Local SEO Keyword Research – Step By Step Over The Shoulder

By | August 20, 2019

hello and welcome to this video today
we’re going to be talking about local SEO keyword research now a couple videos
back we’ve actually covered keyword research but in that video I covered
national keywords and then at the end I briefly covered local SEO keyword
research now a new client wants to come on board so I
thought why not merge two of my tasks to do today and do keyword research whilst
also creating an over-the-shoulder uncut video showing you exactly how I would
you know go about doing keyword research for a local client now starting off just
to give a little bit of context this client is within the sort of tradesman /
construction niche and the client is based in London so what I asked the
client to do was to give me keywords that they thought would be the most
beneficial and the most profitable for them to go after so I’ve got them to
send me you know a couple of keywords here and literally I’ve just copy and
pasted it into this document as you can see so starting off we’ve got uPVC
windows and then we’ve got plumbing and then we have electrical now I want to
separate this out like this video is going to be literally like an
over-the-shoulder I’m not going to create or I’m gonna try to cut it as few
times as possible so you know we’ve got plumbing and electrical from looking at
this I would say electrician would be a BIR fit and roofing is fine that’s one keyword
on its own carpentry would be another keyword on its own and then dry lining
would also be another keyword on its own so we’ve taken sort of the broad niche
that the client has given us and we’ve narrowed it down to a more sort of
specific more specific keywords so with that being said literally starting out
all I would do is I would copy this go into an incognito window and search for
uPVC windows now obviously this brings up a bunch of results and these are
Google’s obviously serving geo-targeted results here but we want to go a bit
more specific the clients based in London so we literally just want to put
London at the end of it and now this is one of our keywords so you want to
create a new actually no we don’t one second so what would we want to do at
this point is take a look at who’s ranking on the first page now Gumtree is
a big big big site so we don’t want to have a look at that this looks like it
could be a another local business so they would be good to model and see what
they’re ranking for so yeah they’re there another local business so we would
what we would do is we would literally copy this and then we would go into some
rush and you know depending on the country you’re in you would just select
your country if you don’t have so much there’s a link in the description below
to get a 7-day free trial so go and check that out so anyway you would then
click the search button and figure out exactly what this URL this specific URL
like it says here is ranking for so as we can see in the United Kingdom this
URL is ranking for five keywords now you want to scroll down and what do we see
we can we can then click view all organic keywords and then there we go
now we have you know we started off with our first key word which was uPVC
windows we added London to the end and now because we’ve taken a look at you
know the first sort of local business that was ranking for that keyword now we
have slim frame uPVC windows and we have over lo window frame and more this one’s
not relevant well what we will do at this point is where you would literally
just export this entire document or these keywords as an excel doc now
that’s the document here and what we want to do is we just want to insert as
new sheets so import that and what we could do is literally just grab this put
that in here now what we want is we don’t want any of
this so you can just delete that we don’t want the position or the previous
position we just won the the keyword and the search volume so we delete that okay
so now we just take a look at which one of these keywords you know it’s gonna be
relevant for us so then we would just literally delete this one because it’s
not relevant it’s already and I’m not really sure what this is so why would do
is how we just go in have a look okay so it looks like it’s a type of
window frame saying that it’s getting a search volume of 17 you might be worth
keeping in there I’ll keep it in there for now and if if we need to you know
obviously consult with the client about that I’ll ask them you know is this
gonna be relevant for us to go after obviously they have better knowledge of
the industry so they’ll be able to tell me whether or not that’s gonna be worth
going after from looking at that it doesn’t really look like it’s a
profitable profitable keyword but I might be wrong
so I’m gonna keep that in there for now so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna
create another keywords tab and we’re just going to move those over
there so all of our keywords that we uncover from all the sites that we look
at are going to go in here so now all we do is we would go back will you take a
look at the second person who’s ranking for this keyword okay so they are they
are ranking for 14 keywords so literally same thing again export that sheep as an
excel and upload once you’ve got that again just insert new sheets and then we would take a look at this we
would take a look at you know Pvt window designs that doesn’t seem like it’s
going to be a very it’s not it doesn’t seem like a a keyword with buyer intern
behind it it might be I’ll leave it in there for now who makes the best for you
