By | November 14, 2019

DAN: Something really important to consider
is that Google actually operates with two completely different algorithms
there’s a local algorithm and then a national algorithm and what that
really means is that Google looks at local organizations in a completely
different way and that’s why you have to approach it completely differently as
well. DEE: I think for local practices your content is massively important in order to generate leads. want to have lengthy content that shows
you’re an expert in your authority in the field, you also want to have
a mixture of content, so you want video, you want images of your practice, you want to
have case studies, testimonials, you want to have a blog page so you’re offering
Google fresh content every month, it’s massively important. DAN: I think as well there’s a strong opinion that
Google my business in many ways is your company’s new homepage it’s the first
stepping-stone Google My Business is the back sort of map of things that you see
when you search for a brand or you search for a particular industry and
actually there’s a massive opportunity there to get some content and get some
information in front of some prospective patients before they even click through
to your website, there are so many features, some really new ones as well in
terms of listing your services you know products, the team, what the team are
about what your practices messaging really is and how you position yourself
to develop DEE: Are your practices is different to others? DAN: Yeah, what makes you stand out? absolutely, and I think that that is something that’s really important when we consider
local search engine optimization within the dental industry.

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