Lesson 15: Rich results – SEO for beginners training

By | August 23, 2019

In this video, we’re going to dive
a bit deeper into rich results. Rich results are simply
any search results that offer more information
than the standard search results. There are several kinds of rich results. First of all, there’s the rich snippet. If your snippet has more information
than the standard snippet, we call it a rich snippet. Secondly, we have Rich Cards. A Rich Card is a rich result presented
in a separate box. You see rich cards
more often on mobile. If you’re a really good result, Google could even make your snippet
a featured snippet. This can happen for example
when someone is googling a question and your site is giving
the answer directly. Google will then put your search result
in a box right at the top. Lastly, the Google Knowledge Graph
we discussed in the earlier video is also a rich result. First let’s look at a couple of examples
of rich snippets. Now let’s break down
a chocolate chip cookie recipe. The first thing you see
is an image of a delicious cookie! Also, there are five stars,
which are orange if the recipe is really good. Both of these really catch the eye! Then, there’s additional information like the preparation time
and the number of calories. All of this information really entices
the searcher to click the result. Rich snippets work great for recipes! In fact, it has become almost impossible
to rank for recipes in English without having a rich snippet. You can have rich snippets
for all kinds of sites, though. If you search for funny videos, all of the videos in the search results
show a thumbnail of the video, the upload date,
and the person who uploaded it. If you search for a band, chances are
you’ll get a list of upcoming gigs, showing the dates and venues. Sites who have smartly optimized
for local searches can even make sure
that you see gigs near you! We’ve just shown you some examples, but there are all kinds of information
you can provide to your searcher, depending on the market you’re in:
reviews, prices, availability, opening hours, events, addresses,
book or music genre, you name it. Rich snippets are extremely important
for SEO. If you see a Google search page, they simply stand out
from the other results. And if you stand out,
the chances of a visitor clicking go up. It’s as simple as that! Beyond that, rich snippets give
more information to your reader. This gives you extra chances to prove
you’re the best result available. In time, Google will notice
that users are clicking your result and rank you higher because of it! In addition, most featured results
are rich results as well, so you’re improving your chances
on that front, too. The next evolution in rich search results
are Rich Cards. They are basically a more visually engaging
version of rich snippets. Google uses the same data
to create rich snippets and Rich Cards. Sometimes, the meta description
is not included in the Rich Card. A Rich Card is even more enticing
to click on because it looks so much different
from a standard snippet. Consider this chocolate cheesecake
rich result, for example. The last form of rich results
is called the Knowledge Graphs. There are two types of Knowledge Graph: the standard Knowledge Graph
and the local Knowledge Graph. Standard Knowledge Graphs
are relatively rare. They’re mostly limited to larger companies
and celebrities. For these Knowledge Graphs, Google draws on external sources
to provide information. You really have to be quite well-known
to get those. They’re extremely useful
for SEO purposes, because they contain a lot of information
and dominate the search page. Like this Knowledge Graph here
about basketball player Lebron James. For a Knowledge Graph, you can only influence your name,
logo and social profiles. Google takes care of the rest, if it decides to give you a Knowledge Graph,
that is. The second type,
the local Knowledge Graph, is much easier to attain. You can provide Google
with structured data about for example opening hours,
your address, etcetera. Our local SEO plugin actually automatically generates the structured data
you need to get a local Knowledge Graph. Local Knowledge Graphs are just
as prominently present on a page as standard Knowledge Graphs, so if you want to target a local market,
you should really try and get one. Let’s consider what else
we can influence. Everyone can get rich snippets. And everyone should try
to get rich snippets. But they don’t just magically appear. You have to make an effort
to be able to get rich snippets. Google can only generate rich snippets
if you provide structured data. This means that you put
some information in the part of your page
which users do not see. Here, you give the information to Google
that it uses to create rich snippets. If you do this well, your rich snippets could
show up in the search results in no time. In the next video, we’ll tell you more
about structured data.

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