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By | January 18, 2020

are there really alligators walking down
the street can I go to the beach or Disney world every day how hot is it on
Christmas Day what is it actually like to live in Florida hey everybody this is
Melanie Atkinson realtor with Smith & Associates in beautiful Tampa Bay
Florida and today I want to talk to you about the realities of living in Florida Florida is full of so many interesting
creatures and things and weather events from alligators to Mickey Mouse beaches
and golf courses hurricanes and humidity no state income tax snowbirds
strawberries and sand the list is endless if you don’t live in Florida
it’s easy to create a vision of what it’s like to live in Florida I get all
sorts of questions from people coming to look for houses in Florida about what
it’s actually like so today I thought it was a really good time to address some
of the most frequently asked questions about living in Florida
obviously this channel is called Melanie loves Tampa Bay so I might be a bit
biased but I try to be as honest as possible with my clients and anyone
watching this about what it’s actually like to live in Florida Florida isn’t
for everybody I want people to have realistic expectations of what their
life will be like when they get here I was born in Ohio but moved to Fort Myers
Florida when I was 3 years old so I’m pretty close to being a native Floridian
so hopefully my years of living in Florida will help you answer the
question of whether Florida is the right state for you to live in let’s get
started does every body of water no matter the size have an alligator in it
well no but it probably could alligators are part of our world here in
Florida they have been here for a lot longer than we have and for the most
part they like to stay very far away from humans
alligators migrate so a pond or lake that doesn’t have an alligator in it at
one time may very well get one a few months down the road alligators only
become a problem when they lose their fear of humans which most often happens
when they’re being fed by humans if you live in a neighborhood
and you think an alligator is getting aggressive the local Fish and Wildlife
Commission is there to help you if you’re moving to Florida and you don’t
think that you’ll be able to handle having an alligator in the pond or lake
in your backyard then you’re probably going to be better off buying a house
that’s not on water as you’re walking around your neighborhood whenever you’re
walking by ponds and lakes just remember to be smart with your small animals and
children and don’t let them near the banks chances are if there’s a gator in
that pot it will live its life without hurting anybody or anything personally I
think alligators are super cool and I always stop and look at them what’s it
like to live so close to the beach well it could be really sandy I fully admit
that I am NOT the biggest beach fan because I don’t really like sand or salt
water but I also understand that our beaches are one of the main reasons that
people move here they are beautiful and there’s really nothing better than
sitting in the sand and watching a beautiful sunset and the west coast of
Florida has some of the best however if you’re moving to Florida and you’re not
in retirement chances are you’re not going to be living around the corner
from a beach why because most of the places that employ people are not near
the beach it’s a really long commute if you live on Clearwater Beach and you
work in downtown Tampa but don’t fret you can always drive to the beaches on
the weekends and over time you’ll discover the secret beaches that you
like best because when you live here you don’t go to the same beaches that all
the tourists go to you go to the ones that the locals love if you are coming
here for retirement then come on down we have plenty of beachfront condos waiting
for you to purchase just make sure you hire a realtor that knows the beaches
well so you can find the perfect spot for you is the traffic bad I’ll talk
about just the Tampa Bay area for this part because that’s really the only
place in Florida that I drive in enough to comment on like all major cities the
Tampa Bay area can have traffic headaches mostly during the rush hours
if there is a wreck on a major highway it can cause significant backups if
you’re coming down to Florida during our peak tourist season January through
March you’ll notice an increase of traffic in the more touristy areas so
the beaches get more crowded in the
interstate going to Orlando i-4 gets a lot more crowded in general during our
peak season again January through March our population swells here in Florida so
our roadways get busier add on the fact that a lot of people are not from here
and don’t know how to navigate the roadways and it can get a little chaotic
out there and can cause some accidents although traffic can be a pain at time I
don’t think it’s really too different than other big cities I have friends and
clients that came from bigger cities and they say the traffic here is no big deal
plus we have some really great scenery as you travel to your destination do I
get Florida resident discount tickets for the amusement parks yep you sure do
residents of Florida can purchase discounted tickets and yearly passes to
just about all of your favorite amusement parks these offers change all
the time but for example right now as a Florida resident I can get a four-day
park pass at Disneyworld for a hundred and ninety five dollars if I’m a
non-resident that same for Park Pass cost three hundred and forty dollars
that’s a really big difference the other benefit when you live in Florida you
tend to go to those amusement parks on the days when other people aren’t going
a Tuesday at the end of September let’s go and avoid the lines at the Harry
Potter ride at Universal you also don’t need to spend money on hotels because
you could drive there and back in the same day is it expensive to live in
Florida that question really depends on what you’re used to if you live in the
Northeast or California then no Florida is probably not an expensive state to
live in but if you live in a lot of states in the south it’s probably going
to be a little bit more expensive there are pros and cons for instance one of
the best parts about living in Florida is that there is no state income tax
that is a huge savings for most households and also makes Florida a
really popular place to live if you have a lot of money we also have a fairly low
medium price for homes however the closer you get to the cities that most
people want to live in the more expensive those homes do get our
property taxes are on the lower end of the spectrum
but our homeowners insurance is more expensive because of the extreme weather
that we get here in Florida our sales taxes typically vary by county and
sometimes they can get a little high depending on where you are
for example Hillsborough County where Tampa is located now has an eight and a
half percent sales tax rate as of the beginning of 2019
whereas Pinellas County just on the other side of the bridge still has just
the 7% sales tax rate if you have children headed off to college and
you’re a Florida resident the colleges and universities within the state system
are actually very affordable in comparison to other states our gas
prices are typically pretty low and we get great deals on local produce like
oranges and strawberries what about the weather weather is a major concern for
new residents and current residents of Florida and it should be major
hurricanes are always on our mind during hurricane season but the trade-off and
this is a big one is that during the fall and winter we don’t have any snow
storms and keep in mind that hurricanes don’t just affect the state of Florida
they affect all of the Gulf Coast states and the Atlantic states although we
never want to deal with a hurricane we typically have plenty of warning if it’s
one that we’re gonna need to vacate for and our newer construction homes are
built to withstand higher winds to me I worry about the strong summer storms
that come through almost daily during the afternoon hours more than I worry
about hurricanes in general lighting is very prevalent in these storms and they
can dump a lot of water very quickly on a day to day basis those are the storms
that cause more of an inconvenience in regarding the heat yes it’s hot and yes
it’s humid here but this is a tropical climate so that’s what it’s supposed to
be like it makes for some bad hair days but it also keeps your skin and your
eyes from drying out so basically just like anyplace there are pros and cons to
living in Florida it is as beautiful as you see in the pictures especially in
the winter our population here in the Tampa Bay area is growing very quickly
but we are doing our best to attract wonderful new residents with great job
opportunities fun places to spend your free time and a lifestyle that allows
you to be outside all year long so come on
down and take a visit and if you decide to stay in the Tampa Bay area give me a
call for all of your real estate needs thank you so much for watching this
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thanks again and I’ll see you next time with love Melanie

