Leads To My Business Quadrupled Using SEO Services [Video Testimonial]

By | August 22, 2019

Hi my name is Chris Aiello, I am the
Owner/Operator of CrossFit Funky in New Berlin, Wisconsin. I just want to tell you
a little bit about my experience with Justin Staples at JS Interactive and
just recently about a year ago started using Justin’s monthly plan before we
started using that monthly maintenance plan with Justin I was using Facebook,
Google, Groupon for leads. So I would pay Google, I would pay Facebook for Ad space or for per click; the success was, was very low but since we started working
with Justin the amount of leads that we’ve gotten from Google has just quadrupled maybe more and these are people that are actually searching for CrossFit.
Justin kind of created this whole vibe that when they came to the website after
they were already targeted through Google they could really get a feel for
what the gym was all about and it kind of took that intimidation factor off
their shoulders and so Justin understood that about our business and he did a
really great job of breaking through that and getting us people, getting
people in the door I mean that’s what it’s all about. Once they’re in the door you know it’s on us to get them to stay but we just
really needed more people coming in our door and thanks to Justin at JS
Interactive it’s been great, it’s been I wish I would have done it five years ago.
If you’re thinking about getting on one of those plans with him or just maybe
just chat with him, talk to him see what you can do with your business, highly
recommend it – It’s been very successful for us

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