Lesson 1: What does Google do? – SEO for beginners training

By | August 12, 2019

What does Google do? Well, search engines like Google
follow links. And you need to remember that a search
engine like Google consists of a crawler, also called a spider or bot, an index and an algorithm,
which is secret. So in the old days when
Google didn’t exist yet and there were other search engines, you had to really apply for a search engine, so you had to tell search engines, “Hi,
I have a website and you can find it here.” And then the search engine
would take a look at it and you would be able to rank
in that specific search engine. When Google came along that changed,
because Google follows links. It has bots or spiders or crawlers that go
around the web and follow those links. And everything they find
they save in a really large database and that database is called the index. So how does this work? So, there is a little spider which encounters
a link to a new webpage. So the Google spider will follow that link
to that specific webpage and then saves the content, the headings and all of the links on that specific webpage
or website in the index. And then the spiders go around the web and they will come around often
or less often depending on how large your site is
and how many visitors you have. But every time the spider comes by it checks whether or not you changed
anything on your website and if you change anything,
it will save the new content in the index. So then your website is the index and then
it will just magically appear in Google, right? Well, not so much because your page
isn’t the only one wanting to rank for a specific search term. So imagine yourself being a plugin owner
and wanting to rank for WordPress SEO. Then you will have the competition
of 22 million other websites. And the Google has to determine
which one is going to rank on top. In this case it’s our plugin. So in order to determine which website
it has to rank the highest, Google has an algorithm
with all kinds of things in it and we don’t know
which things are in it exactly. We know that site speed matters,
and the quality of your content, and the number of links
and all kinds of things. But we don’t know exactly how it works. In order to really understand
Google’s algorithm the best thing you can do is to look
at Google’s mission. And Google’s mission is to organize
the world’s information and make it universally accessible
and useful. And reading that mission closely you will understand that Google wants
to serve a user or someone who is searching for something
the best result possible. So focusing on being the best website,
with the best user experience and the best content
is always the way to go in our view. So let’s sum up what we have learned
about Google so far. We know that Google consists of an index,
the fairly large database, a crawler,
the little spider that follows all links, and a secret algorithm. And we knew that Google’s mission
is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible
and useful. That’s it. Bye!

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