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    If you have any additional questions that I haven't answered here, comment below with your Florida question and I can do another FAQ episode.

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    Hi! Is it hard to build a home long

    from PA?

  3. ntcrwler Post author

    We have begun to SERIOUSLY think about it and to formulate a plan! I have left Chicago for downstate Illinois, but in retrospect that was not far enough away! Our property taxes are about 2-3x what we notried is the average in Florida, nevermind the sales tax and fuel taxes and so we are now wondering: just why are we still wasting our time living here? ha ha

  4. Mac Gabriel Post author

    Vero beach is the best place you can live in Florida

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    Do not lie in the grass looking at the clouds. You will be eaten up by bugs.

  6. Sri Rangaswamy Post author

    Thanks Melanie. U have given a good commentary on life in FL. If I ever to move to US, it would ONLY be somewhere in FL mainly for weather. Need additional info though – How is the gun control situation in FL? This is exactly what is stopping me from thinking of moving to USA…. Appreciate info. Cheers

  7. John Desalvo Post author

    Only extreme Southern Florida/Keys are truly tropical. Tampa Bay lies FULLY within the Humid SUB tropical region. There is actually a significant difference. Also, North Florida/ Panhandle areas enjoy 4 distinct seasons with fall color and some areas supringly hilly with red clay. Snow flurries/ice typically happens at least once EVEREY Winter n that region.

  8. Hugh Wynn Post author

    I disagreed. There is a large number of people who live in Tampa and surrounding areas are reckless drivers. I repeat many drivers here are bad too. I am 62 years old and I have been living in the Tampa Bay area since 1979.

