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By | November 2, 2019

Hello, my name is Chris Palmer and in today’s local seo 2020 video I want to go over some Google my business tips now really this should be the local SEO 2020 Google my business The biggest secret that you’re going to hear all year Now this comes up time and time again. How do I get more Google my business? listings now people want to achieve more phone calls get more customers get more business. and I always revert back to the local Ecosystem now, I have gone over numerous videos on how to get Google my business listings verified how to get multiple Google my business Listings I talked about data aggregation, which is this photo here and I’ve talked about the local guides program now, that is me actually going over and Giving you all of the pieces To lead up to the biggest secret that, I want to give to you today And that secret is simply this Google search engine Controls it all it has access to everything this data aggregation is very very important So I want to let you know this For your Google my businesses , my friends you are doing it and going about it all wrong You’re thinking about it the wrong way. And before I get into the the actual tip, I want to let you know this Citations like we have gone over before our digital mentions Now the local guides program will actually go and vet Google my business Listings it checks for phone numbers it checks for websites it checks for all of the pieces Now the data aggregation will serve the information that it finds and Google Right takes in all of this information Now I’ve covered those three things to tell you this , if there are enough digital mentions on Line, okay, that is citations if you can do enough Citations of your business giving digital presence all over the internet now We’re not talking about a hundred or 200 but if there are enough Digital mentions. Okay. I want to make this a hundred percent clear if there is enough Google will actually Make and create and help you push out more listings, I’m sure that you have seen this out in the wild more times than not and this is a huge secret that tons of SEO is know but they do not say on a very large scale There are SEO s all of the time creating Thousands and thousands of digital references. They have local guides. You can hire this out to VA s This could be an all-day. We’re talking about businesses receiving calls and earning! if you think for a moment that SEO’s are not creating as many Citations to get aggregated, and to have Google create listings for them that this is a reality. I want you to grow your business and and to break this down in a very simple form as this if you Create enough digital mentions if you submit enough Information to the data aggregation and permit enough time and you’re a consistent with this You will start to see Your business listings if there’s enough mentions Google actually push out Google my business Listings for you. This happens time and time again You may have even have saw this and did not know so , to wrap up today’s massive tip You’re going about it wrong instead of creating the accounts, instead of creating Google my business accounts Creating Gmail’s going in and creating the accounts getting them take down push out enough data enough digital references enough Citations make enough points online that Google actually push out your Listings to get vetted by their local guides now you could be on both Sides of this so my objective my goal here is to have you succeed I wanted to just go ahead and open your eyes to another side that you may not have been thinking about so you two can start bringing in more customers, so you can start getting More calls so you can grow your business. I want to leave off with one final tip I want to give you two pieces , if you’ve made it this far and you’re sending yourself Reviews, okay, you’re probably finding that they’re getting taken down Now if you want your reviews the stick and hold more weight you need to have your reviewer needs to be verified So these are the two tips I gave you a massive tip I just want to switch your thinking I want you to also succeed. if you have any questions about local SEO ,Google my business, Facebook Ads, digital marketing anything Marketing related please leave it in the comments below and I look forward to seeing you in the next local SEO video for 2020 have a wonderful day OUTRO- local SEO in 2020 and google my business SEO tips for your local business SEO

6 thoughts on “Local SEO 2020 Google My Business Tips

  1. CHRIS PALMER SEO Post author

    If you have any questions about SEO or local SEO digital marketing anything please let me know I am always happy to answer.

  2. Juelz kid Post author

    Exactly!! Yup I knew this 🙂 how can we get in touch – you should start a FB groups

  3. Juelz kid Post author

    Question if you let’s say do this and have a local guide account couldn’t you create the GMB?

  4. Vicente Moreno Post author

    Ey Chris, so according to your knowledge, do you think that creating several citations in portals like Yelp, foursquare, etc.. with extensive related text, with business data, can be beneficial?

    I have this experiment going on in several sites of my property and there is one that seems not to go back at all… and I think it has been by sending the 50 citations.

    Have a nice day dude, and thx a lot!

  5. Jeremy Austin Post author

    Awesome video as always Chris! What are your thoughts about powering up a Pinterest site? Would that juice also go to the money site if it has a Pinterest link on it. If so, what about shooting a PBN towards the Pinterest site? Been thinking about this for a while now


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