Local SEO – How To Inject Relevance For Higher Google Rankings

By | September 26, 2019

Hello welcome my name is Chris
Palmer if you’re brand new here welcome to Chris Palmer SEO . In today’s video increase Google rankings with
your Google machine entity ID how to find it we also will have shown you how
you could help yourself be more relevant in the eyes of Google by taking the code that they have actually given you it doesn’t change and injecting it into
your same as schema and then I have given you a tip that will of course help
you pass relevant I’d like to discuss what is a Google machine entity ID and
how it could help you with your local SEO rankings now before I go ahead and I share all this information with you this huge tip that will of course help you
rank a little bit better on Google and if you stick with me until the end I
will actually go over a few tips that we have been implementing to see a way to
actually take relevance from our competition and some of their power by
injecting this entity ID into our schema and I’m going to go ahead and share that
all with you in today’s video now let’s just jump right in but first I need to
go over for some people out there who may not know what is a same as schema so
I’ve gone ahead and I’ve opened this up right here schema.org coming directly
from the source so I would consider it to be a very relevant a same as schema
all right is a URL of a reference to a web page it indicates the items identity
now I really think that’s really great to lead us into the next part and the
Google machine entity ID for some of you who may not know if you take a look
right here a machine-readable entity ID in essence is a string of
characters used to exclusively refer to a single
entity on line okay now how is this a powerful local SEO tip that you can
implement well by knowing this machine readable entity ID and by using this
inside of your schema you are directly injecting relevance into your schema
code onto your web page basically making Google’s job easier to put the pieces
together now like I mentioned I’m sure you’re starting to form the idea of how
you can actually use this to your benefit in a little bit more of a gray
head fashion but how do you go about finding this entity ID because as you
know if you start looking this is relatively difficult to find so let me
show you how to find your entity ID and then you can go ahead and put it into
your schema code very easy so so to find your machine entity ID your machine
readable entity ID also to find your competitions like I mentioned I’ll show
you how you can implement a tip this is the process in which you would do it , now we’re going to use our normal example of plumber so we’re gonna do plumber
Philadelphia my spelling is always horrendous (SEO laugh)
I just put extra letters in there all the time
all right Goodman plumbing so we’re gonna have the website Goodman plumbing so that’s what we’re gonna use. Finding the way to inject relevance to increase Google rankings for local SEO 2020. all right here’s Goodman plumbing now to
find your or your competitions this works the same way you’re going to click
on the map here alright you want to see it inside of the maps through this
listing just like this once this comes up here okay in this
particular fashion what you will then do is go over here to the white part you’re
going to right click and view page source now your there’s only one of
these on the entire page alright we’re going to hit ctrl F /g forward slash
there’s only one now if you take a look for this particular business the Machine
entity ID for this business issued by Google is this particular code right
here okay after the G see this code this is their machine readable entity i d–
right here pasted there it is it’s in orange now okay now for your business
alright your schema alright so like we mentioned here there is schema it is
called the same as schema this particular entity code you will want to
put inside of your schema now remember this these are the things that you
reference that are trusted items that you link out to that are the same and
related to your website okay so I’m not gonna go and deep dive into a long
discussion or tutorial on how to set up that schema but that is how you get that
machine entity code now how can you use this to your advantage in a grey hat way
now especially for your local SEO campaigns if you have a competition that
is ultra powerful ranking superiorly above you let’s say you have a brand new
website when you’re building out your entity some you bought some expired
domains when you set your schema and you set up all of your
social profiles do or what you could do is you can take your competitions entity
code such as this if they were ranked up top now not on your main site but on a
site that you want to pass power you want to pass relevance you want to pass
same as linking out to your website let’s say you’re built maybe like a
little mini you know local network for yourself on one or two of those sites
you can put a same as using their machine code and point it to your
website now I’m not ever going to show any of my test sites however we have
seen very positive results by doing this again do not put this code directly on
your site however if you have a site that you want to link out from to your
website and put this code into your schema you will see a bump so basically
in wrapping up we have gone over your Google machine entity ID how to find it
we also will have shown you how you could help yourself be more relevant in
the eyes of Google by taking the code that they have actually giving you it
doesn’t change and injecting it into your same as schema and then I have
given you a tip that will of course help you pass relevance from other sites to
your own increasing your power and relevancy in Google now I hope that you
have enjoyed this video I try to share the tips that you have never heard
before if you have a question about SEO digital marketing Facebook Ads
Instagram anything digital marketing friends that will I would be glad to
help you out send me a message send me a comment give me a thumbs up give me a
thumbs down I look forward to seeing you in the next SEO
digital marketing video we’ll see you next time

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