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By | August 23, 2019

Hello My name is Szymon Owedyk I would like to offer You a course Rule the Positioning I’m working with Positioning for over 10 years For 2 years I run my own advertising agency with which for me and my clients I ensure effective positioning I’m also author of a blog about Copywriting, Positioning and Self development which is getting more and more popular After years of experience I learned, how in a easy way you can position websites without need of specialistic knowleadge and specialistic tools And this knowleadge I would like to share with you For who was this course created? So, firstly for website owners, company websites, shops and blogs Who want to self position their sites devoting littlen time and energy to it. Secondly for website owner, that don’t have time for positioning But want to better understand reports that they are getting from companies, that take care of such positioning by that they have everything under controll. Thridly this course is open for those, who want to become positioner in future and want to get to know secrets of positioning better and using that gain their first clients I hope, that this course suites You too! If so, then take advantage of it go 🙂 What does this course consist of? Course Rule the Positioning consists of 5 modules Each is rich in interesting videos, texts, additional exercises, and other valuable tools. It’s close to 30 films many hours of recordings additional bonuses and of course my support Improve your buisness grow inside internet Or gain experience as a future positioner Going through course Rule the Positioning from A to Z you will get to know positioning without specialistic knowleadge and at your own pase! If you would like to know more about this course, read the informations under this video and above it Good luck in effective positioning of your websites by which Your buisness will be growing how You want it to and how You will take care of it! I really recommend you this course and see you 🙂

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