Local SEO Tips & Online Reviews Frequently Asked Questions

By | March 12, 2020

Hey guys, it’s Brian Kaplan with Brian Kaplan
marketing and today we’re talking listings and reviews. Stay tuned. Hey, so it’s Brian here and we are going to
be talking about listings and reviews and when we talk about listings, what we mean are local SEO listings and
really that’s how you’re showing up when someone’s doing a search
for a product, a service, a business category, or
directly for your business. We want to make sure you’re showing
up on search engines like Google, so that’s what a local listing is.
You obviously understand reviews. We’re going to talk about the power of
reviews and why they’re so important and why it’s mission critical for you
to actually look at your reviews, to manage them, to reply to them, and to promote them in
order to grow your business. One of the first questions we
have is from Angie and Angie asks, what is your feeling on businesses
utilizing reputation management software? I’m all for it. It is not easy
to run a business. As you know, you’ve got so many different
things to do. You’ve got a cell, you’ve got a market, you’ve got a
bookkeeper, you’ve got to do accounting, you have to do accounts
payable or accounts receivable, you have to manage your staff, you have
to be HR, all these different things. There’s not enough time in the day. That’s where you want to look at tools
like a review platform that can help you to collect reviews, manage them and respond to them and
ultimately promote them because if you promote those reviews, other people see that you are amazing
and you provide a high level of service. One platform that I’m very
partial to is my review dashboard, so you would go to my review dashboard.com
and you’ll see it right under me and that’s a really great
tool. It’s economical. It allows you to not only collect
the reviews and to reply to them, but then you can promote the
reviews in so many different places. You can download images of your reviews
and put them on social media or your email campaigns or on your website. You can also use a little cool tool
called the review stream and all you do is you take a piece of code, you pop it on your website and actually
it will showcase your new reviews. And it gives someone the ability to click
on their review to see the source of their review so they could jump back to
Google or better business Bureau or Yelp or Facebook city search, poor
CZ, home advisor, Angie’s list, sock docs, Zillow, Trulia.
The list goes on and on. So I highly recommend a
review management tool. And my personal choice is
my review dashboard. Okay, so we got another great
question from Brianna. Most of my reviews are only
stars. There’s no written text, no testimonial. How do I reply
to these? Well, first off, okay, what do you want to do is when you’re
proactively soliciting reviews, when you’re asking someone to leave your
review, what you wanna do is ask them, Hey, can you write a few
sentences about your experience? People are reading what you write and
then they make a better decision on if they want to work with us. So your whatever you write actually
helps people decide if they want to work with us, so ask, ask not only for
the review, but the testimonial. Now for those reviews where you only have
a star rating, you still get to write. Thank you so much for being a
valued customer of X, Y, Z business. We really appreciate your feedback and
we hope to continue serving you in the future. It’s that simple.
Just the thank you. Mention your business name and say,
Hey, we hope to see you again. Okay, here’s another one. When
it comes to reviews, what is your opinion on paid
Yelp and or TripAdvisor programs? They seem to be the most persistent in
calling us, but Yelp can be pretty pushy. First off, you’ve been doing business without
paying for Yelp or TripAdvisor or any of those other services, so it’s
not like you have to start down. Every business owner that has a Yelp
profile receives a call from most likely a New York number, their sales team, and they’re trying to sell you
a package 303 $5,400 or more. You don’t need to do it. Just because someone is calling you and
they’re authoritative from Yelp or you know TripAdvisor or anybody else doesn’t
mean that you have to buy what you can do to practice. Good organic review. Best practices is ultimately go and tell
people they can leave a review on Yelp, tell people they can leave a review on
TripAdvisor, have little table tents, have a card. If you’re on
TripAdvisor and your hospitality, have a card in the room or at the point
of sale or the check in desk and just ask people to share their experience.
That’s ultimately what you want to do. If you feel compelled to go and
purchase a premium plan with Yelp or TripAdvisor, ask for some referrals. Ask them to refer you to other businesses
like yours who are using the program and are actually benefiting. If
they can’t provide you with that, then maybe it’s time to move on and
look at how you can spend your marketing budget and other ways.
