Lawyer Marketing Advice for 2019: Your Law Firm’s Business Card Sucks

By | August 10, 2019

Hey this is Andy with ELOA. I wanted to record this video real quick
because in my own marketing firm; I handle marketing for
a lot of different law firms. One of the things we always try to do
is figure out ways our clients, our attorney clients can
differentiate themselves from all the other lawyers out there. There are so many lawyers out there and
marketing a law firm can be very expensive. So what you have to do is figure out what are some of the ways
you can differentiate yourself? How do you make yourself different
from all the competitors? So one of the things I always
tell my clients to do, and I practice what I preach
on this specific topic. But when you look at law firm’s business cards; they are typically white business cards,
and they are very boring. They go with the professional
business card and that’s fine. But a lot of times when you
hand out a business card, the business card is the only thing
they are going to remember you by. So what I do for myself and what
I recommend that my clients do is they get a really cool business card. And I am going to show you my
business card for my marketing firm today. Just because it’s–
And I am going to show you my
business card for my marketing firm today. Just because it’s– This card has literally– I can count five clients off the top of my head
that this card has gotten me. I want to show you why,
this is the card right here. See how I can get this show up in the screen. She’s a little blurry there, but Wha’ts cool about this card– What’s cool about this card is
that its plastic, it’s like a credit card. You can see through it,
people hold onto these cards. I have had people tell me that
they have held onto this card, I have got into their office six months later
and even if they are with another client I will go in their office,
three, six months later. Actually, I have even gone
in a couple of years ago. I had another marketing company I used to own
and we had similar cards to this and It was a guy I met a year before
and ended up at his office, and he still had my card. What he told me was that
he felt bad throwing the card away. So these cards are not extremely cheap
compared to normal business cards; they are more expensive. These are probably about $1 a piece
depending on what you get. But if you get a really good
business card like this; people will hold on to it,
they will keep it in their wallet. Especially if you are a
high end type of attorney, if you do criminal defense,
if you do personal injury. Honestly really any type of law. But these cases where you want to make sure that somebody has your card
on them when they need you; so when someone gets arrested,
when someone gets into a car accident. Make sure that it is a good quality card. Like I said, this thing is plastic,
you can see through it, people love these cards. Every time I give this to someone,
without fail they say, “Oh cool card, that’s an awesome card.” You know, so Something like this,
something as small as this where it’s maybe a little bit of an investment
upfront if you got 500-1000 cards. I believe if you get 1000 cards
it’s going to be a bigger discount. I believe it is less than a dollar per card
if you start working with 1000 cards. But when you start thinking about things that– how much advertising costs. I mean when you compare the cost
of something like this to let’s say Google ad words
or something like that. If you can actually get something
that people are going to hold on to, that they are going to really be able
to differentiate you from other attorneys. Something that frankly they are
going to feel bad throwing away. Then that is a leg up; I mean you are already spending
money on business cards, you might as well spend a little bit
more money and get some cards that they are going to hold on to, or that your clients are going
to hold on to I should say. So again, this card alone
has gotten me several clients. My clients are worth a lot of money to me, I know your clients are
worth a lot of money to you. So it is a little bit of an investment upfront. But, I would consider getting cards like this. Now, a word of warning, don’t go with
the cheapest ones you can get. Becaise I made that mistake and I have a
whole box of extremely crappy business cards that I am basically going to throw away. So I ended up having to–
I ordered– This is from a company
called Plastic Printers, It’s actually, or or something like that. I don’t work for them, they are not paying me,
I just think they do a really good job. So a couple of years ago,
I ordered these cards from Plastic Printers. They did a great job and I loved them,
that was my old business. So with my new business we ordered some different cards
from a different company. I don’t know what the name
of this other company was. But, it was maybe $100 cheaper,
and they were horrible. I was embarrassed to give them out; they were not really high quality plastic,
the printing was not very good. This you can see is nice and bright printing. The other printing was dull,
it was hard to read, just wasn’t good. So I ended up basically– I haven’t thrown them away yet,
they are on their way to the trash and I had to re-order from Plastic Printers anyway. So, I am not saying Plastic Printers is the best,
I know Plastic Printers is the one I use and gotten really good results. Comment below if you use other printers
for these types of cards and had good results. Because if there are ones that provide
better prices then Plastic Printers, I would definitely like to know. But If you do anything
else to promote yourself, maybe you have a cool
business card you want to share; feel free to put it in the comments below, I am very interested in seeing all these. So if you have any questions,
as always shoot me an e-mail at [email protected] and good luck.

3 thoughts on “Lawyer Marketing Advice for 2019: Your Law Firm’s Business Card Sucks

  1. Peter Mlynek Post author

    Thank you, Andrew, for the video. I agree with you that quality business cards are very important. The predictions that business cards are going away because we can always look people up on the internet are false; every year I see better and better quality cards. I don't mind spending the money on quality business cards, but as a solo serving large business and competing with AmLaw200 firms, I wonder if these plastic cards will appear as too gimmicky, and not professional enough.

  2. Crystal Williams Post author

    I just checked out plastic printers' website. I'm thinking about going with metal business cards. Thank you for this video!

  3. MGM Khan Post author

    Lovely 😊 but it’s a plastic, I hate plastic..


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