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By | August 11, 2019

Oh, hi there, it’s Mark Herre with SEOgame from LinkedIn And I’m glad we’re connected. LinkedIn is a very crowded place as you know, and it feels like we’re always at a big rock concert. Let’s watch! Wow, does LinkedIn always fill this crowded I could totally be in this crowd yelling. Hey, it’s me, SEOgame Check me out! Now watch this guy stage dive for your attention. Ok, let me turn this off. Unlike meeting at a rock concert, we started our conversation with a little back and forth that is leading you now to watch the animated me, which is strange. So, I’d like to start over and define with clarity exactly what SEOgame does. We provide seo for seo companies. As a reseller we provide rank delivery. For instance, when we talk to digital marketers, the biggest problems or symptoms we run into are websites suffering from these two elements: Three-pack itís and green envy sickness. Why? BECAUSE their websites aren’t ranking in the map section or in those pesky little green organic links on page ONE. Sound familiar? Therefore, we fix these problems with a transparent plan that delivers our scope of work in 30-day trials that fixes rank deficiency on every website that deserves to be on page one. Who doesn’t like a free trial? I can send some RECENT examples of our work that show incredible before and after shots of top keywords and I’ll even go a step further… I’d like to share these examples along with a recent blog post I made that has over 200 case studies from A-Z. These case studies cover attorneys, dentists, plumbers and other local professionals that need and deserve to be in the 3-pack… Also, I’ll send case studies for start-ups, software or Saas companies and Ecommerce sites too. Let’s set up a 30-minute conversation to talk again about how white label rank delivery or referrals will work for you. I’d also like to ask YOU about YOUR business and how I can pass along leads so we can both network better and not just end up as another drop in the sea of people lost in the crowd. Now for some more stage dives. Let’s setup a calendly event.

24 thoughts on “Linkedin: Mark White Label SEO Rank Delivery Guy

  1. Jeromy Schall Post author

    Great video.. Beautful presentation .. !!

  2. Chris von Nieda Post author

    Cool video Mark! Creative stuff. Looking forward to seeing how we can help each other.

  3. Greg Hahn Post author

    Great video. Simple, effective and to the point!

  4. Sean Williams Post author

    Fantastic video, compelling, entertaining and insightful all in one, you hit the mark!

  5. Dana Lindahl Post author

    What an awesome way to make the connection process a whole lot less mundane a lot more interesting!

  6. Joseph Torraca Post author

    Great video Mark. Providing SEO to SEO companies, huh? You're like the man behind the curtain!

  7. Kevin Douglas Berg Post author

  8. melodylovesthis Post author

    Your video is on point and a great way to build relationships with potential clients!

  9. Vivek M Post author

    Mark, This video is so cool. You have nailed it. Need of SEO for SEO agencies, well explained.

  10. Edward Sturm Post author

    Go big or go home! Search engine optimization game is real. SEO skillz +1

  11. Yannick Weiler Post author

    I like the thought of a 30-day SEO trial. What exactly would that entail? Something like working out a roadmap / strategy?


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