Local SEO 2019: How to beat your local competitors [in-depth]

By | November 2, 2019

Everyone is Jackie from Techjackie.com and today I’m going to share with you 10 local business SEO strategies to get your local business started and get an maximum outreach Local SEO is an important tool to help you create your local business awareness for out of wife People use Google search and other search engines to search the information about local businesses So if your business is not optimized for local business SEO You’ll be missing 80% of the customers Without further ado. Let’s get on the screen and I’ll share with you 10 strategies to get started with your local business SEO And here is the first strategy for local business SEO Set up Google my business Now this is the first and most important step of local business SEO Google my business is the free tools for local businesses and organization to manage their online presence across Google including search and maps Okay, let me show you what is Google Maps. I mean how Google my business? will show will list your business on Google search suppose if your business’s barber shop or let me say barber shop in Let’s say in California so this is how Google search will display your Google my business as They search snippets. Yes This is known as Google my business search snippets. And as you can see the snippets are shown on the top most results So this really gives an advantage when people search about Your businesses in the your local area in your locality So How do you go and you know sign up for this Google? My business is very simple you just need to go to google.com slash business and then if you click start now and then You’ll be prompt to enter your Google account. And after you have set up everything then you get something like this and then you just fill out your information in info and You can also upload your videos in a photo section here as well this is my Google my business account and here I’ve uploaded some images and you can People can also give your reviews and all here So it is a very powerful tool especially designed for local businesses and Second method is to create a local listing Now local listings service actually is a look local listings in your In your country, for example Yelp For some countries you might not be applicable accessible but like, you know Beside from this you can also find other local listings. You can simply search on Google something like local listings And you’ll get a certain of business directories You can also find lots of other local listings the famous one being Yelp Citysearch Mantra etc. And Don’t forget in these local listings as well as Google my business positive reviews is an important factors Actually, there’s no mention anywhere else that reviews is going to make you rank better in these listings but it’s definitely going to increase the people to click on your businesses because you know if you have good reviews and obviously People are going to trust you and ultimately turns into your customers Third strategies, which I have is optimized website content Now you have an external factors set up your local listings. Next is your website the whole idea here revolves around keyword research But for those of you who haven’t heard about keyword research before it is the process in On-page SEO, which is another category of SEO actually done on your website Which requires you to publish and optimize your contents to meet users search in ten so basically keywords are the terms which you know use user type in in the search results and Basic steps for keyword research for local businesses first you have to identify your subtopics related to your business For example, you run a restaurant business and your subtopics would be something related to types of cuisines. For example Another way is to target your locality. For example, if you’re a restaurants business in some certain area you can just you know, optimize your website in such a way that it contains a location target our keywords in your in your website for example This there’s a barber shop in offering a city in Nigeria Cabello barber shop So Yes As you can see this Website is optimized for every city in Nigeria so the The website contents has the keyword the location now as you can see Different different uses of the keyword the location So that’s also one technique which can improve your you know, search results the second one the second You know steps of keyword research is make a list of keywords related to your business come up about 50 to 150 at least use tools like Hoover suggests and Google related search to generate keywords related idea You can go to a tools by, you know, famous digital marketer, ubersuggest Neil Patel now after suppose if you run a restaurant business, so it would be Suppose if you type a broader term restaurant, so here you can select the country also When you run You just wait for a bit and it will give you a list of keywords related to that business So you can see most people’s these are the keywords which people search for You click on View keyword ideas And here you get a bunch of ideas related to Tudor your business. You can also click on the related section Which is restaurants restaurant near me mostly people search for that Mexican Italian like that near me Indian restaurant like something related to your Business you can break down this as well that as as I told you if you have a restaurant and it would be like you Know to create a content around a cuisine different type of cuisine like that Another way is to use Google’s autosuggest or related sub suppose if I type restaurant as you can see these are the Suggested search that people normally search for In this way also you can get a bunch of ideas out of here as well. Even here people what people normally acts like this After that you should feel they’re out they use less keywords the keywords, which have less, you know search volume or people normally don’t search for something like that and focus on only the one which has optimal search volume per month and low competition Optimal search for employment means it should have at least about