Korean Street Food Tour at Seomun Market (서문시장) in Daegu, Korea

By | August 28, 2019

good afternoon good afternoon guys
greetings from Daegu South Korea got an exciting episode today because we’re
gonna be feasting on Korean Street food at Seomun market (서문시장) before we do that we
have to take a cable car back down into the city we were just visiting Daegu
tower it was fantastic we got some amazing views but now we’re gonna be
taking the cable car down back into town and then it’s all going to be about
street food some tasty Korean Street food here in Daegu so before we get to
the cable car there’s a little theme park out here called e world and there
are some very interesting displays there is a double-decker bus there’s some
vintage cars there’s a lady with a giant dress and there’s a heart as well the
coolest surprise what’s that it’s free it’s free pretty incredible I can’t remember the
last time I got something free that’s cool actually I do we got the free
sports jerseys it was on Oh David’s doing a time-lapse this is awesome
it’s a lush green area and the part that we’re going over right now is is
basically the theme park I think that’s at you world right like an amusement
park an amusement park now we’re got some views in front of me
I’m gonna flip the camera over check that out guys that is pretty amazing
we’re going over some trees and as we get over we should probably have some
event better views of the city man that was an awesome free attraction here in
daegu I had no idea that the cable car was free David had the first hunch of it
how did you realize it was free you get people getting on and getting off and no
one was there hardly anyone’s going up to that Tower I mean it is a Tuesday but
still Daegu is prime for exploring man just
hardly anyone here hardly any tourists come today go and check it out I am you
like amusement parks there’s one rider hey now we got street food on our mind
we’re gonna grab something and now we’re heading to Seomun market (서문시장)
which is a very traditional market that dates back to the Chosun period probably
the oldest market in Daegu yes I drum Street food there’s like textile yeah
and what else is there they have over four thousand shops four thousand well
if you wanted to go to each one yeah we have to spend like one second just be
scratching the surface obviously keying in on street food yeah and yeah now
we’ve kind of ventured off into a bit of a back alley and we’re on the way there
I think I might buy something for it’s awesome sure I’ll find something I’ll
find some souvenirs for your kids and families I hope so I really want to buy
like a beet or oh that they character Korean character is a little bird okay
goes just arrived in Seomun market (서문시장) and it is massive right now we’re kind
of in the the pottery section there’s lots of stone pots there’s cooking ware
and these are used by Koreans to basically store different kinds of paste
with like pepper paste to go to Jong slowly being pasted doenjang so I mean
here we have a few different sizes this one six thousand four thousand five
thousand so long everything here is like under five bucks that’s crazy and their
heavy duty of seven oh wow right look at that
when I saw somebody walking with food so over there if somewhere down there and
that’s what we’re gonna head so over here guys
we have various kinds of roasted knots almond pumpkin seeds pretty impressive
so we just walked by a stall that was selling dried nuts and they were
spinning around and around I’ve never seen anything quite like it and just
behind it there was a whole section where they were selling dried kinds of
fish various kinds of dried fish so some very fascinating things at the market so jeon massisseoyo Baechu-jeon (배추전)
far massive sale there are pages on how not to say oh Buchu-jeon (부추전) that’s
amazing huh look at that look at all the veg in there we are trying to different kinds of
Korean pancakes which I’ve never had before we have Baechu-jeon (배추전) and Buchu-jeon (부추전) over
two thousand five hundred one each on all day long and we have some people
watching us which is kind of funny and so I’m gonna grab a piece this is the
light one I’m honestly not sure what they are
I’m guessing this one might be cabbage or potato jeon okay let’s try that like
cabbage oh yeah mmm you know what that’s one of the juiciest kinds of Jeon you
can have because the cabbage retains its juices its flavors and obviously when
you fry it up with the batter like this he’s so good so tasty you’re gonna go in
for another one this is like up a soy sauce with onions to believe it’s called
Tong Joe was blowing me away about this it’s just a size of the jeon for the
price so basically you’re talking like just over two US dollars to get a huge
