Law Firm Video SEO: How To Rank Videos on Page 1 (2019)

By | August 30, 2019

Okay so we are making this specific tutorial
for the Esteemed lawyers America. This is an exclusive tutorial,
you won’t find this any place else, this is an actual real step by step how
to make a video for high level keyword terms, in the industries that are very competitive,
including obviously the lawyers. So whether you want to write for
DUI Attorney in you city, or personal injury or whatever specific discipline you take
when it comes to being a lawyer; you can actually generate leads right away. On this video we are actually going to show you
how to do it in less than ten minutes. So I have actually broke it down
into five different main steps. First thing you have to do if you don’t
already have Wirecast for Youtube; just Google it, you can actually purchase it on their website,
they have a free trial. And it is a $500 product at this point. But it is more than worth it, we actually show you that on this tutorial exactly how you can make
money with it right away, and why a small $500 investment
is very actually worth it, and you can actually start generating money
in there as well and that’s pretty fast so. Once we have Wirecast downloaded
and installed on our computer, the next thing we want to do is
go to Youtube, log into your channel. Once you are logged in, go to creative studio. In creative studio what you want to do
is click on live streaming. If you have never streamed an even before
this is a dummy channel obviously. Click on events, you are going
to have to enable live stream. To enable live stream you are going to have
to get an automated call from Google. So I am going to go ahead and confirm. I will pause this. Okay so we just got the live
phone call from Google, they give you as six digit code,
put the code in, your channel is verified. So you hit continue, the next thing you have to do is
go ahead and create a live event. When you create a live event,
the encoding of the software via Wirecast is one of the main ways it ranks the video,
but also the title of the video is actually what we really want targeted
towards out keywords. Let’s say we want to rank for best DUI attorney. And I will pick a city and state
combination here that is local to me. I am in central Florida so I will say,
DUI attorney Valrico, which is suburb of Tampa. I want to put my phone number in here because
there are people who just see the phone number, make a quick decision to give me a call
than actually watch the video. So having it in the title is just as important,
because it actually shows up on Google, you have your phone number
right there on the front page. I like to target, and I recommend you
to target two keywords per video. So we are going to do best DUI attorney Valrico,
then I will chose another suburb, then we will say top personal injury lawyer, and
we will chose another suburb, we will say Seffner,
which is not too far from here as well. We want to chose the event to start
about 30 minutes after we are doing the event. And right here it is about
11 o’clock my time almost. And so I am going to go ahead and
put in the event for about 11.30. I want to make sure we hit custom encoding. Description and tags
we can go back to later on. That’s not a big of a deal. One of the major importances is location. So we chose Valrico and Seffner,
they are right next to each other, so we will choose Valrico
under video location, hit search, Google finds it,
now we keep that in there. We want the language to be English, and all this other stuff
we can leave that how it is. We will go ahead and hit create events. Now it creates the event, we have the opportunity
to chose a thumb nail right away. It is kind of important because the video
does rank right away about 95% of the time. [00:04:12.01 – inaudible] thumb nail for this video, hope you don’t mind penguins being your logo. While that is doing that we are
going to chose a custom ingestion. Takes a second to load there. We are going to select the stream,
we don’t have any streams so we are going to create a stream. Let’s just call this Wirecast. And we want to be in 480p. So we hit save changes Select encoder Wirecast for Youtube,
we are choosing our string, whe are choosing Wirecast as our encoder, now we want to go ahead and hit save changes. Event saved successfully, so we are going to go ahead
and go to the live control room. Right now we are not receiving
any data from our encoder. We’ve done everything you need to do
on our end here on YouTube, So what we want to do next is go to Wirecast. This is the software that we’ve downloaded. First thing you want to to do is
go ahead and import media. Single file, import media and that is what is going to allow you
to select the video you want to rank for. Now obviously I am doing this for an example,
so I will just chose a video from my computer, then we hit output, and output settings. Now what it is going to do is pull up a window,
which we have to hit authenticate, so we can connect the software
to our Youtube account. That way it can encode the video. So we have that authenticate button,
automatically opens a tab, And it says Wirecast would like to
manage your Youtube account; we want to allow that. Once we do it comes right back to the software. At that point — sometimes you might get an error code
that pops up and that’s okay. Well, there we go, now it pulls up actually as your Youtube
connected to the software. We want to make sure the event is
the one we want to chose, we only have one in this account,
so it automatically pops up. But if you have multiple events
