Long Tail Keywords for SEO, Search Engine Optimization, How to use Long Tail Keywords

By | September 3, 2019

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Hi Besties\par \par
and hi Social Buzz Club Besties\par \par
Your SEO underpants are showing\par \par
Keywords\par \par
keywords\par \par
keywords\par \par
every SEO article you’re reading is talking about keywords\par
\par You’ve even seen tools\par
\par that helps you to see what keywords to use\par
\par but guess what\par
\par they’re goofin you\par
\par That’s not all you need to know\par
\par Z Go get the doctor\par
\par it’s very confusing\par
\par You are number one for z term weight loss
and getting 1 million views a month but no sales\par
\par You are also number 5 for the term HCG weight
loss kit and you are getting 1,000 views a month and 100 sales a month\par
\par This is very confusing\par
\par is it?\par
\par No it isn’t\par
\par The keyterm weight loss is a very common keyword
but it’s not a long tail keyword\par \par
What is a long tail keyword\par \par
long tail keywords are looonger keywords that people type in when they are ready to buy\par
\par So a person will start out searching the word
weight loss but after they do research\par \par
and see that they want to try the HCG diet\par \par
then they will type in the keyword “HCG weight loss kit”\par
\par So use the keyword search tools you’ve been
giving\par \par
and I’ll have a link for one below z video\par \par
but make sure you are looking for the longer keyphrases that people are typing in when
they are ready to buy\par \par
But Renae how can we tell if they are ready to buy\par
\par That’s the wrong question\par
\par the correct question is what are you trying
to sell\par \par
Right\par \par
Look at the long tail keyphrases and pick something that’s at least 3 or 4 words long\par
\par then dedicate that to a page\par
\par Put it in your title\par
\par description\par
\par image tags\par
\par captions\par
\par name your actual image files after it\par
\par but be careful don’t keyword stuff your site
too much\par \par
Google doesn’t like that very much\par \par
If you have further questions about this simply ask in the forum at richmombusiness.com and
I’ll be more than happy to help you there\par \par
Luv u all\par \par
Peace out yo\par }

17 thoughts on “Long Tail Keywords for SEO, Search Engine Optimization, How to use Long Tail Keywords

  1. Renae Christine Post author

    It seems to work well for you. You have sooo many fabulous subscribers!

  2. livingpoor Post author

    i have the long tail keyword for couponing on youtube. look up "how to beginner coupon" or "how to coupon" on youtube and see if you recognize who shows up the most. my bald head is everywhere on youtube for couponing. lol. great video Renae. alot of people dont use long keywords.

  3. Renae Christine Post author

    No wonder you're getting so many constant subscribers. They are finding you and your bald head all over the place!

  4. Renae Christine Post author

    Lol. I would be able to say something witty back but I've been in jury duty all day.

  5. harold parker Post author

    I'm willing to learn all u have to teach about SEO … I hope ya know I was joking about the "meth" lmao

  6. harold parker Post author

    I'm on a grand jury myself … I know how boring it can get

  7. Renae Christine Post author

    Fabulous and no worries about the meth joke. I get all sorts of comments like that. Can you imagine if I drank coffee daily? I can't touch the stuff. I would bounce off the walls.

  8. Esa Amelia Putri Post author

    If you want to make much more money, you should do a google search "Morsch Money Secret". That can help you get the money you deserve.

  9. Carl Potts Post author

    hi Renae to be honest I didn't like the approach you take in this video, I do think you deserve congratulating on the original quirky approach its great once you warm to it , the information is spot-on 🙂

  10. Carl Potts Post author

    sorry for the earlier criticism renae 🙂 the more I watch it the better it gets

  11. Renae Christine Post author

    Lol. No worries Carl. I know I take a few watches to get used to.

  12. Willow Star Post author

    well that was awesome info and NOT BORING…you know how boring most business related tutorials can be? Yes, I know you do. Thank you for make the world a little bit more funny!

  13. Sheryl Kurland Post author

    Just got hooked on long-tail keywords. Makes logical sense. Great info! And charisma!


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