Amanda has a great question. She’s in the financial industry and
there are a lot of compliance restraints. I understand that we’ve worked with a
wealth advisors and mortgage brokers and things like that. In her case, she wants to put out information about
the business without reviews. Okay, so this is more of a question
about listings rather than
reviews and we’ll just look at it through the
lens of listings. Yes, it helps you to have
listings around the web. Really what Google and other search
engines are looking for is consistent business information around the web.
Your name, address, phone number, also known as nap. Now one thing that you can do is go check
how your local listing show up and the tool that we created in there were a
free report that you can get is can they find me.com so you would go to, can they find me.com and
it’ll be right below me. Can they find me.com enter in your
business information and see how you look around the web. If you’re seeing
inaccuracies, discrepancies, or even missing listings, that’s an issue. That’s something that you want to resolve
right away. And when you go to Ken, they find me.com we’ll actually share a
video with you to show you how you can fix those listings and build
new listings quite easily. So Brian, not me. Another Brian Yelp has not allowed an
accurate and completely unprovoked review to appear on our company’s profile.
Do you have any tips on this? I’ve tried to reach out to Yelp, but they claim that the
review is not helpful enough. Yelp is one of the most rigid and most
difficult reviews sites to crack and they, that’s why they’re one of
the most trusted review sites. Now, according to their terms
of service, someone, a customer must feel
compelled to leave a review. So the first thing is they’re looking
at what did that customer, right? If a customer feels compelled, then they’re most likely going to
share a pretty verbose testimonial. They’ll probably add in at least
three to five sentences, if not more. If you’ve ever seen an elite Yelper, you’ve probably seen that they write
paragraphs and it’s almost like a mini novella. Ultimately Yelp is
looking at this information. They look at how old the profile
is. If the profile has a photo, if the person has put up an image,
if they’ve written other reviews, if they have friends, like how
active are they in the community. And then Yelp is also looking at
when that review was received, what testimony or what written content
was written and also if there were other testimonials or other reviews
collected around the same time. One mistake that a lot of people make
is they try to get a lot of Yelp reviews at once. That’s an easy way to get
your reviews filtered or hidden. So this review may not be showing, listen, what you want to do is try
to compel other customers, other clients to leave you a review
and you can do that at point of sale. You can say, Hey, we’re on
Yelp. You can, you know, send out a video or a social post, not linking to your Yelp profile because
Yelp knows, but telling them, Hey, find us on Yelp and talk about your
experience. We would appreciate it. Okay, rich asks a great question. Is there a way to have a link on a
website that sends the review to multiple sites? If someone emails
a review to the business, is there a way to put that review
on a site? Two good questions. The first question, no. Someone must write a review
on the specific site. There’s no way for them to fill out a
field on a form and then press submit. It just shoots out everywhere. That
would create a lot of fake reviews. It would be very easy for people
just fill the web with fake reviews. So the person has to have an account,
most likely, you know, on Google, Facebook, Yelp, whatever. And they must
go to that site and write their review, choose the number of stars, and write
their review. Now that being said, I did mention before my review dashboard,
which can make your life easier, and I’ll tell you why someone
can go to a landing page. So my review dashboard creates a
landing page for your business. It’s a single page that
has multiple buttons on it. So you could ask for reviews on
Google, on Zillow, on Trulia. If you’re a realtor, you could ask
for reviews on Google, Facebook, better business Bureau,
porch, home advisor. If you’re in the home services
industry, whatever your industry, there are buttons that you can add to
this site to try to collect more reviews. What someone would do is they
jump to your landing page, so you might email them the landing
page. You might text it to them, you might post up on social media
or have a link on your website. Any of those ways, someone
clicks on the link, they’re brought to your landing page, and then they can choose where
they want to write a review. That’s really helpful because it makes
it easy for them. It’s less steps, which makes it a lot more attractive
for someone to click and write their review. Now the next question from rich, if someone emails or a
view to the business, is there a way to put that review on a
site so you cannot take someone’s emailed review or written review on a word
doc or an email and put it on a site? That person would need to put it on the
site of best practice you can do is to reply back and say, Hey, here’s the
link to our Google my business profile. Can you copy and paste what you just
wrote into Google my business and give us, you know, four or five stars. That will help us to really show that
we provide a good wow experience. It helps us to attract more customers.
