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By | December 15, 2019

landing page templates and landing page
examples so in today’s video we’ll be going over the best landing page
templates and best landing page examples see not only can actually worm and see
some real-life you know landing page examples for yourself so you can
actually model them and you know have your own high converting landing page
very soon but I’m actually gonna be sharing with you a bunch of landing page
templates that are high converting for you which can help you get more leads
and more sales for your business so keep watch this video till the end and let’s
get started with today’s landing page examples slash landing page templates
review video alright so as you see on screen right here we have a bunch of
landing page templates in a bunch of any page examples that we can actually model
from and again these are actual customizable templates we can actually
use and you know just change it to our own copy in our own business and then we
can basically use these landing pages for our own benefits so um these Lenny
pages are actually by a company called click funnels and basically when you you
know go to create a funnel and sort of click funnels you can actually you know
go ahead let’s just say you know we want to build a funnel we can either like go
to the cookbook process right here where we can get like a bunch of like landing
page templates you know right off the bat or we can go over here and click on
you know be a funnel and we can click on the classic final builder and we can
click on collect emails we can also sell our products and create sales funnels
around selling products and you know hosting webinars but obviously you might
learning page examples or laney landing page templates so if we click on collect
emails and stuff and you know we actually create our funnel we have the
option to basically straightaway choose a template right here so again we can
preview this template right here so this is like a fully functional template we
can add and modify inside of click funnels so again I’ll leave a link down
below to click funnels and you can actually try out click funnels for 14
days completely for free so you can actually test out the software and test
out these templates for yourself before you actually pay which is really cool so
I’ll leave a link down below to click funnels but as you can see right here
there’s like a bunch of different templates that they actually have this
is also another template that I really like as well um so I feel like Anna make
money online niche this is probably be like a good opt-in for you alright so
there’s more than templates like this one’s a really good template as well
that I really like in fact this is a great example of a you know high
converting letting your page right here so obviously I select a really catchy
you know headline so how to launch your very own squeeze page in just 10 minutes
or less you know it’s a pretty captivating headline for someone who
wants to build their very own squeeze page or landing page
you know ten minutes in fact it’s not ironic guys he can actually launch your
very own casino squeeze page or landing page in ten minutes by you know
leveraging these you know you click funnels landing page templates in this
video like I mean all you have to do really is just you know get off or thing
there for you off click funnels you know once you look into your click photos
account all you have to do really is just go to click funnels build a funnel
right and then you know once you go to build a funnel right here um we’ll just
let that load and once you go to build the funnel right here just click on
collect the emails pretty like a name for yourselves why don’t they click on
build funnel then you can just choose from a bunch of like pre-made templates
for you so again these are some landing page templates and these are some high
quality learning page examples that you can leverage right off the bat and look
at this it’s very very like you know visually appearing as well so all you
have to do is just replace this ebook of your own
it’s just cool little effect right here as well and obviously like you know the
call to action button moving as well and it just looks really nice in clean and
professional I mean a bunch of tempos you can use you know the list goes on
like you have literally unlimited amounts of like a landing page templates
on any page examples you can model and usually your own benefit and pretty much
for your own success like here’s another one you know if you want to have like
some sort of like survey funnel in fact let’s just choose one these templates
and we can actually customize you know our landing page template and I’ll learn
the page example like live it movie in today’s video so let’s go ahead and
choose this template right here select the template okay so once we select the
template it’s gonna basically you know it’s going to set up the riffing for us
so as you can see we’ve set up a opt-in template and then all we have to do is
just set up a Thank You page template so we can set up our landing page sales
funnel in our landing page examples obviously this is a landing page
templates so let’s just click on thank you and we can set up a Thank You page
here as well for our sales funnel okay so as you can see is a bunch will Thank
You page templates as well there’s like a bunch of them and I mean it’s really
up to you which one you gonna choose so I like this one right here as so I’m
gonna click on select this template and literally you know we’ve created a or
