Korean fruit salad (Gwa-il-saelleodeu: 과일샐러드)

By | March 13, 2020

(knife chops and happy upbeat music) – Hi everybody, I wanna
be shiny, how do I look? (giggles) These days are the end of year. Everybody is in very festive
mood and people get together, family get together, friends get together. We have a lot of parties. To celebrate the end of this year I wanna make something
really fresh and refreshing and tasty and easy, simple recipe and also it goes well with any big dish. You guys are cooking a large turkey? If you are Korean you are going
to make some galbi, bulgogi. This is going to be a good side! It’s amazingly simple and easy but delicious. Probably you’ll be so surprised. Today I’m going to introduce you to Korean style fruit salad. In Korean gwa-il salad. This is a seedless English cucumber. Cut this into half inch size cubes. I think this is around one cup and I will just add this to my bowl. All this salad stuff will be here and then later I will just
mix this, so easy. (laugh) And then green grapes. I washed this nicely. Large size grapes are so pretty. If green grapes are not available you can use just any purple
grapes or red grapes. 8 grapes. In Korea I always used to use raisins, but today I don’t have raisins so I will use quarter cup of beautiful dried cranberries, The taste is a little similar! And then persimmon. This persimmon, you have
to find hard one. I will also cut this into
the same size, 1/2 inch size. And peel. Cut half like this and then again. All this into half inch cubes. And then pear and apple. Look at this, this is
a Korean pair, very crispy. I bought this from a Korean store
and I’m going to use half. Peel it. Cut this in half and core this. Also core this. Just cut one or two times to 1/2 inch. Next apple. This also cut in half. Core this. And then eggs. I’m going to use two eggs. Actually this is one
of my cookbook recipes This belongs to my party food chapter. I will cut this egg in half lengthwise. I will use this egg yolk later as garnish. And almost done! Now I’m going to add peanuts. It should be here. If I skip the peanuts it’s
not going to be like the real flavor that I’m looking for, but if you don’t like
peanuts or you have allergy to it, use just other nuts, or skip
them, what am I going to do? Okay, this is roasted peanuts, And also salted, but unsalted is okay, just 1/4 cup. Add about 1/3 cup mayonnaise. And I will add this yellow
mustard, one tablespoon. Mix all together. Like this, nice! Good thing about this fruit salad is that you can keep it in the
refrigerator for 24 hours. When you have a big party,
make this in advance, much better even one day later. You can make this one day in advance. It never gets watery! I will just collect my egg yolk from this. Put it into my mesh strainer. We’re gonna use the leftover sauce, and cut like this. And cover this. So let’s pretend I’m just
taking it out of my refrigerator. Put this into my
strainer, press down like this. So with this egg yolk, we’re
gonna make nice garnish. Just press down like this. Then through my strainer, it’s going down. Transfer some to an individual plate like this. I keep eating and eating! This time egg and peanuts. (chews delightedly) Sweet, crispy, tangy, and kind of nutty, all these textures and flavors are here! We make Korean fruit salad like this. When my guests come over
for dinner I make this and they love that. They had never tasted this before. They asked, “What is it about?” “What is this yellow powder?” So I just explained to them, and they’re really impressed, they loved it. This is also going to be
a good potluck dish. Today we made Korean style
fruit salad gwa-il salad. Enjoy my recipe. See you next time, bye. (happy upbeat music)

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