Local SEO: Tips and Strategy, Part 2 with Brian Barwig

By | August 10, 2019

hello again this is Kelly Street with
attorneysync part two of our local link building strategy video and this is
going to go more into advanced strategies and of course once again I am
joined by Brian Barwig who is a digital strategist with attorneysync and also
local SEO expert so love getting his opinion on this stuff so hello again
Brian thanks for having me again Kelly yes and if you’ll notice we are wearing
the same clothes if you checked out part one and that’s because they were
recording it on the same day behind the scene alright let’s get into
strategies so we did basic we talked about directories Association
sponsorships but what is the first step that you do after after you put that
initial plan in place what’s the first thing you go after so then usually once
we get the foundation set what we try to do is do some more creative thinking
some creative campaigns so there’s various different ones that you come up
with what you know I don’t think I’m giving any secrets away when I say that
lawyers love doing maps and maps and things like that nowadays a couple
reasons they they work and people love to get data right so once we do that we
create so we’ll create a let’s say an accident map for Chicago in Chicago so
so we’ll do like a an accident map of dangerous intersections or places where
you know cars are crashing into people or you know something like that and then
from there what we’ll do is we will promote that and we’ll try to get that
to as many people as possible so we’ll look for entities and groups maybe
safety groups mad if they’re Mothers Against Drunk Driving
you know if it’s a sort of a drunk driving piece we’re seeing a lot of get
in bones and things like that but we try to break down the data as much as
possible to see if we can come up with a
compelling story to reach out to the community with so we find something like
say that there’s a lot of accidents on such-and-such intersection we will look
into that you know check it out and see what’s going on with this inter second
whether some of the accidents you need is there is there potential for us to
reach out and maybe circuiting for light planes in that area or is there
something like do they need street lights or stop signs or you know kind of
just try to figure out what’s that needs to do a little bit more a little bit
more behind the story to kind of push that out and then from there we’ll reach
out like I said to to advocacy groups or safety groups or you know other bloggers
in the city that they’re writing about the same thing we will try to reach out
to the news organizations newspapers radio and again sometimes some of these
aren’t your typical link building strategy I guess especially if we’re
going for the radio but again that’s kind of I get it building the overall
impression of the lawyer helping that reputation understanding what they do in
the community and then you know they obvious benefit theirs if you can do
that get a link on the on the website of those news organizations or radio
stations and maybe as well yeah diving into the kind of PR side of things a
little bit and even offline marketing along with your online marketing yeah
yeah and the other thing this makes me think of is so we only work with one
client per practice area per geographic area whether it’s zip code or County or
that sort of thing and this is exactly the kind of reason that we do that is
because if we had one personal injury law firm and you know one zip code in
Chicago built a heat map for them and then had another client who wanted a
similar tactic we would be have competing strategies for the same client
like you can’t do that with her with your local SEO so just made the
connection yes yeah you’re taking business you know
some business away from one of your clients and giving it to another right
yeah aside from that what is that what is the second strategy or next strategy
that you would put in place so another one that we do is similar it kind of in
theory is you a like a map or a key map but you would create resource pages so
resources for the law firms let’s say that they are a criminal attorney in
Chicago let’s say with that you know perhaps that there we want but we want
to have the lawyer come off with a good good impression in the community as well
so yes maybe they are a criminal attorney which could have negative
connotations and well you think so what we will try is everyone’s a model who
can will create a for instance like a substance abuse resource guide for
people in the community so not only are you know we trying to help that
community and and then bring awareness that as well trying to help the people
within that community who may have some substance abuse problems right so if you
have a criminal lawyer there defending you know typically criminals or people
with duis or things like that but let’s get to the root of that problem too and
you know if there’s somebody with multiple duis let’s say perhaps that
there’s a substance abuse issue going on there so let’s try to help them out in
any way that we can again creating another you know positive image in the
community for that lawyer so with that then we would create a list of you know
anybody who can who can help maybe there’s you know whatever sort of
substance abuse you know is in that community let’s say so we’ll add all of
those to a resource page and then kind of do outreach from there so y’all going
through the again kind of people who are interested
in those people who are blogging about this perhaps there’s you know some news
organizations or magazines or you know something like that we’ve been doing
things not only did we reach out to those people but then kind of going a
little bit beyond that who will reach out to the people that we actually put
on to resource guide and say you know we created this excellent guide for the
community and we think that you do a great job you know helping people with
who were addicted opiates insight and we wanted to recognize you on the website
so if you can check out this website you know here you go you’re listed here a
lot of times they’ll write back and say oh great thanks you know this is a great
resource for us happy to be here and then we would you know we would follow
up with that and say can we do a guest one for you will do you know we’ll put
this on your website you don’t even have to do anything we’ll just you know
basically a fluff piece for that particular opioid place let’s say and
most of the time they don’t turn that down because it’s free for them it’s
it’s a fun piece for them and it goes on their website and what we’ll do is we’ll
drop a link back to our resource guide into that so that’s a link for the law
firm while we do that awesome so how long do some of these strategies
take to put in place like say you you know have an idea for a resource page
building out getting all the links and kind of building relationships that
you’re talking about yes so the the creation of the piece itself usually
doesn’t take that long especially the wall firm or whoever 20 contact is quick
to respond late so sometimes that’s an issue but if if we have some good
response times with that we can probably get a page created in about a month or
so a little bit less and then you can outreach for that the outreach is what
you know that’s that’s going to take the longest so we usually try to do a couple
of rounds of outreach and follow-ups and things like that so I would say probably
the old cross from start to finish or start to just
about finishes it probably all right don’t know too bad no not too bad it’s
quite the process yeah a lot of work on our end yes
awesome well there’s so much more we can talk about will have other futures or
future videos later on about Google my business and that sort of thing because
you’re an expert in that area too so thank you so much Brian Kelly videos yes
I thought that maybe we’ll just click ‘change thank you everyone who watched
and if you want help with your link building strategy head over to attorneysync.com and contact us to take a look at the work that you are doing thank you
so much for your time

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