Pupp uPVC windows could be worth going after you PVC window installation that’s
definitely something we want to go after best quality uPVC windows this is
somebody who’s actually in the you know looking for the best product out there
essentially and looking for a supplier to supply it for them so it’s gonna be
worth going after when the profile suppliers I don’t know what that means
so all I’m going to do is have a look so it’s showing off as PVC profile
suppliers so yeah these are more manufacturing
type keywords you know this is probably a manufacturing type of thing they’re
looking for a supplier PVC window same as this one
now you PVC window installation is is like the perfect keyword for us because
this is somebody who’s looking for a trades person to come in and install Windows essentially so that’s the ideal
keyword for us ready-made uPVC windows not sure what
that means let’s have a look okay so that would be a supplier you know it’s
got a supply it’s someone looking for a supplier once again this one as well
Windows London I mean it could be relevant let’s have a look at the intent
behind that and the way you can tell the intent for a keyword is literally just
to type it in and see what comes up so it looks like to me it looks to me
like it’s a bunch of suppliers again I sell products rather than offering a
service to install the windows so once again wouldn’t be relevant once again same thing someone looking
for a supplier shall we take a look at that that’s the
original hero that we started off with now that brings up trade people well actually no I’ve so yeah it’s good
that I’ve taken a second look at this because it’s actually you know people
who are supplying Windows once again it’s not actually the tradespeople but
we’ll leave it in there anyway there’s no harm in asking the client
whether or not that’s gonna be profitable for them we’ve already got
that in there so we’ll just delete that but the wonderful thing that we have
uncovered is uPVC window installation so what I want to take a look at next is
you know this exact keyword with London attached that’s the same one so let’s just take a
look at window installation London let’s take a look at these guys see now these are very very broad I mean
maybe there might be profitable we could you know test it out see if see if it
would be especially with PPC I mean it would be easy to test this out my guess
is that it won’t bring back very good results if somebody’s looking for a
tradesman anyway the type this in there probably you know it’s not it’s not
likely that they’re actually gonna click on an ad for the windows to be installed
it’s mainly it’s probably somebody looking to purchase Windows rather than
somebody looking to get Windows installed so we’ll keep them in there
for now but we can take them out later this one’s perfect London window
installation doors and windows installation service let’s have a look
and see what this brings up okay so Alex relevant so we live that in
there the door and window company that’s not relevant not relevant that’s
relevant in Essex not really relevant so again we’ll just take these chuck them
in there getting a lot of sheets here also we’ll just clean this up a little
bit the lead these and then we would go back to and you know the initial keyword
that we started off with you know this website says window install installation
for our London so we’ll go and take a look at what they are ranking for one
keyword London window window installation it’s got eight traffic so
do I think we already have that one oh I’m not really sure why it’s coming up
like that but yeah we already have that keyword so it’s fine take a look at
these guys five keywords fitara windows I don’t know what’s going on with the
traffic oh sorry this is I’m looking at the wrong thing it’s the volume okay so these are relevant so I will
export that list as well let’s assess these first actually Sodor
first is London now the clan didn’t specify whether or not they’d want to go
after these keywords but you know it’s very closely related from what I’m
seeing so maybe they’ll do this kind of work but if they don’t we can always
just drop out so we’ll keep that in there for now the filter of windows door
fitters window fitters near me window fitters London I don’t think we had any
of these keywords we just double check here you know what once we’re done with
this we can always go through and remove any duplicates that we have just like in
the in the previous keyword research video there is a website I forgot the
name of it now I think it’s called text mechanic calm but we can always have a
look at that later and remove all the duplicates just moving ahead now going
back to what we started with and taking a look at the next website seeing what
they rank for okay so these guys are window suppliers so once again not
really relevant let me see if there’s anything in here double glazing repairs nope so they’re they’re more of a
supplier rather than so these guys supply and install so
let’s see if they’re ranking for any relevant keywords
oh no okay okay so we have this one here is it worth looking at this one
I think it could be let’s take a look but this is more of a government scheme
sort of thing and this is the process I mean this is like you know I’ve wanted
to make this video just to show you exactly what the process looks like so
you know we started off let me just get rid of this first we started off with
one keyword and now we have 18 keywords that we can go after so this is how you
know you can start off with one and then you can multiply it exponentially and if
we take a look you know we can go through and we can do the same thing you
