[#LifeofStrangers] (ENG/SPA/IND) Seo Kang Joon Daily VLOG as Top Notch Celebrity In Korea | #Diggle

By | September 4, 2019

[Life of Strangers]
[Top star Seo Kang Joon’s daily life vlog] (What’s the daily life of a top star like?) (A top star who starred in a movie
and gained wealth and honor) I remember watching movies all day
at the Busan International Film Festival I’m excited and happy to come here
as an actor for our premiere (What happens if a top star
walks around naked at a bathhouse?) It’s been a while since I’ve been here
and it feels nice Did you know that everyone looked
at me when I walked in here? But they all looked at my face and then over here Dude, of course they would Huh? It’s a celebrity’s d***!
That’s what happens Why’d they see it?
(Curious) What are you looking at? Ugh, I almost saw it
(Startled) What’s this? There’s something that looks like your face
(A common review) (A full-on naked party) (From the observer’s point of view) (When a top star orders at closing time,
how do the employees react?) Excuse me, are you closed? We’re closed I’m sorry but could I order two servings
of tteok-bokki to go? (I’m a top star) I told you we’re closed…
(Annoyed) (Eyes wide open) Oh my god, Cha Young Bin? Please Two servings of tteok-bokki? Of course! Can I please have your signature… Sure, I’ll also take a photo with you You’re so handsome
(An unexpected fan meeting at closing time) Delivery service
(A top star’s secret romance) Who are you? (Tada) – It’s me
– You scared me How did you come in here?
They don’t let anyone inside I filmed a thriller movie I came in through the back door
and shook off the reporters I showed my face to the staff here
and took photos and gave my signature Shouldn’t you get going now? I should
(Quickly leaves due to a busy schedule) I’ll come back tomorrow
(Quickly leaves due to a busy schedule) – Bye
– Bye (A top star is destined to disguise..★) (A secret date at a quiet place) (A beautiful view of the Han River
in the background) (Kiss) I didn’t think you’d make it How did you get in? Weren’t there any reporters outside? I avoided them well (The best place to
date secretly is at home!) Did you wash up? (Lovey dovey) (The two are secretly walking
through a basement parking) (A cleaning lady secretly takes a photo) Did you take a photo just now?
(I got you) What photo? Are you a reporter from
Dispatch, aren’t you! I’m sorry, I think he got confused
(The top star apologizes quickly) No, she’s a reporter!
(A top star’s reputation is important) (A major twist) (Checking is a must) (A serious atmosphere…) What’s wrong? – Did something happen?
– Yeah Dispatch released an article
about Young Bin and So Hee (Phones vibrating..) No more of this
(Why are they fighting?) I didn’t say anything, did I?
(Why are they fighting?) You’re asking to change
your schedule right now How can we work together?
It’s uncomfortable How long is this gonna last?
Are you gonna act this way at the shoot? What’s this? You’re lying
and causing a nuisance every time (This won’t be easy..) Come on, I really can’t
(Second try) I’ll give you his number, ask him yourself
(Failed) Cheer up, what’s wrong? I know it’s hard
but we have a movie to shoot If you don’t do this, you’re f***ing up
the director and everyone else – Let’s talk with the director after we eat
– Why? To tell him to look for another actor
before it’s too late – Are you serious?
– Why are you doing this to me? You’re gonna regret this 100%!
How will you handle the aftermath? It doesn’t matter Do you know how irresponsible
you are right now? I’m taking all responsibility,
so what’s irresponsible about that? I’ll handle the aftermath and all
the blame, so stay out of this You’re talking like sh*t If you’re gonna do as you like,
why am I your manager? You said you wanted to Honestly, I want to give up everything,
work and whatnot It’s over, let’s stop talking about this (Explosion of anger) Then do as you f***ing want, you bastard!

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