pancake with vegetables so what’s really interesting guys is the two most typical
kinds of Jeon I’ve had are kimchi jeon and haemul pajeon but these are jeon’s I
don’t think I’ve ever tried before and I think we’re moving along to either a
green onion or a leek (Korean chives) one with driver oh yeah
this one tastes really healthy we’re doing the – I like the cabbage one a
little bit more and for this price point guys this is a lot of food like you
could come here and order a pancake that could be like a meal in and of itself
and yeah we have our work cut out for us to try to finish both of them that food
was unreal I mean I haven’t had those pancakes yeah I’ve had like one pinking
so far in Korea yeah but that was so good the leek with the chili just gave
me like a delicious flavor with spice and the cabbage very moist and you know
crunchy and I want to try at least four or five more things and the cool thing
is that most things were going to try here are unique to here and what do we
got behind you we just bought something we have dried
seaweed the more I walk through this market the more impressed I am I feel
like this is kind of like an old-world kind of Korean market it’s just such a
classic traditional experience here there’s just local shopping here they’re
buying all kinds of different things and I mean I can’t believe like this like
look at this the seaweed unreal man unreal I know that’s a Hodu-gwaja (호두과자)
you don’t get ah something on we are moving on to sweets
this is one of my favorite Korean desserts you associate this with
transportation either by taking the boss of the train these are called Hodu-gwaja (호두과자) and basically what they are they’re walnut cookies but they more so
have a waffle batter so before I eat one I’m just gonna break it apart so look at
that you have a giant walnut in there you have red bean paste and then you
have like a kind of a waffle batter on the outside there’s soul delicious
whenever I think of like taking a bus or a train in Korea I’m like where’s my
Hodu-gwaja (호두과자) right slice not mmm I love that red bean paste crunch of the walnut
there’s not too much batter either which is good this is a contrast between those
three different things you have kind of them you have the outer layer of the
pancake batter the smoothness of the red bean paste and the crunch of the walnut
makes for a fantastic snack pleasure I mention you get ten of these for 3000 Won with
resolve the one really good value guys if you’re traveling in Korea pick up
your Hodu-gwaja (호두과자) so we’ve explored the one side of the
street fairly well there is a bit more street food options but we’re gonna
cross but there’s so much more street food on the other side and yeah the
Korean Street food adventures continue we are starting off I’m gonna get three
of these things this is amazing these are basically various skewered objects
what I have right here is the skewered sauce is skewered tteok (떡) Korean rice cake with
a gochujang sauce try that guys ooh oh yeah giant rice cake I’d say two to
three times bigger than the kind of rice culture that in tteokbokki game hence it
only being one only Oh big one 500 140 something US cents hmm oh yeah that’s
the real deal I love the chapter it’s ready to eat but
also very smooth there’s a really nice spicy chili face like that red pepper
face and that’s just one of three guys I’m going for more the next two items
are gonna be 1,000 won each I’m gonna go place the order right now odeng (오뎅) a sale
so we’re at the 1001 menu items these are the bigger items this is a giant
fish cake again coated in the gochujang sauce it’s gonna be super spicy because
it’s a fish cake it should be absorbing the spices even more so than the rice
let’s try that mmm all right guys remember the rice
it’s got such a spongy texture and a fishy taste oh and it just soaks the
gochujang macho soil so delicious as really spicy
meiyoyo Wow Wow I love this guy’s mmm did Sundae (순대) you say Oh
next up we have this Sundae (순대) another 1,000 Won item and what’s different is
that instead of transferring it for one big skewer to a smaller skewer what
she’s done and she’s taking it off of this skewer and put it into a cup my
mother’s on fire man that second Odeng (오뎅) who is some spicy gochujang sauce guys
serious fire at the moment then the Sundae (순대) is a Korean blood pork sausage
so what you’ve got here we’ve got intestines a little bit of rice I think
a little bit of noodles in there too and this is it this is a really delicious
sausage but for some foreigners this is something that’s a bit too exotic for me
I love it super spongy texture rich rich flavors chewiness of the organs
come to Korean you want to get away from the typical street foods try the soondae
