Local VS National SEO – What Is The Difference? | HiiQ – SEO – Ep. 8

By | August 14, 2019

Hii everybody, I’m Peter vigilante and welcome back to another episode of HiiQ-SEO. Today we’ll be discussing the differences between local and national SEO. These tactics come from the highly respected SEO professional Neil Patel. By the end of this video you should have a good understanding of the differences between which strategy you would utilize. At Hiilite understanding our clients target audience is imperative in developing an ongoing SEO strategy. We utilize something called CORE marketing sessions to fully understand our clients target audience in addition to determining their brand voice and communication styles. We can’t overlook the importance of situating their business properly online for clients with a physical location the communications and messaging is primarily directed to their locale. For an SEO specialist this means that we will likely be focusing more so on local SEO, meaning ensuring they rank particularly well for search engines within their geographic region. Those that can provide products and services online or beyond their geographic region we conduct a national SEO campaign. But first local SEO: here we suggest incorporating your geographic region in your on and off page SEO strategy combined with keywords that imply intent. For example if we are a dentist in Kelowna our keyword used may be ‘family dentist in Kelowna’, additionally because we also service people in the surrounding areas we might build our location pages for every area that we want to target customers from. I.e. ‘cosmetic dentistry services in West Kelowna peach land lake country, etc’. Another aspect that we like to do for our local SEO clients is to ensure that they are submitted to all the appropriate local directories, receive and maintain these profiles and respond to reviews in a timely fashion as this has shown to impact search engine performance. Now National SEO. National SEO on the other hand ignores the need to include the city name in its SEO campaign strategy. Because these clients aren’t bound by geographic location competition here can be fierce for some keywords. Here keyword research and additional on off page SEO strategies are incredibly important. Because national SEO is typically more complex. We suggest you consult an SEO agency or consultant. Do you have any questions regarding local or national SEO? Get in touch with us or leave a comment. Like this post, hit that subscribe button to be notified our next tips video. See you next time. HiiQ is filmed in Hiilite Creative Group studio in Kelowna, British Columbia and is made with the help of our creative team. If you like this video subscribe to the channel and check us out at Hiilite.com

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