Link Building Case Study: My #1 Strategy For 2019

By | September 12, 2019

– How do you get authority
bloggers and journalists to link to your website? Believe it or not, but
landing mentions of backlinks from popular sites in your industry is easier than you might think. The secret, a technique
that I call guestographics. It’s a simple five step
formula that I recently used to boost my organic traffic by 175.5% Guestographics also helped one
of my readers Perrin increase his new blogs organic search
engine traffic by 963%. I’m Brian Dean, the founder of Backlinko, the place where marketers turn for high rankings and more traffic. And in this video I’m gonna
show you the exact process that Perrin and I used step by step. Keep watching. (light techno music) So a few months ago one of my readers, Perrin Carrell, had a problem. You see Perrin recently launched a site in the dog space called Chewie Says. And he was having a really hard time outranking his competitors
on Google’s first page. Does this sound familiar to you? Perrin knew that to have a
chance against these big brand competitors he’d have to
build high quality backlinks. But as someone with a new site, with literally zero connections, how could Perrin possibly build the backlinks that he needed? Fortunately for Perrin
he stumbled on an article on my blog called How to Get
Backlinks with Guestographics. After Perrin read about how guestographics helped me increase my
search engine traffic, he decided to give it a shot. The result, a 963% boost
in organic traffic, in just six weeks. Not to mention an influx of
over 1,000 targeted visitors from all those mentions
he got around the web. Here’s the exact five step
process that Perrin used. Step one, post an
infographic on your site. Step two, find sites that write about your infographic’s topic. Step three, show them your infographic. Step four, offer them unique content, also know as the bribe. Step five, get your contextual backlinks. Now it’s time to break down
each step in detail for you. Your first step is to create and publish a high quality infographic on your site. Perrin’s infographic was a
well designed infographic called 22 Ways Dogs Make Humans Healthier. Okay, so once you have a high quality infographic on your site, it’s time for step number two. Find sites that write about
your infographic’s topic. This step is important. If you want people to share your content, they need to see it. This may sound obvious but it’s a step that a lot of people mess up. That’s because the secret
to content promotion and outreach is finding the right people. In fact, because Perrin focused
on reaching out to the right people he got replies to
his outreach like this. Now, I’ll show you the
word-for-word email script that Perrin sent to people in a minute. But before you hit send on a single email, it’s important that you
find the right people. So, who are the right people? That’s simple, people that already write about your infographic’s topic. Really, that’s it. And how do you find them? A simple Google search. Again, really, that’s it. Let me show you how to do it. Let’s say that you just published an infographic about the paleo diet. You’d simply google key
words like paleo diet, paleo diet recipes, what is
the paleo diet, et cetera. And Google will show you a list of blogs that tend to cover that topic. Simple, right? Once you have a list of
people to reach out to, it’s time for step number three, which is to show these
people your infographic. This is one of the reasons
that guestographics is so different than how most
people promote content online. You see, most people
that promote their site with email outreach are way too pushy. But, with guestographics
you flip the script. Instead of a pushy email
that begs for a link, you ask the person if they
wanna see your infographic. This shows that you respect
their time and opinion. Here’s the exact email
script to send them. Hey name, I was looking for
some information on your topic this morning and came across
your article, article title. Good stuff, I especially like
how you mention something they said in the article. Actually, I just put together
an infographic on your topic, let me know if you want to check it out. Thanks, your name. Once you get a reply back from someone that says sure send it over, it’s time to send them your infographic, which is step number four. Here’s another twist that makes
guestographics so powerful. Instead of simply showing
your infographic to someone and hoping that they share it, you sweeten the deal with a little bribe. Don’t worry, this bribe
is totally above board. So, what’s the bribe I’m talking about? A unique introduction to go
along with the infographic. You see, when someone wants to share your infographic on their site, there’s a huge barrier
that usually stops them. What is it? The fact that they have to write a unique introduction to go along with it. After all, no reputable
blogger is going to take your infographic, slap it on
their site and call it a day. Their readers expect unique content. That’s why you offer
people that show interest in your infographic a unique introduction. Here’s a script to send them. Here you go name, let me know
if you ever want to share the infographic on your
site, I’ll be happy to write a unique introduction to go along with it. Thanks, your name. And when they get back to you saying sure, I’d love a unique introduction, like this email that Perrin received, whip up a high quality
200-300 word introduction. Now, there are two things
you wanna keep in mind with this unique introduction. Thing one, the blogger expects
your intro to be great. So make it guest post
level quality content. Thing two, make sure you include one link back to your site in the introduction. Here’s an example of how
your link should look. I’ll explain why the
placement of your link is so important for SEO in a minute. Okay, when your intro is ready send it over to them using this script. I just put the finishing
touches on your introduction, attached, let me know if
you need anything else. Thanks, your name. Now it’s time for the last step, building contextual backlinks. Unlike most backlinks that
you get from infographics, that show up as a source
link underneath the image, guestographics result in the type of contextual backlinks
that Google values most. That means that the links
you get from guestographics are significantly more
powerful than if someone just pasted the
infographic in a blog post. And as you already saw,
guestographics make it significantly more likely that someone will share your infographic in the first place. Did you learn something
new from this video? Then make sure to subscribe
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right here to subscribe. Or better yet, head over to and sign up for the newsletter. That’s where I share
exclusive marketing tips, strategies and case studies. Now I wanna hear from you. How do you plan on using
guestographics to land mentions and links from
authority sites in your industry? Leave a comment below right now. Backlinko TV take one, alright. Alright, warmed up. I think the key was to say it slowly. No, take two, Backlinko TV take two. The (mumbles) that’s.

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