you definitely want to go and check and make sure the video you want
to create a live event for right now. So we hit okay. Now the software is ready to go actually. Just to recap, remember file, import media,
the video shows up down here, go to output, output settings and that is how you
authenticate your Youtube account, connect the software to Youtube. Now at this point this is ready to go, as soon as we hit this stream button it is going
to start encoding the video to Youtube. But first, what we have to do is
we have to go back to Youtube, and we want to connect the software
in the actual live event. So first we hit stream, now Youtube
will start to pick up the software. There we go, and hit preview. my didn’t add that. Refreshing, though already did. Picked it up automatically. Preview, it is going to ask you
are you sure to preview that, you say yes. Then at that point is going to start tracking
whether the stream is good, the health status of it, this is good. It’s always good at the beginning. At that point we want to go ahead
and start live streaming the video. It takes a second for Youtube to go ahead
and prep the video for live steam. So while that is happening,
okay it’s happening faster than I thought, awesome. So go ahead and hit start live steaming, we want to go ahead and
start live streaming the event. Now remember, we chose it to be
30 minutes ahead of time. So we have plenty ahead and
go back in and edit the video anyway. So that is not a video,
it’s already streaming here, so technically this is
already playing live on Youtube, but it won’t actually host for another
30 minutes so we have time. Now what we do is go ahead and hit the video, And I am going to pause it and you
are going to hear the video playing. One of the negatives of
live streaming an event when you encode it with Wirecast,
or any other software, or if you just do it straight through Youtube, either way you are still going to have
the video playing while streaming. So you are going to want to make sure
there is no noise in the background, you are also going to keep in mind
the video is going to play, you are going to hear the volume because
it is live streaming from your computer. So I am going to go ahead and click play on this. I do recommend before I hit play,
I want to let you know, I recommend that I play at least
two or three times through. I recommend three times
through from the beginning because sometimes it is going to take up a lot
of CPU on your computer, a lot of computer usage. So in the top corner here you are
going to see CPU usage and it says 29%, it is actually going to go up to
90-95% for a majority of the video. So some of the video may not encode properly
unless you have a dedicated server for this. So that is one of the negatives of it. But if you let it play
through two or three times, then you can actually go through and edit it. I will show you how to do that here in a second. So I am going to go ahead and hit play
and let this video encode, that way you can actually see
a real live ranking on this demo. I will be back in about five minutes. Okay so we are actually
still live streaming here. I want to touch upon one thing
before it is done live steaming. Obviously this is an example so
we are not too worried about this video. But I wanted to show you here
during the live steam, it is going to happen, it is going to say the backup stream is bad,
it is going to say things are not looking good. What we are looking for is where it says
the health is good right here. Then throughout the time it is
going to say bad, good, bad, good depending on the CPU of your computer. It is not that big of a deal, and it is also
why we record the video two or three times over. Meaning you let it run, a two minute video, this one has been live
streaming for over six minutes, because I am going to let it
run three times through. I am going to go through and edit it at the end. So, okay so we just hit stream and
that actually turned off the live steaming. Going to hit blank shot to
stop the video from playing, so it is not constantly playing
in the background of your computer. Then from there in Youtube
we are going to hit stop streaming, it is going to prompt us,
we say okay, it stops steaming. From there is should automatically
go to our video manager. So we click on that and video will
pop up in our video manager here. You can see it is still processing. It does take about five
or ten minutes to process, depending on the length of video, then at that point we will click edit, and
that is when we go in and edit the video. That way if it shows up three times we can
cut out the best parts and the worst parts, and make the video as high quality as possible. In the mean time, what we are going to do is
click on the video while it is still uploading. And what we will do is I will
actually show how this video, while it is still processing actually, adn we can’t even play the video,
it is still live on Youtube. And these videos when encoded like this,
and actually optimised with a title, without even putting in tags,
without even putting in a description at all, because that’s not even uploaded yet. So in Google we can actually see
how this video is going to show up for the terms we are targeting. The two keywords DUI attorney Valrico
shows up on the front page. As you can see it says uploaded ten minutes ago. We go back to Youtube, this thing
is not even done processing yet. I can’t even go in and edit this video,
and I am already on on the front page of Google. for a high level turn this is–

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