know we did it for this keyword we can go for and do it for every single
keyword that we see here and you see how you know 18 keywords that we have here
now can easily turn into like over 40 so I think this is pretty good for now I’m
gonna move on to plumbing for now so I’m gonna go on to plumbing in London let me see if this is a local business
yep might be a lead generation site but that’s okay they’re ranking for a big
keyword so I should see what else they’re ranking for okay so just export this entire list
again plumber n1 that’s that’s relevant nests
in London as a London postcode emergency plumber North London that’s relevant
how much do plumbers charge an hour UK it’s not really somebody it’s not you
know it hasn’t got the the buyer in ten like emergency plumber North London we
can definitely still leave it in there pump plumber hourly rate
you know once again I mean we could leave these in here but it’s probably
not going to then they’re probably not going to convert well and even if they
do then we can we come back to them later get rid of this UK plumbing that’s
too broad emergency plumber central London that’s
perfect no not this one that’s not relevant find
a local plumber that could be relevant trusted plumbers once again could be
relevant because it’s somebody looking for a plumber in that moment find a good
local plumber could work get rid of this plumber call out charge now this could
work because this one has even though it’s it’s looking for information it’s
looking for it’s more information now whereas like the previous key words were
you know the hourly rate whereas someone’s looking is call out a plumber
which means that it’s probably like they probably need a plumber now so if we
come up you know on the first page and we say you know seventy pounds for a
callout or a hundred pounds for a callout whatever it may be then they
know then and there and maybe they can you know potentially turn into a so
which local plumbers that’s not relevant North London heating and plumbing that’s
relevant plumbing drops in North East that’s not relevant cost of plumbing to
fix toilet once again someone looking for information plumb a day rate it’s
not really there’s no urgency behind that how much do plumbers charge for our
UK no urgency behind that plumbing costs nope
plumber West London that’s relevant not relevant this could be relevant um if
it’s not like a plumber comparison website yeah it could be worth going off
though not relevant low-class plumbing could be relevant we’ll see
find me a plumber could be relevant out of hours plumber now this is probably
somebody looking for you know a plumber you know how I’ve hours so it’s it’s
it’s relevant and it’s got buyer intent and they’re looking for it’s probably an
emergency and they’re probably looking for a plumber in that moment so that’s a
good keyword find the plumber in my area that’s perfect
boiler repair Chiswick I’m just double check see if Chiswick is in London yeah that’s fine plumbing work in London
that’s not relevant plumb plumb plumbing that’s not relevant plumbers in UK need
a plumber now that’s relevant encore Plumbing emergency plumber call
out Rajas that’s somebody looking for a rate so they can make a decision in the
moment so that’s relevant that’s relevant no plumbing toilet I mean it
could be relevant plumbing central no in need of a plumber need a plumber how to
find the local plumber poor are you not relevant plumbers in your area fix it
for us plumbing let’s have a look at it I think it might be another company yeah
that’s another company so it’s not worth going after plumbing fee standard 24
hour plumbing Bristol not relevant registers plumbers UK no local plumbers
London southeast London plumber number could be relevant licensed plumber near
me emergency plumber East London relevant boiler repair East London
plumbing cost per hour plumber boiler repair that’s perfect plumber sc1
plumbing services near me direct for snob my reliable plumber I think that’s
another company plumbing services price list you know what I’m gonna leave these
informational keywords in here because there is a chance that if you do go
after these keywords and you you know a certain percentage of these people
searching for this for terms like this are looking for a plumber in that moment
so it’s worth bidding on and seeing whether or not it’s actually going to
convert standard plumber rates it’s not it’s not like this one is really really
specific right like to fix a leak it’s specific so it’s somebody who’s looking
for that specific job in that movement whereas Standard Palmer Raids it’s so
broad that you know the message you would give them wouldn’t really resonate
whereas with this you know if they if somebody searches for this and they see
an ad saying we fix leaks for 50 pounds or whatever it may be then they know
exactly what they’re getting and they’re more inclined to actually click on the
ad and give the company a call whereas this one standard plumbing rates you
know they might search for this just because they want to see like a whole
list of prices but we don’t know what job they’re specifically looking for so
we can’t make the message resonate and therefore the ads probably not going to
perform that well and also this this client just to give a bit more context
is going to be potentially a PPC client now a clicks from search we do PPC as
well it’s because PPC is very very powerful you know you can have overnight
rankings whereas SEO you know takes between 6 to
12 months to get real results so a PB CL is a little bit faster and we are going