Now one thing I will say again, my review dashboard, if you
have written testimonials, so someone did email you
or they wrote a letter, I know a lot of mortgage brokers and
realtors get emails or letters and they print them out. What you can do is you can actually copy
and paste that into my review dashboard and it will showcase
on your review stream. The review stream is a
little snippet of code. You pop on your website and you’ll
be able to see reviews circulating. So there is a way to kind of transpose
or review from email onto your website. I hope that helps. Darlene has
another good question on Yelp. They need to sign up for a Yelp
account to give her a review. How can we convince them to do
that? Great question, Darlene. It’s very tough to get someone to create
a Yelp profile for you is very tough, right? To get them to create any profile
for you so you’re not only asking them, Hey, will you leave us a
review? You’re asking them, can you give another
business, another system, your contact information, verify as you then go to our
profile, then leave a review. It’s a lot of steps. I
understand Yelp does have clout, but what you can do instead is
focus on the other search sites. The other review sites that
matter, and I’ll tell you, here’s the top four for
you. Yelp is number one. We’ve got Google number
two, Facebook number three, and better business Bureau number four. Now people have to have
a Facebook account. People have to have a Google account. People do not have to have a
better business Bureau account. They just have to have your link. So what
you can do is give them options. Say, Hey, could you go to my Google, my
business? Could you go to Facebook? Could you go to better business Bureau
or there’s also industry specific sites. Depending on your industry, there might be certain sites that people
can go click on and they can leave your review and it would still help
you. It’s still be hooves you. So you want to check out those different
sites and then consider a review management tool, like my review dashboard that will help
you to collect reviews around the web. Emma asks a great question
about my review dashboard. I use Wix for my website so it’s not
code well that still worked for me. Emma. We’ve built plenty of sites.
We’ve built sites on wicks, on Weebly, Squarespace, WordPress, you
name it, we’ve built it. I’ll tell you there is a way to inject
code and when I say inject code, we’re just dropping a little box on
your site and we’re pasting in the a the code for my review dashboard
and it will show. Okay, Ben asks a question again
about my review dashboard. What is the link to my review
dashboard? Would you believe it? It’s actually www.myreviewdashboard.com
so you just go there, you’ll be able to sign up for my review
dashboard. There’s also a deal going on. They’re giving $14 off a month,
so it goes down quite a bit. Pretty pretty hefty discount there. So you can go to my review
dashboard.com now Ben asks, where can we use it only on
our website, Facebook, other. So my review dashboard allows
you to collect reviews. You can showcase them on your
website with the review stream tool. You can automatically out Oh magically
share reviews on Facebook and Twitter, right when you receive them. So let’s say you receive a
four or five star review, you can automatically share those reviews
on your Facebook page or your Twitter account. It’ll share out and say,
Hey, we just got a great review. It’s four stars or five stars. Here it is. That’s a great way of showing
social proof and sharing that. Now the other thing that we
do for a lot of our clients, we work in constant contact email
and so we’ll build email campaigns. One of the things we’ll do is we’ll use
my review dashboard to actually create an image. So it creates a
PNG image of the review. It shows five stars, it shows a little
bit of the review. We take that image, we pop it into an email, and
then we link to, you know, their review site or we link to
that specific review on Google, my business or whatever
else. It’s a great way, again of demonstrating social proof and
showing people that are receiving the email, Hey, we provide a wow
experience. So hopefully that helps. So Melanie asked a question about
that. Free local listings report at, can they find me.com now, if
you are us based checkout, can they find me.com especially if you
have a local business like a physical location or a service based business
that services a specific area around your business. Can they find me. Dot com will allow you to create a
local listings report to see how you’re showing up around the web. If you’re
in Canada, our neighbors to the North, you can check out white
spark.ca. So that’s white, spark.ca and that URL be right under me. White spark.ca. So Larysa asks, I just did a search for my museum
and there are more than 20 listings. How can I keep up with all
those? Okay Louis, no worries. So you can obviously keep a spreadsheet, you can keep track of those check
in every month to kind of a pain. But if you have time, maybe
you do, you can do that. What we do at Brian Kaplan marketing
and what I’ll tell you you can do if you want to contact us, is we provide
a Google local SEO kickstart. So what that does is we create a
centralized profile with your museum name, address, phone number, website, uh, a YouTube video if you want photos
of the museum, hours of the museum, um, everything even we can even dictate where
Uber drivers and Lyft drivers should drop people off to get to
the museum. It’s pretty cool. So we create that profile and then we
publish it out through our kickstart to 60 different sites, really over 60 different sites
plus voice assistants like Siri, Google home. And Alexa.