handing page a sales funnel and a landing page example like live in
today’s video and it down a minute just you know by literally choosing like a
couple of templates we’ve literally just pasted together we’d inside of like you
know I’ll click funnels account we go over here we can actually add the page
so I’m just gonna go over here and click on add and the obvious is just going to
load the edit ah can actually you know and the page so
again you know I apply this every day and the wrinkles are gone we can change
this and we can change the images to our umber and save an example I could just
change all of this and I can just put in like a random text and that’s pretty
much you know how you can change your headline and this is again you know
high-quality template you can just like change so we can always like knock undo
this and we can always you know go over here the settings you can edit any
images here and upload them so like if we have like a sample or a image of our
product we can just upload our image here so it’s gonna be in the left hand
side instead of like this you know brand image ready up we can obviously change
this so it’s our logo we can just delete this we can obviously change all the tax
because put our own personal self right here sort of like this woman you can’t
sleep in our name here so if your names like I don’t know J the name you can put
in you know me J found on CEO of you know xxx company and they can honestly
just put in your information here I mean this is pretty cool right like I
couldn’t even just drag and drop this and you know add this image right here
if I wanted to which doesn’t look too good but like you can drag and drop like
everything and the elements of the page really really easily so I can just you
know drag and drop this you know headline right here I can like drag and
drop this you know part of like you know the form at the top right here I can put
her like right here so it looks a bit weird as you can see I’m just kind of
like messing around and obviously you know this landing page template looks
really crappy now but the point on me showing you this is just how easy it is
that like actually maneuver your nanny page template and feel like really
modify everything and even if you just you know stuff it up like this you can
always just like you know I click on I’ll redo I mean I’ll do sorry I’m doing
on do you undo and then obviously it will be back to the way it was so you
don’t have to worry about that anyway so I just want to quickly show you that in
fact if we just you know excerpt of that that’s pretty much yeah how you
basically you know get a bunch of like a landing page templates for yourself and
this is you know a high quality we know a landing page examples that’s actually
high converting and we can do the same thing with the Thank You page for L
Danny page sales funnel we can always add this if we go over here we can add
this you know you thank you you know your report was sent to you or you know
your product was sent to you we can always just change this and let’s just
get cleaning like random text and you know we can make this call to action
like linked to like a product for example that we want to sell so we can
you know set the action we can make it go to like a Pacific website you know go
to the website your I’m open in the same window opening a
new tab or submit an order if you want to sell a product there’s so many
different ways we can use clickfunnels degree our email list and to generate
leads or to even like making money in sell products I mean the opportunities
are limitless skies but ya just want to go over this example with you because
you now have at your disposal a bunch of landing page templates and have bunch of
landing page examples right though thanks to click funnels which is awesome
right so again to actually get started to get a 14-day free trial click funnels
or label o in the video description so you can actually you know get some
landing page templates for yourself right now and what’s really cool guys is
if we go over get the settings I forgot to tell you about this actually this is
really really important what we can actually do um with our cell final
templates so if you and your friend have a clickfunnels account your friend can
actually share their funnel URL so this is basically the funnel and crowd and in
today’s video they can share their final URL of you and basically if you copy me
you know this link to your own you know click funnels account you’re basically
automatically you know gets this sales funnel or this landing page you know
template that they created from scratch imported into your account automatically
and you could do this for sale finals with webinar finals for whatever you
actually want which is really cool so obviously you know click funnels has a
bunch on any page templates and examples for you to use and model but you also
can have you know friends giving yourself funnels and in fact I’m gonna
be giving you a bunch of my personal cell phones on the only page funnels as
a bonus if you do decide to actually you know buy click funnels for a my for the
only down below in the video description along with some other bonuses as well
which I’ll link down below in the video description as well and how you can
actually get those extra bonuses as well but I’m yeah it’s gonna be pretty much
it for today’s landing page examples slash landing page templates video I hope
you found value on it and yeah thanks for watching

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