Local SEO 2020 Tips: How To Rank Google Maps Hack

By | October 20, 2019

My name is Chris Palmer today’s local SEO video I’m gonna cover three individual tips that your Competition does not want you to know going to go over ways that you can rank higher on Google Maps for your local SEO campaigns, but how to dominate a particular area on Google Maps And these are going to be tips that your competition does not want you to know. So, I’m gonna cover three Individual tips, but my very last tip if you’re willing to stay until the end is going to be something that your competition does not want you to know let’s not waste any time with Google my business and your local SEO and ranking on maps I want to cover and I have gone over this before. and I’m going to touch on it again because it’s so Important now when you’re getting your reviews if you take a look I’ve brought in this up. Each individual industry has particular words just like in search results Google will bold certain terms to show how relevant now we know that reviews are a ranking factor along with proximity for a Google my business GMB So see how these words within the reviews are bolded see what words are relevant to Google for reviews and start having them weaved into your reviews You will start seeing higher rankings within your Google my business maps listings. You’ll start seeing better results now, let’s move on to the next tip. The best I’m saving for last it’s going to be absolutely crucial that you stick with me and I want to point out something not only our reviews important while getting reviews from particular people Especially I’m not sure if you’ve heard this back in the day There used to be something called Google Map Maker now the new program Local Guides. It has taken over a few years back is called the Google Local Guides. Now a local guide is somebody that makes these they’ll answer questions They’ll respond the questions and answers they make edits they add Places, but these are trusted individuals within the platform. So you’re receiving reviews Okay that are from a local guide a trusted member right of Google basically in a nutshell. these reviews hold more weight So if you’re able to get reviews from a local guide, plus they’re adding those Particular words that are ultra relevant to your niche you’re going to see better ranking results now Let’s move on to the very next, this is going to completely change your entire Business if you have a business and you’re in a particular area that you know is working, you know, you’re getting calls, you know You’re able to monetize to the absolute maximum extent this very next tip is going to be something that’s going to change The way you do business and we’re going to stay right here on this local guides page. I don’t want to say too much I want you to put the pieces together But this is going to something that’s going to change your whole entire Business if you take a look over here at these local guides. A local guide earns badges but once you’re able to reach level six, that’s 1500 points and you can take a look when you’re earning points Not all points are the same like if you go in and you add a photo for five points anything we’re at a video the things that are super high points really aren’t the same because when you’re getting these local guide accounts the actual things that are earning the most are facts checked, Answering questions the stuff that takes longer will build up a stronger account now Why am why am I telling you this? How will this help you rank in Google Maps? Well, not only will the local guides help you rank higher because it’s a trusted member but if you’re able to build up a local guide account to level six you are able to go into Google Maps as a Google Local Guides and add places to maps. without a review Really change your business this is something that your competition does not want you to know so if you have a working place and you have a Outsourcer or a member or yourself or somebody that is a level 6 or higher they are able to add Places they’re able to take away places They are able to do things within maps That other people certainly cannot do and as time progresses you can go in because you’re a trusted member Make changes add places and I want to ask you if you’re able to get more phone calls more business and more foot traffic Would this help your business! If you’re in a working location instead of having one listing because we know that proximity is the number one ranking factor If you have a main base and you have other pins of other businesses in that same location Right that have been added Would that help your business. I’m not going to touch any more on this It’s level 6 So as a recap You need to start looking at your niche find out what words make your reviews relevant. This is crucial I’ve said it in the past. This is very very important the very next thing that you need to make sure of is Getting local guide reviews because they hold more weight for your business if you have a level 6 or higher These accounts are able to add places and remove places without Reviewer without as much scrutiny So that’s gonna wrap up today’s video from local SEO how you can rank on Google Maps higher how you can get more listings how you’re able to succeed for your local SEO campaigns for 2020 if you have any questions regarding Google my business, SEO, local SEO, national SEO, digital marketing, Facebook Ads anything internet marketing related! Please leave it in the comments below and I look forward to seeing you in the next SEO video. Have a wonderful day. GMB SEO END

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    Do you have any questions regarding local seo or local seo maps or need help with ranking in maps or for your GMB let me know I am always happy to help with SEO questions. Thanks for watching this how to local seo help video for business.

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    Hi chris can make avideo a buot google my maps .. Can i build maps withe google my maps to darotory. Ader Locals businesses and add affiliate links .. Soory abuot my laguitsh

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    Are you Italian or a Magician? That was a lot of hand movement. lol Great video and info!


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