So it’s pretty cool. Now, through that tool you can
actually continue to manage
all of your information. So let’s say you have different
exhibits, which I’m sure you do. Maybe you want to add new photos. Maybe
you have new videos you want to show, maybe your hours change with seasons. You can continue to use our tool to manage
that information and it will actually manage it instantaneously across the web. It even helps control your
Google my business information. So feel free to go to Brian Kaplan, marketing.com and you can contact us
and we can look at how your museum’s showing up around the web and what
we can do to help. So Lisa asks, how does this work for business
to business B to B? Well, I’m a B2B business. You know, I provide marketing services and
marketing consulting and web design to all different kinds of businesses. Literally we work with solo preneurs
up to fortune 500 companies. And one thing that I, that they will
do before they do business with us, they’re going to check us out. So
they’re going to look at our reviews, they’re going to look
at any videos we have. So they might be looking at
YouTube, things like that. They’re going to look at our website
because according to ad week, 81% of people are going to go to your
website before they’ll even consider doing business with you. They’re going to look at all of those
different places and really come to a conclusion if they want
to do business with us. So having local listings around
the web helps show up more. It helps you if someone’s searching for
your specific service or product without knowing your brand name.
That’s a good way to show up. Having these reviews on different sites
around the web is really important because different people
look at different sites. Some people may look at Google, some people may look at better business
Bureau because it’s a third party. Some people might look at Facebook
because it’s social proof. Their friends and family that they know
and are connected with are reviewing you. Some people may use Yelp, right? So what you want to do is have
good listings, have good reviews, and ultimately look at your website, make sure that it’s
representative of your business. I literally just had a call
today with someone who said, Hey, we’ve got everything going.
We’ve got great clients. We’re trying to get new clients.
We haven’t been getting anything. We’ve been sending out emails, we’ve
been doing PPC or Google ad words, nothing’s working. And I said to
them, Hey, let’s look at your website. The website is a huge
foundation of your business. You’ve got to make sure it’s
professional, it works right? There’s no broken links and also that
it works on mobile so that it’s mobile responsive. It loads fast and you want to make
sure that you’re giving them all of the information they need on that website
and the ability to contact you when they need to. So they’ve done
their due diligence, they’re engaging with your information. Now they have to fill out a form or click
a button to schedule a call with you, and that’s the next step to help
you grow your B2B business. Okay. Another great one. Marie says, I have a service business that goes
to my window treatment clients. So she provides window
treatments, GMB or Google. My business does not show my
address. The nap name, address, phone number, information is on
Yelp. How’s my website better? Business Bureau, chamber
of commerce, et cetera. Does that cause a
conflict with Google? No. So I guess the thing here is if you
create a Google my business profile on you and you’re just choosing a service area, so you’re choosing the different towns
or cities or States where you want to provide services, that’s fine. Having a business address isn’t going
to hurt you on those other sites. It’s just inconsistent,
right? And ultimately, if
you’re a home based business, you want your address showing up,
right? So I’m a home based business. I travel around the