you know if your website is really pretty new just focus around 200 to Just focus not more than 250 search per month 1 Google actually, there’s one Chrome extension, which I recommend you to add to your Google Chrome browser it’s known as Google not Google I mean keywords everywhere Here’s a free Google Chrome extension which after you have added and it will prompt you to enter the API key Which will be sent to your email then what it shows you is the search volume per month for that particular keyword and a cost per click the amount of Amount of money the advertiser will willing to pay for that keywords, so what we will focus on is about 250 Searches per month and Just make sure that the CPC is a little bit around a dollar If you can find something greater than a dollar, that would be great Those are known as qualified keywords Okay, so that’s all for the keyword research Now coming to the next strategy for this local business SEO is Okay, just a minute, all right Is to optimize your website speed Now why is P. So important actually Google announced this? Back that they will consider a web page which has a greater speed You’ve suppose a person encounter a slow lagging web site. They’re going to close the browser before they even read the first sentence, right? now think about it if you are customers and you and You enter there, and you enter another people’s Web site. What happened is your the website slowed slow or lags? It will create a very bad user experience and by if the person quickly jump out of the website without even navigating through it Google would think that this website is has no value and it should not be displayed or ranked for the people to search for So in that way your site will start decreasing start, you know getting Beaten by other websites. So make sure your website has a good speed according to an article by Unbound a very trusted source for the 6 percent of people Say waiting for pages to load is what it is like most about browsing on the web on mobile So basic steps to improve your site speed if your site is slow. Make sure you have good quality hosting Optimize your images now if you’re using WordPress, for example, there’s a plugin known as W piece much Which is a freemium plugin Which there’s a free version and free paid version as well the free version works just fine for this and what it does is It will compress or optimize your image your newly uploaded in miso and it will also Bulks much or bulk optimize. They may just present on your servers So that’s a very powerful tool as well Make sure your website your images are dot jpg extension and There’s actually one site which I would recommend you it is known as GT metrics now if you have heard about Google PageSpeed and that’s where I was also a very good site to test your site speed but that site is kind of like You know theoretical stuff because I can see that Even if you’re using WordPress for sure you you’ll be very difficult to cross about seventy which is considered as a good You know good Page speed but this I I really like this site because this site actually gives you a kind of practical speed you get on your website, so Suppose if I analyze my own website here As you can see it also gives an insight like Google PageSpeed But the is kind of like practic in a practical way It’s a very famous site GTM actress. You can search it on google as well. I’ll link it in the description below and Make sure you use this if you want to have a good insights about your PageSpeed and Here you can be shows your load time in your pace site and everything related Just make sure it’s very easy most of these You know you either find problem in leverage browsing browser caching Which you can easily fixed by installing plugins like WP fastest catch which is a a very good plug-in for caching on WordPress or either this problem you face or About images Optimization which you can fit using WP smush which I just told you Okay coming to the fifth strategy. Make sure your site is mobile optimized Well who does not use mobile these days right people adapt as so Google So Google clearly mentioned in their article that they’ll give preferences to websites which are optimized for mobile devices Ok, so what does really this really means is suppose if your site Ranks this position. Right and if there’s another website which ranks this position Ok, right now you might be trailing this website. But if your site is mobile optimized whereas this site is not So after some time you google to see that ok, your site is friendly mobile friendly, then it will start you know Use your website booster will be placed here instead of this site and this I will get you know decrease in the ranking And this is how powerful mobile is because you know the mobile is What now people do it is you know, so it’s very famous. So make sure your site is mobile optimized and There’s an easy way to test us as well, there’s a Google tool known as Mobile-friendly test Yeah It is a free tool by Google you just type in your website here and you just click run tests And it will show you whether your site is mobile optimised or not. If you’re using WordPress, then the chances heart is already mobile optimized Most of the themes on WordPress nowadays are mobile optimized as well And if you’re not using WordPress, make sure you use, you know, framework like bootstrap which are mobile optimized also Okay coming to the six strategies, which is a very important one as well is analyze your competitors the Old-school method in business also applies well in local SEO in fact is also another important strategies Especially if you’re new to online marketing as a whole This is useful You know it because it gives you an idea of what type of your competitors you are putting out what keywords they are ranking for What type of content is expected from your users? suppose if you sell you know, if you’re in a restaurant business and you create a content which is, you know, Not user base intent what? I mean by user base intent means When people search on restaurants they are willing to you know Either they’re willing to pay for the restaurants right and if you