to be covering PPC on the channel very soon
plumber edge where that’s relevant how much does a plumber cost you K it’s not
really relevant to us how much is a plumber not relevant enough local
plumbing services that’s relevant this one’s not price list once again plumbing
books off plumb direct plumbing plumber charges no all of that gone 24 hour
plumbers that’s relevant weekend plumbing jobs nope
plumbers wanted London note post quote postcode plumbers that sounds like a
company let me just see yep that’s another company Chingford yeah
bless in London fixed price plumbing yep that’s relevant local plumbers nope
other than their eggs imagine from a cost now once again this is very very
broad but you know if we create an ad that says reasonable plumbing services
or reasonable plumbing costs whatever it may be it could potentially convert it’s
just about testing these things that’s relevant plumber free I’m not sure about
that self plumbing now that could mean anything yeah that’s a company plumber NW 10 is relevant how to price
plumbing jobs is not plumber cost not really blessed best plumbing London
could be relevant plumbing prices you know once again it’s extremely broad but
you know we can we can keep it for now obviously this isn’t a keyword that we
would focus on from the start but if we wanted to expand out the campaigns later
on then you know there’s no harm in testing search terms like this call a
plumber that’s relevant registered plumbers that’s rather than Plumbing
Heating London plumber North London plumber hourlyrate UK once again we can
taste test that later I’m becoming a bit more lenient over the keywords just
because we can test plumbing jobs nope okay so I’m gonna go through this now
without talking just because it’ll be a lot quicker so I’m gonna be silent for
about well until I get to the end of this list and then I’ll come back okay so we’ve got all the keywords now
now what we would do is literally just copy this now I do know that there are
some duplicates in here we’re gonna get rid of duplicates later so that’s fine
now you know we started off with one keyword or we cited with plumbing in
London and where did we start off from right here started off with one keyword
now we have a t1 from the from that one keyword so yeah it’s not too bad and
then if we go on to the second competitor right here and take a look at
those as well just have a look at this to see what
it’s about see what it is okay so mega flow is a water system so
that could be relevant now what I’ve done here is literally
just search for the word jobs I’m going to delete everything that comes up
because it’s not relevant types in how just to get rid of any
questions somebody’s gonna be duplicates like I
said before gonna get rid of this layer so no problem that’s a company so get
rid of that gonna leave roof carpentry in there
because you know we’ve got is relevant or gonna be doing they are pretty sure
this isn’t in London gonna double-check oh it is okay to town in England so
that’s not relevant okay so part knee plumbing plumbers
reviews could be relevant but we’ll see apprenticeships not relevant and this is literally the process this
part is extremely manual it’s literally about going through every single keyword
deciding which ones are relevant and which ones aren’t you know there’s a lot
of competitor related keywords here so it’s just the case of going through and
finding out which ones are relevant for you see if this is relevant maintenance
companies in London no less property maintenance okay so that looked good to me and I
copied this over once again we can get rid of the duplicates later on so um I’m
just not seeing how long this video is actually going to be you know for me to
go through all of these keywords right now on this video I think you get the
idea of how it works so right now we have all of these
keywords and what we would do is literally copy them and go into text
mechanic com go onto text tools basic text tools and then remove duplicate
lines paste what we’ve got remove duplicates
select that actually no do it this way all right so once we have wiki words
just take that go on to text mechanic copy that in select that delete that okay so we’ve only looked at you know
two keywords so far we have 148 keywords from those two keywords so it’s not bad
I don’t know how long this video is right now but it should be between like
30 minutes to maybe 40 minutes you know these are local keywords so you’re not
gonna get obviously as many keywords as you would with national keywords but you
know this is a great starting point and yeah I’m gonna finish off the rest of
these keywords now I don’t really want to make this video like an hour and a
half so I’m going to end it right here thank you for watching this video I hope
that this sort of over-the-shoulder unedited or at least unedited as many as
few times as possible video has been a good learning experience because you
know it’s easy to sort of give an example and then not go into detail so I
thought I’d make this video and also you know get started on this keyword
research for a client so yeah once again thank you for watching this video if
you’d like to see new SEO videos every single Tuesday make sure you subscribe
turn on the notification bells to get notified when we upload and make sure to
LIKE the video if you enjoyed it comment on what you’ve learnt make sure that you
shared video with anybody who is looking to do
local SEO keyword research but anyway my name is Vulcan the founder of clicks
from search thank you again for watching and I will see you on the next video

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