country and when I leave, my wife is with my two kids. Before
I started speaking for Google, I didn’t realize I could hide my address
and guess what people were requesting directions to my house. So we
don’t want that. So for you, if you are homebased business and you
don’t want people to come into your house, you probably don’t want
those addresses to show up. You can most likely go to each of those
different listing sites and you can choose to hide your address on some
of them. You may not be able to, they may not have the option. The
other thing you can do is checkout. Can they find me.com and get the report
and then reply to the email that we send you. And what you can do is we can set
up a time to really go over strategy and figure out how you could hide your
address from everyone. So Jane asks, is there a tool like Hootsuite or buffer
that would allow you to schedule posts on Google? My business there is,
so what you’re going to do is go to www.scheduledmyposts.com so it’s
right here, www dot schedule, my posts.com you’ll be able to
sign up. It’s called one up. You’ll be able to sign up for
that service, a nominal fee. You can do monthly or annually. And it allows you to create posts and
schedule them for Google my business as well as social media. Okay. Dina has
a great question here. Dina asks, would you bother with a Yelp
listing for a non-local business? We’re an online subscription site, no
physical location to visit. So Dina, you’re representing the
eCommerce folks, right? You, you work from home or you have an office
but people aren’t coming to your office and you’re not going out to your
customers and dropping stuff off. You’re really using shipping
methods like U S S, FedEx, ups, those to get your products
out and this case, local SEO and local listings
really don’t matter for you. They’re not going to dictate
how you show up more. So you’re going to be using social
media, you’re going to be using video, like on YouTube, you’re going to be making sure
your website is optimized properly. You’re going to be using Google ads. Those are kind of the things that
you’re going to do to drive people, so you don’t really need to
worry about local listings. Now, I will say there are some review sites
and really more so there are tools where you can collect reviews on
your own eCommerce site. That’s important because here’s the
thing. Someone done a micromoment, they need a product or service. They’re
going to your eCommerce site, right? They find your site online. Maybe
they found it through an ad. Maybe they found you through organic
search results. Maybe they found a video. However they got to your site. Now
they see the product and they think, is this a good product? Does
it have good ratings? Well, what are they going to do? Open up a
new tab and say product name reviews, and guess what? They might
be brought to a competitor. They might be brought to a big box store
that has that same item and that case you potentially lose the business. So you want to consider collecting product
reviews on your website in order to keep them in your environment
and ultimately buying
from you. Okay, Roseanne, I love this question. Is it okay to make a postcard to have
on hand to ask for reviews that someone could take as they leave your
business or a sign inside the space? Okay, Roseanne, here’s what I
want you to do. I’m going to, I’m going to up the ante for you. Kick
it up a notch. As Emeril Lagasse says, I want you to go to marketing kit dot
with google.com so you’re going to go to marketing kit dot with google.com and
the URL is gonna show up right here, marketing kit. Got with google.com
you’ll get free stickers, free posters, even Google will build out social posts
that you can use in order to showcase your reviews and try to get more reviews. So it’s a free service provided by Google. It’s marketing kit dot with
google.com go on there. Enter in your business information.