guy it’s delicious other than three things my favorite was the odeng it
just had the nicest flavor it absorbed the gochujang sauce the most but it was
also the spiciest to fight all that fire we’ve been consuming with the gochujang
sauce we’ve got ourselves my favorite Korean traditional drink sweet it’s
refreshing it has a rice base it is called Sikhye (식혜) when you’ve been eating
spicy food it’s an absolute must you got to do it this was Tom one 1000 won about
85 90 US cents great deal and you can’t get a drink more refreshing than this oh
oh served ice cold too and look guys the
coolest thing is that you’ve got rice in the bottom it’s a bit clumpy at the
bottom line it’s gonna be part loaded on the hatchet yeah we are finishing off the street food
tour but not the end of the market or the end of the street food with Hotteok (호떡) my
favorite Korean dessert it is amazing it is like Korean donut sweet Korean donut
that’s been deep-fried inside you have a mixture of like sugary
goodness often it’s syrupy and they usually add
some nuts for a little bit of crunch and texture as well now I was warned this is
super hot so I’m gonna be very careful because it’s like when you bite into it
it’s too hot it’s like it burns your mouth the liquid sugar just burns your
gums like crazy so I’m gonna be really careful here mmm nice and crispy I
haven’t quite got to the syrup yup so I’m tasting right now outer batter oh
look boo boy you got my syrup I’m the pine nuts amazing super syrupy
goodness super sweet I’m not just your player now one delicious bite after
another hands down my favorite Korean Street food dessert Hotteok (호떡)you can
almost find Hotteok (호떡) everywhere Korean Street Food is being sold across is
pretty amazing and basically the lady right here is grabbing all the dough
like whoa so she’s grabbing the dough after the dough cheese like Rosetta’s
ball with a pocket and in the pocket she throws in seeds and sugar throws it on
to the fryer and you have this guy with like this uh this presser right he put
down the down so he sees that it’s golden brown then flips it over does it
over and over again the lady at the end she’s finishing it off at the very end
then it take it out let it sit there for a bit let the grease fall and then he
puts it into a cup and you eat it so you gotta be really careful cuz if you get
one of those that hasn’t been sitting too long you’re gonna burn your mouth I
burn my mouth a little bit it’s super delicious super sweet delicious donut we’ve been walking through the market
for a long time and it’s about time that I grab something I got this for Audrey
this is a red ginseng ultra hydrating essence mask Samton one three thousand
one about two dollars fifty cents instructions on the back hopefully she
likes it I have no idea but guys red ginseng hydrating mask in South Korea
dude we found an amazing place tables bowls I think we’re gonna buy some of it
maybe how do you like the most I mean I like the tables and it’s cheap
like this is like 15 bucks dude Wow oh my gosh look at that man it folds
out how much oh my oh man Paul someone that’s 18,000 what do you think it’s a
collapsible table 18,000 you can get everywh in your bag no no no way this is
a bit but think about it like if you might love it job not know you’re
looking you’re not like carry today wrap it up for you I’m Familia guys these films plots were
just too tempting I had to get them remind me of all the cool slippy bebop
I’ve had super high quality very heavy I’ve already got them both wrapped up
there are 7000 won each Chilton 1/6 something US Dollars and we will put
them to good use back in Canada for sure I’m gonna eat noodles out of there I’m
gonna try cooking rice on it gonna be awesome guys our experience here at
Seomun market (서문시장 – 西門市場)) in Daegu was just honestly unbelievable I’ve been to a lot
of Korean markets and this is my new favorite market in South Korea what I
love about it is there’s two things does firstly just the sheer size of it over
4,000 stalls it sprawls out in all directions
it’s not just one Street one alleyway you have to go through a number of
different circuits to even cover we barely scratched the surface the other
thing I love about it is that it’s a super local market a very unique
experience overall I was super happy with my purchase of the stone pots which
I’m going to take home and utilize back in Canada and yeah this was just a
fantastic outing this market far exceeded my expectations I absolutely
love that come here for Street food to people watch and to buy stuff and guys
if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up leave a comment below
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South Korea in the next episode

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