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By | August 14, 2019

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If your Bermuda grass has a lot of seed heads growing, then you more than likely have common
Bermuda grass out there. The common Bermuda grass, that’s one of its growth habits. It
does produce a seed head that has its place in nature if the grass does, let’s say if
a severe drought comes and if it’s a place that’s not tended to with irrigation, when
that grass dies and all those seed heads hit the ground and they just lay there and that’s
basically all they do and then and when it rains those seed heads germinate and they’ll
produce foliage again. An excessive amount of seed heads is not something that’s very
pretty or aesthetically pleasing in a homeowners yard, which is the reason we don’t sell common
Bermuda grass. We sell couple of other varieties, the Tifway and the TexTurf. TexTturf produces
very little seed heads and Tifway produces to my knowledge absolutely no sees heads.
So it all has to do with aesthetics. Seed heads do have their place in nature but if
you’re looking to avoid those you need to stay away from the common type Bermuda grasses
and maybe use some of the newer types of grass and some of the ones that are used on sports
fields and whatnot that do not produce the seed heads}

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