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    I can't stand to spend more than two days in Florida. You can have the heat, bugs, humidity, dwindling resources, Yankees, traffic, crime. Did I mention bugs and mosquitoes ?

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    So Melanie, I just got back to Jersey after a 4 day vist to scout my new home. And I've selected Brandon. Which was my 1st initial location. J heard and read the horror stories of admano drive/60 & route 4, honestly it wasnt that bad , I went to the mall last sat the 10th while it was back to school weekend, and I've seen worse.
    But I loved Brandon's location x everything is very close and I'm going to stay at the Paddock on Lumsden. Thanks for the videos they really helped . Also the river walk and the sunset cruise was awesome nice mansions in old tampa along Hillsborough river

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    I lived in Bonita Springs for 25 yrs. Traffic is horriable. Beaches are to hot in summer and full of tourist in winter. Just to many people. To hot, humid, high property taxes. It's a bummer. I m in Ohio. Happy here.

  20. berryfairy68 Post author

    I can't wait to not live in Florida ( South Florida to be exact ) It's super hot and muggy, yearly stress over hurricanes coming to trash us, rude entitled people from other countries, who think they own the place, beaches are crowded and expensive, the pay is only enough to scrape by, and sooooo much traffic at all times of the day, not only rush hour. Tampa is definitely nicer than Miami.

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    The whole world is moving to Florida is not Florida anymore it’s just a hot version of New Jersey. You people ruin your cities and then want to get out and come and ruin mine. You suck.

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    living in Tampa Bay is very different than living anywhere else in Florida. Tampa Bay is not that good tbh Also the East coast of Florida is a much better and nicer place to live

    Edit: Disney is really expensive

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    Mexico Beach, FL resident here…Panhandle is the 'old' Florida. East coast is NY south or little Cuba. Tampa represents the best of the Florida most of us grew up with and I'm proud that I lived there for a longtime. The Miami area is just gross.

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    Recently visited and home shopped in tampa. Very surprised and most likely will be moving to tampa as soon as i sell my place in nc.

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  31. Mike Forte Post author

    Living in Florida is,getting more expensive every month…in Orlando home prices go up every month. An average home in Orlando is a safe neighborhood will run u close to 300 thousand ..rents in a decent neighborhood are around 1600 per month..homeowners insurance is steep thanks to the hurricanes..traffic in Orlando is horrible..lots of toll roads no state income tax but u can easily spend 200 a month on the crowded toll roads..alot of crowded roads constantly under construction making driving a nightmare..Florida is a right to work state unless ur in a profession an hourly wage job will be very challenging to pay the bills no shortage of workers so pay raises are not all that large
    ..the theme parks are expensive crowded and the weather is hot..we don't find it appealing to wait in lines up to 2 hours in a heat index of 120 for a 2 minute ride…..I do not vacation in Florida it's too hot crowded and the theme parks are over priced..I have saved money on deals out of state…in the Orlando area of Orange Seminole and Osceola county there are 3.5 million people are growing every month…

  32. CC Chodkowski Post author

    Florida used to be a nice quite cheap state to live in. The beaches used to be nice but the people from high tax states are moving in ruining state. They are writing so many law’s changing the beaches and parks. Everything used to be free now when you go to the beaches and boat ramps they make you pay. Fishing used to be free then to make money they made you buy a license, now they are adding fees to each species of fish you get. Housing renting and buying is getting so expensive and if you work pay is not keeping up. Property tax and insurance use to be cheap and reasonable but every year big increases for no reason. They are trying to make Florida from a nice laid back reasonable place to retire into a big fancy resort where it costs big money to do anything.

