Maintaining Rank BSR When You RUN OUT OF INVENTORY Even After 1 Month of NOT Selling IT WORKED!

By | December 12, 2019

What’s up guys rob here from steps to success so last Friday I need a video and I won over e cost advertising PPC how to make sure that you’re maximizing you know how many conversions you’re getting per dollar spent on PPC and how to increase your profits and Revenue at the same time. What’s out inquiring too much cost because a lot of people don’t really understand the whole concept. You know behind PPC what’s the best way of going about it how to lower your a cost so hopefully by watching that video? Now you have a much much better understanding of how to maximize the the ad money spent and turning it into Profit so if you can apply that you will see within a week your sales are gonna start Dramatically increasing and you know I’ve been getting Asked a ton of you know the same questions over and over so today I wanted to make a short video and kind of go over a commonly you know ask question and it’s a common problem But there is a good solution for it and the question basically is if you’re running out of inventory and stock what’s the best way of you going about it so say you ordered 500 units and now that you’re Finally affected running an advertising campaign effectively and you’re running out of inventory and stock What’s the best way of going about it? You know your supplier might have a longer lead time or you might have to wait an additional Two three weeks for your product to get here, and you know you’re gonna run out of inventory within the next couple of days so you’re gonna be out of stock for that two three week period So what’s the solution for that if you are running out of inventory and? Your shipment is arriving late the very first thing that you guys want to make sure that you never do is Don’t try to slow down your sales So I see a lot of people thinking that you know the best thing to do since you are running out And you only have a hundred units left or fifty units left is to increase your price and slow down your sales This is a big no-no guys you never want to to increase your BSR because the second you start Lowering that sales velocity your listing is gonna start going from the second page to the fourth page 56 page so imagine that you actually spend time doing giveaways running PPC campaign And you know you’re basically losing all the hard work that you’ve done, so never ever Do anything that will affect your sales velocity so this is here’s what you guys should do if you are running out of inventory Keep the sales velocity up and try to sell out of your product Even if you sell out and you have to wait an additional two weeks, that’s okay But what you don’t want to do is increase your price, or do anything that will affect that sales velocity, so don’t do anything That’s going to affect how many units you sell each day instead Once you’re done and you’ve sold out of your entire inventory you want to go ahead and close your listing and what this does is it actually keeps your BSR intact for the keywords so you might be ranked five out of twenty keywords you know on the second page first page or Even the third or fifth page but once you actually close your listing your Actual ranking stays intact so whether you get your product one week two weeks or a month from now Once you get that product back in stock and you Reenable that listing now You’ll see that all of your rankings for each few words stays intact and now you can continue Your PPC your giveaways and get yourself on that first page and again once you’re on that first page Everything will start to continue And you’ll be getting a ton of more sales Organically which is gonna make sure that you know not only are you getting more revenue? But your bottom-line profits is gonna start to increase because you’re not going to be spending as much money on PPC Giveaways or you know any other method for outside traffic which is super super important guys so make sure that you follow this listing I Never ever if you’re running I’ll try to increase pricing a lot of a lot of my students had the same problem you know for For just because of that two to three time increase in in how many units you were selling on average per day And I told every single one of them. I said guys You know if you want you can make an extra ten fifteen percent and sure you’ll sell your product But is it worth How much hard work you put in doing giveaways running PPC and? Losing your rank so now that you get your next shipment. You have to do it all over again It’s really not worth it but again You know it might be different if it’s a product that you’re just you know trying to stay in Get get that Maximized profit per unit and you’re never gonna sell if that’s the case then short increase your pricing and never come back to it What if it’s a product that you see is generating your profit? And you want to continue selling it and the last thing you want to do is Waste all the efforts and time that you put into it In getting it right, so I hope you guys enjoy today’s video if again You are new to this channel make sure to subscribe and give this video a thumbs up. I do have a free ebook Which is the very first link down in the description? Box so make sure to check it out teaches you everything that you need to know Before getting started on Amazon getting everything set up all the way to the advanced stage making that sales And you know if you guys are serious for your Amazon FBA and you want to take it to the next level Make sure to join our steps to success FBA course group So it comes with my one-on-one mentoring Which I believe is one of the only courses out there that you know you get me as your mentor coaching you step-by-step Finding great products, so you’ll be able to shoot them my way. I’ll take a look at it with you I’ll give you my feedback You know then from then on we’ll start contacting suppliers together Making sure that the profits per unit match what it is that you’re looking for all the way to making your first sale So it’s gonna be an amazing journey, and you guys get to share that with me So I’ll make sure that you know you’re not making any common mistakes as most people with when they’re starting a new business venture So I’m looking forward to that and as well if you have not already joined our Facebook group make sure that we do We have over 3,000 members or all helpful You know change reviews help each other out with products or whatever It is that you need you know other people are there to help you and guide you in the right direction once again? I thank you guys for joining me on this video, and I can’t wait to see you guys on the next one

11 thoughts on “Maintaining Rank BSR When You RUN OUT OF INVENTORY Even After 1 Month of NOT Selling IT WORKED!

  1. Sheldon Kreger Post author

    I just did this today. I've done it on other products. It works well.

  2. Marcos Gonzalez Post author

    Cant wait till be having this problem LMAO, good video bro

  3. Ali Choudhary Post author

    Great video! Very valuable information ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  4. Celebrity Universe Post author

    great video i love your channel so far

  5. Bayann Aburub Post author

    hi is there any way you can contact you? I am having some issues with my PPC – my ad spend is way too high. would you mind taking a look at my product and telling me what you think?

  6. THE WAKE UP ARTIST Post author

    Great information! What about listings with variations? I have 2 variations under 1 parent. Is this possible? Should I close each variation as it sells out, or wait until they both sell out to close?

  7. Maurice Mejia Post author

    If I create a new listing but the inventory wonโ€™t be ready for a month does amazon take sales history even though itโ€™s never had inventory?


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