Law Firm Website Design Does It Impact SEO

By | August 11, 2019

There’s three elements to a website. There’s search engine optimization, there’s conversion optimization, and then there’s design. The problem is is that these three elements do
not go hand in hand. What do I mean by that? If you have a website that looks awesome. It’s got a big beautiful slider up top and it’s got all these really really cool… it’s artsy and everything. It’s going to convert for shit. It just doesn’t convert very well. What ends up happening is you have to back off some of
those design elements to make sure that when someone
goes to your website, they actually listen to the message
and they actually pay attention to what you’re trying to get them to do. That’s one part of it. Sliders, for example. Have you
ever been on a website where there’s the header and
then it changes picture and then it says something, it fades in, and
then the words come in from the side and then it changes again. And then, another
picture comes in, the words come in. Those look great and they’re captivating, especially when they have
really good pictures. The problem is, and you can google this, we call them conversion killers because they absolutely just
destroy conversion rates. In that regard, you have to pay attention to those two elements: the conversion
optimization side and then there’s also the design side. The third side is is search
engine optimization. If you have a website that converts
awesome and looks great, you might be missing some of the search
engine optimization elements which means that Google might
not necessarily like it. If you’re just running paid ads, then it might not be that big of a deal. That’s the challenge with website. It’s like a triangle and you’ve got to
balance all three of these elements so that you’ve got a website
that converts people. Because if it shows up in Google
and it looks great but it doesn’t inspire anybody
to pick up the phone, then it’s absolutely useless. If it looks great but nobody can find it because it doesn’t have the elements
that are necessary in Google, then you either need to do paid
ads or something else. Then it’s useless again because
nobody’s seeing it unless you’re paying for people to see it. If it looks great and Google loves it, this is the best option to
be honest with you but it doesn’t convert as well
or if it doesn’t convert, that’s a very big issue, too. It’s really important. One of the most important things
is the headline, above the fold. You want to make sure that you’re talking
about the client and not yourself. I see all the time, lawyers are like, talking about super lawyers
and five million cases won and I went to Harvard and
I do this and I do this and I do this and I do this. We found that it works a
lot better when you say, “When you contact our law firm,
here’s what you’ll get. Here’s what we do for you: we
help you stay out of jail. We make sure that parents get as much
time with their kids as possible.” Whatever it is that your clients want, and this comes down to
knowing your clients. Whatever it is that your clients want, you want to make sure that that’s
where your headline is. That’s why everything I do with my book… Actually, my book is called “How
to Get More Law Firm Clients Without Losing Time and Money or Getting
Screwed by Marketing Companies.” I use that statement everywhere because I know that lawyers
want more clients and I know they’ve been screwed
by marketing companies and they don’t want that to happen again. They’ve lost time and they’ve lost money
and they’ve lost a lot of energy. Everything I do focuses on that for lawyers. If you come here, what you’re going to get is you’re going to learn how
to get more clients and you’re going to do it while avoiding
all these things that you don’t want. That’s very important. If you could put that on
top of your website and incorporate that into the actual
design of your website, we did a thing recently for a pay-per-click
landing page for a DUI attorney. What was cool is we added an entire
session of what the process is like. The entire process, all it is, it’s
talking about the process. Once you retain us, we’ll immediately
file a notice of appearance and a plead of non guilty. And then, we’ll meet with you and we’ll design a custom
strategy for your defense. And then, we’ll do this for you. We’ll file whatever it is for the DMV to make sure that they don’t take
away your driver’s license. The entire thing is talking
about when you hire us, you’re going to get this, you’re going
to get this, you’re going to get this, you’re going to get this. It’s
almost like a stack. If you ever listen to the Click Funnel’s
Russel Brunson’s stuff. We’re almost stacking the value there. It works really well when you do that. If you can work that into the
design of your website, that is very very valuable and I would
definitely recommend that.

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