create a content which Gives an information about restaurants which people may search but not in that You know greater amount then the chances are you’re not going to rank for that? and This is very important the user based in 10 Make sure whenever you create content their user base in turn and how can you do that? You can easily do that by typing your competitors for example, if you know If I run a barber shop People searching on for barber shop. They mostly they don’t want to read any information information, right? They just want to find a barber shop So make sure you create a content something like promoting of your you know promotion of your barber shop or something like that Which are buying intent means people want to pay money for that? You can do that by simply type, you know your business type here Let me show you that suppose you type restaurants in California So as you can see Okay. This is the you know informative type of content is Giving the review this also seven best restaurants Okay So mostly there are a review based content so you can create a content around this like that or even say So mostly contents would be like this so you can if you’re running a restaurant business you can do like a ten Only you can like this business is doing very great as well This also Yelp see it is a local listing. So yes Something like this Analyzing your converters really gives you an insight of how your business is. You’ve got your content You should be creating and what keywords you should be targeting and 7/7 strategy of local business SEO is you schema more structured markup Now what is schemas structured markup? actually, I know I don’t want to get into some fancy technical stuff here but to simply explain explain this schema markup was Funded at schema.org It’s an organization Let me just show you here schema.org Here’s an organization As you can see, you know, it was founded by Google Microsoft Yahoo and Yandex You know for big search engines they you know collaborates to collaborate it together and they found it this It is a form of Micro data once actually added to a web page schema markup Chris and Enhanced description. We just known as rich spent snippets which appeared in search results now, let me just show you how this markup really works As you can see here. They were typed plumbers in Australia reviews Beside from you know the headings You also get this small snippets a review snippets now This is known as a schema markup is one of the type of schema markup. They’re actually Type. They’re actually About AIDS type of schemas Schema markup Those are businesses and organizations informations events people’s people information like the names, you know addresses Products, you know, sometimes you see a product You know, I’m Amazon you can see something like a product, you know snippet images something like that Recipes reviews as this one of the smart markup the reviews and the videos There’s actually however no strong evidence That’s suggesting that you know applying schema to your website will directly improve your search ranking but this does surely gives You an edge over your competitors? because you know sometimes discuss schema markup can really take like Almost half of the search results so you can really push your competitors down because markup And it really also gives a very good, you know this claim so it actually increased the click-through rate These are very important factors in SEO I need your website gets a lot of click-through rate, you know, ultimately Google will start Ranking you higher over your competitors And you know to learn more about schema markup you can go through Neil Patel Article he has clearly explained about this. I’ll put a link in the description as well and you know if you want to implement schema markup here is also written on that you can You can read about this I’ll just give link in the screen eight strategy for local business SEO get some backlinks juice. Now. This is very important because you know Backlinks or the external links linking to your web pages or website are actually the number one Google ranking factor It actually determine determines your authority in your niche or your business The greater backlinks you have to or the greater, you know people links to your website The higher or the faster you’re going to rank on Google So, you know You can compare this to us something like a boat the more boats you get equal to backlinks. You get the better. You’re gonna wreck Now actually there are many ways which you can apply, you know I said acquired backlinks you can go for you know blackhat after your videos, you know something I mean against Google, you know Google policy or a white hat SEO, which is something like, you know, You create a very good content and you start promoting it out and then people start linking to your website or you know to your page, you know, you can also go for you know out reaching people like By seeing your competitors website something like this And then you can see who are ranking linking to your competitors You just find those people’s contact and email them, you know asking for links something like that But mostly what you’ll get is they’re just you know, sell you the links. That’s what I initially experienced as well with my website So people mostly they sell links like they actually to pay for about $50 per link then they put your website links there So but mostly what I’ll be suggesting USQ, you’re actually you know to focus on creating a very good content and As time progresses you’ll get natural backlinks Or you can also go for guest posting if you want If you’re not aware of what is guest posting, you can simply Google search about that It’s like, you know publishing a content on others people website and you can actually link back to your website That is known as guest posting the ninth step is the strategy our story is Actually submit your site to Google search console Now actually if you have not heard about Google search console It is actually a free service offered by Google that helps you monitor Maintain and troubleshoot your site’s presence in Google search results