You’ll be able to request a whole pack. It will be sent to you for free
and then you can use it in store. Richard asks if the review is fake
or is not related to your business, why can’t you have Google flag it as
inappropriate? The review may be fake. It may be a review for another business
that landed on here is this happens sometimes there’s a way to deal with it
and you’ve got to step back and think about it. There are only so many resources
within the Google my business world, right with within the division of Google, my business it at Google and so there’s
over 30 million businesses in the U S but 32.5 million
businesses in the U S okay. The resources that Google
my business do not. They don’t allow for human beings
to look at every single review. So there is a process to
go through. So number one, you want to respond to the review
as quickly as you can. Hey, thank you for your feedback, but we don’t have any record
of doing business with you. Perhaps we have it under
another name. If you contact us, let’s try to make this right. What that does is it negates the
review right away. Nullifies it. Because you’re saying, we don’t have
a record of working with you, so this, this review doesn’t matter. If it’s a review for another business,
then what you do is the same thing. Thank you very much for your feedback, but we think you’re confusing
our business with this business. This happens a lot with
chains, right? Or franchises. Someone goes to one franchise in upstate
New York and then they leave a review for a franchise in New Jersey,
right? I’ve seen that happen. You just have to say we’re sorry, but
we think this is for another location, not for us. If you’d like to contact us, let’s see how we can make
it right for you. Again, you’re negating and nullifying the review. The next thing you do is flag the
review so you flag it as you know, not representative of the business or
inappropriate, and if that doesn’t work, set a calendar reminder for yourself and
a week go and flag it again in a week. Go and flag it again. I call
it the Shawshank method. If you’ve ever watched
Shawshank redemption with Tim
Robbins and Morgan Freeman, Tim Robbins character, Andy dufrasne writes a letter to the
state Senate every week asking for funds for the prison’s library. After a while
they say, stop sending us letters. Here’s your money. He keeps going and then he gets books
and all these other resources for the library. What you’re going to do is Shawshank
the Google my business system and you’re going to continue to flag the review and
say it’s inappropriate until hopefully it gets bubbled up to someone that
can actually look at it and say, you’re right, this is,
this is not a good review. It’s inappropriate or non-representative
of the business. Okay, Carly has a great question. Can
people leave reviews anonymously? What if clients are concerned
about leaving a review
because they had something private done? Makes sense. For
example, a plastic surgery office, they don’t want people to
know they had a facelift. What can we do to get reviews? Carly,
you bring up some really good points, right? So in that case, what you’re going to do is you’re actually
going to focus on before and afters more so. So you would use Google my
business. If you can get reviews, great, but most people are going to be
smart enough to know that, okay, if I’m dealing with a plastic surgeon
or a weight loss specialist or a credit repair company, I’m not going
to share my information. I’m not going to share that. I had a good experience because I don’t
want people to know that I messed up my credit, that I needed to lose weight,
that I had a face lift on like you said. So what you’re going to do instead is
show before and after shots and that’s what a lot of plastic surgeons
and cosmetologists and as
dieticians and you know med spas will do, they’ll just
show a portion of the face. You can’t identify the person, get your clients or your patients to
fill out a form that’s a release form so that you can show a part of their face
explained to them that their whole face won’t be shown. No one will be able to actually
recognize them and then do the before and afters. And to your question, Carly,
about leaving reviews anonymously, not not going to happen. Really right now, the credibility of reviews
is in question, right? Because someone could create a
fake account and leave reviews. If we allow people to
leave reviews anonymously, then there would be no
credibility whatsoever. No transparency and really that whole
idea of social proof and trusting these reviews just goes out the window. Patrick, I’m a reservation only
business people try to show up. I have hours in my Google
profile that’s for phone hours. Most of these listing
sites you can’t customize. That’s something that’s been an issue
in every time that I present for Google. No matter where I am in the
country, one person says, Hey, I do appointment only and
there’s no option for it. It’s something where feedback has been
provided to Google my business and you know, maybe it’s in
their development cycle. I don’t know what I will tell you as a
best practice that I share with people. Put it in your business description. The first thing you do services
by appointment only, you know, call us during during business
hours to set up an appointment. Also on your Google my business profile, you can include an appointment link or a
scheduling link so you can use it right there and depending on
your type of business, you can also integrate certain tools
directly with Google my business so that someone can book a spot or reserve an
appointment right through Google my business. You’d be using a third party solution
like acuity scheduling or one of those and there are several that you can find out.
If you just look on Google for Google, my business appointment scheduling,
you’ll see a whole bunch of services. They’re PR, they’re paid or premium
services. You have to pay for them, but then you can integrate them with
Google my business and people can make reservations right there. Deal
has a question about Apple maps. What about Apple maps? Even
though the reviews are from Yelp, how do we claim Apple maps? You can go search for create listing
Apple maps. Go on Google. When in doubt, Google it out. Create
listing Google or Apple maps. The other thing you do is the service
that we provide the Google local SEO kickstart hits Apple maps as well so you
can make sure that your information is consistent on Apple maps as well as
Google maps and everywhere else around the web so you can check that out. To
get started on that you would go to, can they find me.com and that gets
you started in the process. Okay. Dawn has a question. I am a service provider and
cover a large geographic radius. I’m not coming up in searches but
have a Google my business account. How can I show up locally? I do list the
areas I cover and it’s in my profile, so there are a lot of different factors
that come into why you would show up over someone else, right?
