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By | January 24, 2020

Hey this is ToniJV from JVT Media and
you’re probably currently on our local SEO for San Jose companies page and I’d like to tell you a little bit more about that So first of all what is local SEO
it’s basically when you google something like plumber seattle washington or
plumbers near me it’s it’s that local google maps pack
we call it the snack pack in the industry that shows the three top
businesses that show up and those get around 33% of the clicks where organic
search gets around 44% so the key is you want to rank in both you want to rank in
organic SEO and local SEO okay, so with local SEO you’re you’re effectively showing up
as the first three people hopefully the first when somebody searches for your
services in your area and that’s extremely important so you can get
that traffic and start getting those clients. The way we do this primarily is by
optimizing your Google my business listing with proper SEO optimizing all
your images and your descriptions and whatnot and then creating local
citations on pages like Yelp making sure that your NAP meaning your name your
address and your phone number are consistent across all platforms and then
linking back from those to your website which adds a huge set of relevance to
your website and your local SEO and then on top of that we also want to build
out locations pages on your website for all the different areas
your service so for example let’s say you serve Philadelphia as your main area
and that’s what your homepage is ranking for well then we can also create
locations pages for Scranton or other areas that are nearby okay so that’s
really the main point is local SEO is extremely important for those local high
purchase intent search terms so that we can get clients from your local area
that way if you’d like me to do your SEO for you or you’d like a free
consultation or a free audit or both just shoot me an email at [email protected] or just scroll down and there should be a contact fill the form down
below so thank you so much for watching I hope this helped and I’ll hopefully
see you soon

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