Local SEO: Tips to Get Found on Google (2018)

By | August 11, 2019

How’s it going everybody,
Andrew Gazdecki here and today I’m going to go over how to drive local search
engine optimization so you can have guaranteed
rankings for any term. And this is a new package
that we’re offering, it’s 199 it’s a Google SEO Mastermind
course that goes over everything you need for a
search engine optimization. Backlinks, blogging, and these SEO secrets actually you know none of
this is true if you wanna learn about search engine
optimization you could just Google a lot of tips. – Google? – You’re here. – Google.com? – That is me! – Google.com website. (goofy music)
– eh? – Finally! – On Google, all this stuff
is great but I’m gonna go over just a simple strategy if
you’re working with clients and you wanna actually
drive real new customers definitely use Google
for additional research but this is one strategy
that I think a lot of people who are working with local
businesses get incorrectly. So for example, when you’re
looking for a local business how do you typically find
them, well you pull out your phone you type in the type
of service that you want and what you’re gonna see is something called the Local Pack. And the Local Pack is Google’s
rankings where they show basically the top three
businesses based off of their reviews, so this
is mainly what I’m gonna be talking about today. So in today’s world people buy products and services based off what
other individuals are saying and it’s even been shown that
people will actually trust random strangers reviews of
a product more than you’ll actually trust your friends or
family or even your parents. So when it comes to local
search engine optimization if you’re doing a search for pizza in San Diego as an example. You’re gonna see three
businesses in the Local Pack on Google and you might
be wondering how do I get into this Local Pack and it’s
all driven by customer reviews and this is a very simple
strategy that any business can implement very easily
and you can help them implement very easily with
pretty much no investment. And so the way that the
Local Pack determines who is in the top three is
really based on the quality of reviews, so you
wanna have a high score. How many reviews you have,
so if you’re consistently getting reviews on a
regular and frequent basis that’s good to see, so basically quantity. But you don’t want to
have 100 reviews come in on one day and then also you
want to optimize your Google My Business page, so with
this in mind we have the Local Pack which is really
just a area within a Google search query that
shows the businesses that rank the highest for
the best customer reviews the highest quality customer reviews, and tend to see a good amount of reviews coming in on a weekly or biweekly basis. So some ideas that you can
do with your clients that you’re working with right
now, the simple strategies where if they want and I’m
always about setting goals so set a goal with your
client to get more reviews. – Goal!
– Set your goals. – Setting goals.
– Set goals. – Set little goals.
– Goal setting – Set some goals. – Set goals.
– Goals. – So if your goal is to get more reviews, it’s really not that
difficult so tip number one can anybody guess it? All you gotta do is just ask. – You will write me an online review. – This is something
that a lot of businesses really miss out on is when
you have a customer that maybe has a great experience
make sure that you just ask them for a review
and place it on Google. Another tip is if you’re
working with a particular type of business this one
only really pertains to restaurants but if they’re
a first time customer and they’re coming in for the first time one trick that I’ve learned
about recently that I thought was really clever and
this was just one example. Was there was a business
that basically will put a red napkin on a customer’s table
to let basically all the servers know that it’s their first time at the business and they
want to really impress that customer because most of
the time the chances of a customer coming back to a
business after the first visit is around 40% after the
second visit it’s around 40% but after the third visit it’s around 70%. – If somebody goes to a
restaurant for the first time and has a flawless experience,
the statistical likelihood of them doing a second visit is about 40%. They back a second–
– You know I believe that too because–
– time and have a flawless experience the statistical
likelihood of a third visit is still about 42%, the
third time they come, the statistical likelihood of
a fourth visit is over 70%. – So by just kind of
understanding there’s a first time customer really making
sure that their experience is fantastic, that is huge. – I do not want the omelet! – It’s nice. – I don’t want the bloody
thing, now set it back at once. – Yes give it to me. – I fail to see how this
sort of thing can happen. – There I’ve torn it up,
you’ll never see it again. – And then also also other
strategies that you can implement is there’s review campaign
tools that you can use. That help drive reviews automatically and also help you respond to positive and also negative reviews as well. Because you wanna be proactive
and show customers that not only do you cater to the
reviews that are positive but when you have bad and
feedback that may not be the best you respond to it in
a professional manner. So there’s review campaign
tools that you can definitely leverage, and one tool that
we offer at Bizness Apps which is really interesting is called our Mobile Reviews Campaign. Now this one is really
interesting because what we do is we basically have a mobile application and a progressive web
