Live and Typical Traffic in Google Maps

By | December 9, 2019

With Google Maps it’s easy to see live traffic information so you know what’s happening on the roads. But say you’ll be visiting a new city for business soon, and you want to get a sense of the traffic conditions you’ll be dealing with day-to-day. Google Maps has a typical traffic feature to help. In the box on the bottom left corner of the map, click “change” and then click “traffic at day and time”. Select a day of the week, adjust the time slider, and watch as the map updates to show typical traffic conditions. Plan ahead with typical traffic information on Google Maps.

4 thoughts on “Live and Typical Traffic in Google Maps

  1. Sellyme Post author

    I love how this, an official Google video, has "spam" in the URL.

  2. acciovera Post author

    i am so glad i found this video! i've been upset for so long that google removed the feature to be able to predict how long your journey will take at a specific time in the future.

    and yet, although the traffic prediction VIEW is helpful, it does not seem to affect the predicted time your journey will take (i.e. "20 min"): PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE BACK TO GOOGLE MAPS!


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