This main purpose is to submit a sitemap of your site Now what is a sitemap sitemap is actually like a blueprint of your website to make crawlers? understand its structures Now, how do you go about this? You know, you can simply go to you can simply type on Google Google Search console Okay, wait, all right Google search console and here you get a link to open Google search console I’ve even opened it and if you’re new to this group have to click start now and you have to just sign up with you Know your Google account your Gmail And then after you have to sign up for this You have to click outside Which there’ll be a button here I know I’ve actually already signed up for this Google search console. So it’s already linking to my website But if you’re new to the web site, so you just have to click you know Add site on search console and then you enter your website URL For step you verify your site’s ownership Now this is can be done by various ways But the easiest method is to use meta tag, which you will find an option and instruction there It is very easy to do that right now. You might – it may sounds a little bit difficult, but it’s very easy There’s a step by step there on Google search guideline. You’ll clearly see that after you have completed You’ll be prompted to search console dashboard Which is this one and it initially takes about two to three days for system to process your site Initially after you have signed up for this, you know this tip this graph won’t show up just will say no You know all these boxes will say something like, you know, you can come back in two to three days. We’re processing something like that You just have to wait for that. But the main part about this is to submit your sitemap Okay. So how do you come to your sitemap? Just simply go to a side map section here And then you enter a URL which contains your signed memory know If you are if you’re using WordPress There’s a plug-in known as Yoast SEO if you don’t know about it now your SEO automatic Automatically create a sitemap for your site For for every Yoast SEO it is always slash side map Underscore index dot SML it is always and you know in dot XML extension, but if you’re not using WordPress, you can search on Google something like, you know create Sitemap, and this they’re a bunch of website But I recommend this one, you know, I this is a very good website You just have to place your website URL you click start then opera is done Just download your sitemap you upload to your, you know root domain of your hosting. That’s it And you enter here and you click Submit. That’s all What simon is very important because it gives you know, it gives google your the structure of of website If you don’t submit sitemap your site some pages of your website won’t show up on search you know search results it so it’s very important for every website even after you have created and the tenth strategy which I have for you is implements social shares Well, you know everyone use on social medias, right? After you have followed step one through nine After you have follow step one through nine All you have to do is actually wait for the results, but how can you actually speed up this process? You can do it through backlinks or social shares Although links from social medias are not counted for SEO it can actually, you know help google signal to signaling to Google that your business are Interested people are interested in your business So the more shares coming Engagement people and the more people talk about your business on social media the more importance your site will be through Google. I So the son concept is again with related to know actually creating an authority around your website basically SEO is all about authority of your website The higher authority you have the better you’re going to rank. So social shares is one of the way to build up your site’s authority It doesn’t matter, you know, which platform you are focusing on but I would recommend to focus on Facebook Well, you know when you search for any particular businesses What you mostly see on search results of Facebook if it is a social media account Instagram will hardly show up sometimes LinkedIn shows up from time to time But Facebook is actually what you should be focusing about. If you are ever want to grow your platform through social media all right, so That’s all for the ten strategies but before we leave I’d like to give you two bonuses First is to get your site an SSL certificate Now what is an SSL certificate for those who don’t know, you know SSL certificate. Is this the HTTPS and the padlock sign if your site doesn’t have SSL certificate installed What happens is on Google search? On Google search you know your side will be markers. No one is not secure Let me show that Now this actually one website which I have for you as an example, which it doesn’t have SSL certificate C not secure and Actually no In the past the cost of this used to behind for this SSL certificate But nowadays is very cheap and you can easily buy for few books Google actually gives a slight Preferences over there the side which has SSL certificate. So if your site are ranking, you know, Ranking below any you know? not as I sort of to get site after sometimes your site will rank up like mobile devices as Mobile optimized factor what I just told you And second one is second bonuses, which I have for you is to you know Get on local forums or qu any platform the most available salesman is being pure Just answer whatever, you know questions people are ask people are asking related to your business. That’s all for the tips Sorry is be like a very long videos, but I just wanted to give you the you know, the most valuable information possible So if you have any questions related to local business SEO, you can you know comment down below and I’ll be happy to answer them all and If you want me to make any videos related to online marketing just comment down them down below as well Make sure you hit the like buttons and subscribe for the videos and that’s all for today’s tips Thank you, and have a nice day. Bye

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