LSI Keywords SEO – Latent Semantic Indexing Keyword Analysis

By | August 16, 2019

here’s a quick tip on how you can use
Keyword Grouper Pro to get the LSI terms of a specific group and now we’ve
just chosen this one group here this shuffle second generation there’s 30
terms inside this group I’m just going to click on copy that’s
going to copy just these terms to my clipboard and i’m going to open a second
instance of Keyword Grouper Pro up i’m going to click inside the box and hit
control V to paste or you can hit right click and paste this case I’m going to
put a minimum group length of one but what we’re going to do next makes the
difference we click on excluded works list and we’re going to type in ipod
shuffle second generation now you’ll remember the entire group was 30 terms
around the phrase ipod shuffle second generation so it means every keyword has
a relationship to ipod shuffle second generation by putting that in the
excluded words list it’s going to make sure that is not a
factor in the grouping so we set excluded words list now we will
just simply process the keywords now what we have now is just all the
individual lsi terms that are inside that group so charge charging reset one
gigabyte two gigabyte Apple blinking orange blue and i’m not going to go
through all these but you can see these are the terms the individual terms that
you want to make sure you have on your page if you’re trying to rank for the term
ipod shuffle second generation not only is it going to help because
these are lsi terms your terms that are closely related to the original key word
but also it’s going to help you rank for more terms per page by including these in your content so
this is a really quick way to use keyword grouper pro to help with your
SEO and also to help with your quality score if you doing PPC because it’s
going to look like a hyper relevant piece of content related to the term
that you put in and this is just a quick tip for you you
want to watch the other videos to see some of the other topics we cover but
this is just one way you can use Keyword Grouper Pro to improve your SEO and
your PPC and any other advertising you do online you want to make sure pages hyper
relevant to your target audience

2 thoughts on “LSI Keywords SEO – Latent Semantic Indexing Keyword Analysis

  1. MarketBold Post author

    this is an easy way to get lsi terms from questions people ask online

  2. cat jabowner Post author

    kw grouper pro isnt working. the window opens but the ui is not as you show it and it doesn't work. nothing. not sure what the challenge is but I'd love to give it a try. TY


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