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    florida also has black bears the humidity is oppressive if you like living in sauna then this should paradise i live in kansas yes it gets a little hot i don't deny that but no such thing as perfect paradise oh yes the ground in florida every square acre is like walking on swiss cheese to many sinkholes the cost of living in places like miami is as bad or worse then hawaii she will not tell you about the bad things she is promoting her state we don't have wild animals like bears and lions lurking in the woods i had a close encounter with a 400 lb buck in topeka that was rare occurrence hear as they tend to want avoid humans if at all possible the gators in florida will eat your house pet cat or dog etc i hate the big cities and i hate those small one horse towns then you have to drive for three hours to get to a decent size city i live in topeka kansas i think it's great population in topeka is about 120.000 not including our neighbor cities suburbs FLORIDA IS NOW THE HOME STATE OF NONE OTHER THAN donald trump i would rather not have the president as my neighbor no thank you no offence intended as for presidential security staff i would quit my job and move to alaska floridians would rather not talk about the crime rate anybody could have a drug dealer as a neighbor and not know it

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    I'm from The Netherlands and I would like to move to Florida some day when i'm old enough and have money 😅 The Netherlands is really fucked up to live

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    I lived in Tampa area for awhile had surgery at the University bad news at the time you may have students do some or all of your surgery. I would never go again to a hospital like that I had to have 3 years of Nero muscular thearpy to get back to normal it was really awful. I was all messed up. I wasn't the only patient that happened to. Living there was great loved it. Medical doctors some not all if they can't find a reason you are not normal you need phy thearpy and sessions to discuss your mind problem.. Finally found a doctor what the problem was they really put my body off course. … There is a beach area where I sat against a sailboat watched the beautiful sunset sitting on the cool sand. Now you can't get near the place unless you are a guest at the hotel by new owners. Medical reasons was why we left but just before we left I did find a new doctor good doctor. That clinic was the first place that took MRI and suspected then I had MS then I came here yep sure enough that's what it was coming on stronger in my spine and brain. What a place to live it's beautiful beaches we had the most beautiful condo on Tampa road with wild life all around us then we had alligator sunning himself on the lawn in the back every Nov and part of December. Beautiful place to live. Not going back.

  40. Connie Charley Post author

    I must add one more thing about the whole Tampa area it was clean living when we lived there we lived in Port Richey area what happened new port Richey clean living. There was no talk of drugs of any kind. Palm harbor St Petersburg clean living this 2019 now back then it was clean living. Sarasota was beautiful homes even then. Holy cow not going back.

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    I moved here from New Jersey in 2012 and have no regrets.

    I love living in the Tampa Bay Area.

    We just have to put up with the summer heat but the rest of the year is nice.

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    Homestead taxes are high, gas is taxed high, traffic is horrible, medical insurance is extremely high, there are tolls everywhere, sales tax is high..I can go on and on.

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    Florida needs to build good public transportation. To get cars off the road and moderate climate change,

  56. Ashley Roman22 Post author

    Moved to Florida with my husband in April 2016, and absolutely love it! And while living here within in the first year, I heard a alligator or crocodile got in to fight with a horse in Gainesville which was a half hour away from where I lived. Plus a alligator was found in a sun porch of a resident living in Florida.

  57. Mow Mow Sushi Cat Post author

    Grew up in Melbourne, Fl. It was hot, you don’t know if it sweat or humidity.

  58. Akow Post author

    The traffic has to be one of the worst things about living in Tampa Bay. It used to be only bad during high tourist seasons but now it's all the time during the day. Our roads weren't planned right for the future and in most areas, there isn't room to expand them. Florida just passed some laws "not sure when they go into effect" that allow people who live out of state and own homes or live here part-time a huge tax break. they can live here more than half the year " I think it's 8 or 9 months" and not have to pay taxes. This will increase how bad traffic is across the state. a Drive to Tampa from Largo that 10 or so years ago that took maybe 20 to 30 mins now takes around an hour. And they are always doing work on highways and main roadways, plus they are always delayed on the work by a few years. Florida has one of the worst DOT in the country lol Some people blame all the older people who move here but I found out it's the 20 to '30s that cause the most problems with texting and driving and speeding. We pass laws to stop it but it's a problem because most police officers don't want to pull people over because they know they can't touch your phone without a warrant to prove the driver was using their phone. I've lived here all my life, born and raised since the '70s and every year it gets worse. If you're going to move to Florida find a none tourist town to live in and commute to work via the highway. And Alligators are in every body of water in Florida. Yes, even man-made ponds and lakes. Alligators are always on the move during the year and now that they have fewer areas to live without humans you will find them everywhere. In your back yards and pools too lol. We don't have a pond or lake within a half-mile of my house but found them in drainage ditches along our roads in our neighborhood

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  69. Brian Brewer Post author

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  70. steve Post author

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  71. Recovering Fatboy56 Post author

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