Having consistent name, address, phone number around the web
is one of the biggest signals. It shows consistency and really relevance. It’s showing that you’re relevant business
because you have taken care of your digital presence around
the web. That’s one. Two, you’ve got to make sure your
Google, my business is optimized. So it has to be optimized. You
have to fill in every single field. I’m assuming you have, but if you haven’t, you have to put it in everything from the
year and month you started to services or products you offer to, you know, a business description
that’s up to 750 characters. So you want to make sure your
Google, my business is optimized. You want to add photos,
profiles with more photos, have a better chance of showing
up. The more photos you have, the better it gives people more touch
points to learn about your business. You want to use posts, so you
want to be putting up posts. And a post is a mini advertisement
that lives for seven days. It’s like a micro social
blogging site, right? So you’re putting up a mini ad for seven
days and you want to continue to put those posts up again and again
and again. That’s all free. Now, the other thing that you’ve got
to consider is proximity, right? So if someone’s in your local area, then
you have a better chance of showing up. If you, you know, covered
this huge geographical area, it doesn’t necessarily mean
that you’re going to show up. If someone’s 2030 miles away
looking for your business, you just can’t claim you can’t claim
or lay claim to all of these different regions and then hope that you show up. One more thing that you can do is reviews. We’ve talked about reviews again and
again and again and reviews are so important. They’re one of the top three factors or
signals to Google on why you should show up, why your Google, my
business profile should show up, especially in the local
pack, the top three. So you need to continue to collect
reviews. You should be getting one, two or three reviews every month. You should be replying to those
reviews as quickly as you can. That’s really important. It shows Google that you take your
reputation seriously. You’re on it, you manage it and you own it.
Last question here, Paul asks, I lead a professional development
company speaking, training, coaching, and book publishing. Do these listings
and reviews appear on Google my business, et cetera. Well, assuming that you’re
collecting reviews on Google my business, they’ll show up there. When
someone writes a review, it belongs to that review site. So
if someone creates a review for Yelp, it belongs to Yelp. It can’t be brought, can’t be copied and pasted by
you and put on another site. Now being a speaker, a
coach, things like that. Obviously you have to
demonstrate higher value. You have to demonstrate
thought leadership. So reviews are really where it’s at and
there it’s really about the volume of reviews for someone that’s a speaker and
coach and such because you want to show that you’ve gotten in front of a lot of
people and you’ve made an impact on a lot of people’s lives. So definitely
pay attention to your reviews. Okay, everyone, I hope this was helpful. I tried to get to as many questions as
I could. You know we had that webinar, we talked about listings and reviews, the importance of having a
consistent listings around the web, the importance of having good reviews, four and five stars and getting volume
and making sure that you’re getting your reviews kind of drip. So you
want to drip feed like an Ivy. You don’t want to get
all your reviews at once. Make sure you’re getting
a few reviews every month. Continue getting reviews at signals to
Google that you’re still active and still in business. And also consumers
want to see new fresh reviews. They don’t want to see reviews that are
two months old. They discount those. They want to see reviews that happen
last week, this week, yesterday, an hour ago. So make sure you
continue to get new reviews. Now if you have questions, feel free to go to Brian kaplan.com and
you can find a lot of information we have about listings and reviews. We also
have something called the inner circle. So that’s a marketing community that we
created because what happens is when I go on tour with Google, when I’m
traveling around the country, small business owners have
the same burning questions. So we created a community, and really it’s driven by
email and constant contact
to help you figure out how to attract, engage, convert, and sustain or retain your customers. So go to Brian kaplan.com
and join that inner circle. It’s completely free. You’re
not going to pay for a thing. There’s no hidden fees. I’m giving you my expertise for free to
help you because my mission in 2020 is to help as many businesses as I
can. Hopefully this video did it. Join the inner circle. I’m sure
you’ll get some value out of that. And here’s your success.

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