Link Building: How to Get Backlinks FAST (100+ in 30 DAYS)

By | August 27, 2019

Did you know that backlink building can SEVERELY damage your domain authority and Google rankings IF you do it incorrectly? But, if you do it right, your website will soar to the top of the Google rankings! Today, we’re going to look at FIVE strategies that you can use to improve your link-building efforts. One of these strategies is so easy, you’ll be able to get new backlinks in MINUTES. Be aware that low quality backlinks from spammy or irrelevant websites can hurt your Google rankings. Avoid these at all costs! To get your desired SEO results, you need quality backlinks from high domain authority websites. These types of backlinks will tell Google that your site is trustworthy. As a result, you’ll receive higher rankings and increased traffic! So, how do you get these backlinks? Increase Social Signals Social signals are backlinks from social media profiles. These are one of the best backlink building techniques because you can set them up yourself. Social signals are simple and powerful, which is why they are our number one tip for backlink building! All you have to do is set up social media accounts for your business. If you actively post links to your content and interact with users, Google will take notice. This can make a huge difference in your rankings, and fast. Write Testimonials Writing testimonials may be one of the absolute easiest link building techniques. All you have to do is visit a reputable website that allows testimonials! Then, write a testimonial and include a link to your website within it. Just like that, you’ve got a fresh backlink, and all you had to do was write a few sentences. Guest Blog Guest blogging is a non-invasive and effective link-building strategy. By focusing on high domain authority publications, you can secure high-value backlinks. First, you need to create high quality content for your own website that will be worth linking to. Consider creating content that is a valuable resource for readers. This content may answer common questions or provide tips that are relevant to your niche. Shoot for articles about 2000 words in length, as this will help your rankings, too! Before you start sharing your new post, make sure you are reaching out to high domain authority publications. You can use our domain authority checker tool to do this. Once you’ve tracked down a quality site, send them an e-mail to see if they’d be interested in posting your content. When they share it, you will have secured a backlink! Create & Share an Infographic Infographics are digestible and visually appealing. This makes them a great form of content for sharing and backlink building. The best types of infographics focus on tips or data. Choose an engaging topic for your infographic, then get to creating! You can use websites like Canva to make it for free, or hire a professional to make one for you. Once you’ve got your infographic, compile a list of blogs that could get you you high quality backlinks. Then, e-mail people who operate these blogs to see if they would be interested in your content. If they are within your niche and choose to share your infographic, you’ll receive a backlink when they post it! Link Up with Contributors If you’re looking to secure a backlink from certain publications, start by finding people who contribute to them. LinkedIn is an excellent resource for this. Simply search for the term “contributor”, and you’ll find tons of people who write for different publications. If you’re looking for a specific publication, just add that to your search. Build a relationship with them by sending a friendly message and offering them your expertise. If they ever need a quote or reference, they’ll reach out to you – which likely could secure you a backlink in the process. Like all SEO strategies, backlink building takes time, dedication and consistency. Just follow these techniques, and you can easily get 100 backlinks – or more – in under a month. If you don’t have the time to devote to building backlinks, we can help! Check out one of our many link building services at The HOTH for stress-free link building. Leave us a comment below and tell us your favorite link building strategy! And, if you liked this video, give us a “like” & subscribe to stay up-to-date with all of our SEO content.

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