Local SEO Tutorial – Get Higher Rankings in Google!

By | August 12, 2019

little everyone my name is Robert Dawson from top search result and today i will be talking to you about how you can capitalize on the fact that ninety-seven percent of consumers search for local businesses online i’m going to do this by giving you five simple tips and so let’s get going here’s an example of what I mean by a local search so basically everyone’s got to eat right so I typed in restaurants Kelowna you can see there is some ad showed up a map three website listings and some Google reviews there’s also you’ll note here about six million different pages showed up for this key phrase so that’s basically the competition just a note for this particular key phrase there’s about 12,000 monthly searches so there is a lot of people looking for something to eat in Kelowna tip number one is very basic and I’m going to use our own website to showcase it basically if you want Google to know where your business is located you just tell them so what you do is you add your address and your local phone number to the bottom of your website so that’s what we did here and that’s just a very simple thing you can do and it works now tip number two want you to verify your listing so you’ll notice these reviews here these are actually Google pages google map listings so if I click these you’ll see that this one’s been owner verified so there’s various ways you can do that to verify your listing with Google probably the easiest one is just to go to Google Places and you can edit it from here you might also want to check the map first to see if your business is already on the map because it could be even if you didn’t add it and you can just add your details through there now tip number three is a very important one you’ll notice in restaurants kelowna these are ranking very high and these are just Google reviews and you’ll notice they all have a substantial amount of reviews so if you want to rank high in the search engines you basically want to make sure you have a lot of reviews and they don’t necessarily have to be all one hundred percent satisfaction reviews the more the merrier obviously it’s going to be a little suspicious if they’re all good reviews so you actually do kind of on a good mix in there well one thing I forgot to mention is when you’re filling out your google business profile make sure you fill out as much as you can put in as many pictures as you can use your keywords in here tell everyone what you do basically Google I’ll Google’s trying to do is give the consumer the best information they can get so you want to make sure that your information is awesome don’t give them any excuses for not showing you now another simple tip is to get some local links what I’d recommend for that is your local business just search for how much everyone has a business directory if your small business you you’re probably part of some organization somewhere right and most of these organizations do give you a directory listing plus they link too they should link to your website this may be a bad example here’s one so this person did a good job they basically put it right in there good job so those are some easy easy links to get you do any charity you and your head of organization anything like that those are good usually local links which it are a lot better now here’s my last tip and it’s number five mobile well you’re at it why don’t you just check and see how your web presence is doing animal bottle phone so I’m just using a tool at that AdWords has google uses for their advertising platform to show you what kind of what everything will look like on a cell phone so you can see here these Google pages are even more important because you can call right on your cell phone and it clicks you right into them this is about as direct as you can get to getting customers that are basically calling you through that through the internet to use your business or services and those were just five very quick tips please go to my blog post that accompanies this for further information and subscribe to our newsletter if you want to get further updates every month and also leave a comment if you want anything you guys want to discuss I’ll try and cover thank you

4 thoughts on “Local SEO Tutorial – Get Higher Rankings in Google!

  1. Top Search Result Post author

    You can learn some best practices in a short amount of time. Youtube is a great resource for learning SEO. That being said if the business is in a competitive industry, you may need years of training to secure a first page position.

  2. Hemanth Malli Post author

    cool..basic approach for SEO marketing.Yes these are the primary things where people search for business services online !!


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