay it’s really easy and comfortable with that so these are the free e-books and things that you can just go with that and upload your PDFs there so what you need to do you can sign up first click on the free sign up they will have the option 3 option 1 for Bassitt which is free and other updates when you need to I recommend to use with the free package because that’s absolutely free and it works so then you can add your account name here you an email address your password and then checkmark I’m not a robot then accept the terms and conditions on privacy policies for this website and then generate my free account once you click my generate my create my free accounts then they will send you the link to your email address and you can just confirm that activation and then you can come here and click on the publish Now button so once you click on the publish now you can add the title of your article for example so this is the okay this is the title and you were in your ebook or PDF so you can just copy this and in the description you can use something like this okay how to become certainly significant okay so you can use as a description this and then you can upload your PDF file to that so you really you can do that and if you don’t have the article or you are promoting somebody some else product that they don’t have the articles or ebook ready so then you can use is an article because that is the best source to use these articles as a pre rocket your affiliate links actually so this one you can use these are is an article as I am using all the time it’s absolutely free have no charge and no strike nothing is there so you can simply copy paste these articles in any other platform you use as a article or PDF or ebook actually so I don’t want to make the video longer because my most of my videos are longer than 20 minutes so I don’t want to make it that so you can simply click on the publish and re or that but if you want I can do it now but again it will take time for me 10 minutes or something like that is to go with this to upload the PDF file so you can do it the whole process is the same thing that I have mentioned and all here but the most important thing is that to find out the PDF file then you use with your lengths so you have to use money time you links here and that case you can promote as it is mentioned here okay but again if you just click here in the article so that will be converted my to my period link actually yet I need to promote okay so that is there is the main phase okay and let me show you this my address okay if you see here see here this is the email this is the website address pre presentation PHP ha this is my name okay my appeal if links are here okay so it means that it is my opinion link and my affiliate offer or product is this so if anyone gets sale by this I can get the commission of that so that’s why it’s really important and it’s very significant to use this strategy very simple you can use this one report and again you can go to any other reef or – okay so there are more documents and more things for for example for the buyers actually that they need to buy those things or those articles so this is the complete list get my attraction straight you can click there so if they click here they will see 45 thousands women have seen the 14 secrets so these are the 14 sectors different secrets are here that they are teaching him here so that’s why people can buy this easily okay so this is the main strategy to create your PDF file or ebook and then I put the website okay calamy a website so that’s why you can get more sell and more conversion from this way and they have 14 million tropic which is really excellent and most significant tropic most of them are from English countries so that’s why so thank you for watching the video to the very end and for making money on calculating 2020 and it is absolutely Clickbank for beginners on affiliate marketing with free traffic on Clickbank so thank you for watching so please give a thumbs up to the video and comment me below anything if you have an equation so you can most welcome the questions are these people are asking me different question every day so you can do the same thing and the same way you can do that so it really doesn’t matter what questions you have so you can ask me and I will try my best to use that and answer you quickly and easily so thank you for watching – till next brand video see you awesome with enjoyable moments

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