application we’ll actually send out a push notification after
someone has redeemed a loyalty point or ordered a meal and
it arrives 30 minutes later. And the concept is it really
asks for a review at their peak level of happiness. – [Announcer] The reviews
campaign helps you not only get more reviews but
reviews with higher ratings. Let’s see how it works from
a customer’s perspective. A couple hours ago you had a
delicious meal at the local pizzeria, you were
prompted to give feedback you loved the meal so you tapped great. All major review sites are
supported, we recommend Google. Positive reviews go
directly to the review site. If you didn’t like the meal,
you were taken to a feedback form rather than a review
site, the negative feedback never makes it to review, and never affects the businesses rating. – And so that’s another
really really powerful way to drive a large number of reviews
but in an automated fashion. But when you add all
these things up together. And then you could maybe even combine in social media posts, as well
you don’t wanna be just blatantly asking for
reviews but just letting people know that you know if
they have a good experience maybe personally reach out
to them with a nice message. You can definitely educate
users that hey this is where I’d like my reviews to go. And you just send ’em a
link then just give them an honest sort of request,
like hey would you mind reviewing us on Google? Obviously it would really help us out and we’d love your feedback and if they’ve had a positive experience, chances are they’ll
leave a positive review. – [Announcer] Blue Cat Cafe! – [Customer] I wish this was a cat cafe. The name is really deceiving. I, I just want cats. – And what’s so different
about this approach is again when people are
searching for new businesses you wanna appear in the
Local Pack ’cause this is at the top of the Google
search engine rankings. And stats have shown that
the first placement in Google will receive up to
around 30% of all clicks. Two gets about 12% and then
number three gets about 8%. So you wanna be in that top three, and this is before even any of the pages. So just case in point trying
to keep this video short the number one way to
really drive local SEO isn’t really through
blogging and backlinks and all the other items that you typically see with search engine optimization. You still want to be doing
those things, but a really easy strategy is focus on the
Local Pack, focus on reviews, getting quality reviews
coming in consistently. Make sure your Google My
Business page is up to date your phone number is correct
your address is correct you have photos of
whatever services you offer or your office or whatever it may be and then set a goal in
terms of getting reviews ask customers that you know
have had a great experience and have them write a review for you and make sure that the reviews
don’t all come on one day. ‘Cause Google will flag you for that, and then also if you’re in
the hospitality industry a strategy that I heard that
I thought was really really interesting, use the red
napkin where when it’s a new customer you haven’t seen them in before, put a red napkin down on
that person’s table so every employee knows that
this person is a first time customer and first time customer
is going to really judge their first experience very critically. And so you want to show them
the best service possible, and also consider looking
into review campaign tools to help you with reviews
that are coming in and how to manage them. Also with our mobile reservation
or our Mobile Reviews tool you can automate the reviews that you get and they’re sent when
customers have that peak level of happiness and that also
goes towards when asking. Only ask for reviews when
you feel the customers are really satisfied with your
service so you get the highest possible review and then
in terms of social media let customers know personally
with personalized messages that if they have a good
experience or they have something good to say about your business maybe they wrote on your Facebook page or they sent something out on
Twitter you can respond back and say hey thanks for coming in today, we’d love to hear your
feedback would you mind writing a review for us
and just enter in the link to Google My Business
and you’re good to go. And if you put enough effort
into this, this right here can literally boost a
businesses revenue by 20, 30% if I’m just being conservative
because this is where people are looking for,
for local businesses. From any type of service
so just ask yourself, when you’re looking for
a new business to go to or a new restaurant or even
schools you look for them on your mobile phone and
when you look for them on your mobile phone you’ll
notice three businesses in the top three and when
you’re working with your clients this should be your strategy to really get new clients. So I hope this was helpful,
very simple way to drive the most powerful local search
engine optimization strategy and it’s also really
easy to do it just takes a little bit of effort. Bonus! Alright last tip, so in today’s
world everyone is really looking at businesses
from their mobile devices so absolutely make sure
that you are taking a mobile first approach and
you’re thinking mobile first with your small business customers. So make sure you have a really
nice mobile optimized website that is mobile indexed and
really be thinking mobile. Because that’s where
customers are searching from and that’s where you’re gonna be finding most of your new customers. If you liked this video
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