Kim Dan & Yeon Seo || Carry You [+1×32]

By | August 27, 2019

Thanks for showing me your weak side. You may pretend to be strong and unfazed, but I know you’re weak at heart. I hope you laught a lot. You can cry at times. But don’t cry too much. And dance all you want. Be happy. Live. Live like a human being. You want me to live? It’s my last wish. You were preparing yourself? I can do anything to save you. How can I live without you? Then did you expect me to sit and watch? When I knew I could save you? When I knew you wouldn’t dissipate? How am I to live… Without you? I can’t let you die… Dan! No! Dan, it has to be you. I really want you to have that life. Even if we cannot be together, even if my heart breaks, even if I cannot see him again, I just want him to be alive. I’m glad… that I could save you. I love you. Yeon Seo! Wake up, Yeon Seo! Yeon Seo! I said I would protect her. I said I wound’t leave her alone. Yeon Seo won’t die. She won’t. This is a dream, right? How did you know? Your heart… isn’t beating. I wan’t to give… my last breath to you. I loved you. I love you. And I’ll keep loving you. I was given this life once again as an angel, and I’d like to give it to her. This is… my… final decision. Goodbye. Yeon Seo. He gave me his life. He gave me this breath. I have this hope. It’s like having a hunch. That I might be able to meet Dan again. Can you… see me? I knew… you would come.

26 thoughts on “Kim Dan & Yeon Seo || Carry You [+1×32]

  1. johanna han Post author

    This so was so awesome and beautiful! Tnx you for making this

  2. Luffy Ace Post author

    This is the best video of Yeon Seo and Dan that I ever watch. Thanks a lot for making this masterpiece.. ❤️❤️❤️ I already start missing both of them..😭😭😭

  3. Epic Love Post author

    I love this song & it seems like a perfect
    choice for these two! And your editing,
    effects, scene choices & the vos were all
    incredible! STUNNING work hun!! 😀

  4. Anam Khan Post author

    This edit hit me with the FEELS like a train with no breaks while I was up against a wall. And this song makes it even more heartbreakingly beautiful. Their story is so deep and pure and precious.
    A LOVE LIKE KIM DAN AND YEON SEO PLEASE :') I am so attached to these two. I want them again in my life.😭💕

  5. xariane Post author

    Seu vídeo tá lindo, as colocações das falas junto com a música (e te falar, EU AMO ESSA MÚSICA, ela me da uns feels que não dá pra explicar), sua edição nem se fala né, maravilhosa! Nossa me deu maior vontade de assistir a série! Ahaha Arrasando como sempre ♥️

  6. SilentVoice Post author

    Sis , this is amazing
    love song and amazing scenes
    EPIC video

  7. Juli Moon Post author

    So beautiful. This drama is one of the best. Thank you for perfect video.

  8. Ateez multifan Post author

    Did they end up together i wanna badly watch this show

  9. Jennieza _hEnnEsh FalcOtelO Post author

    Ive watch so much kdrama!!!but after i watched this…i fell in love again!!i remember the first time kdrama that hit mE..was Descendants of the sUn..after i go again…they have that unique chemistry..w/c i never seen in any kdrama artist…i hope there will be another project for this two..they are amazing actor/actress….good job..

  10. Caro Black Post author

    Brilliant! You created a masterpiece that
    prettily shows their hard story. Fortunately everything turned out good 🙂 Thank you for editing it that way <3 It touches my heart :^)

  11. Zainab A10 Post author

    No words can ever describe amazing this is! Loved your work and absolutely great song choice ❤️

  12. 서번트신준식TV, 그분과의 동행 Post author

    It is so good to see so wonderful Korean video on your channel. Thank you for a great video. The best. I subscribed to you. You also have to subscribe to me. Let us be friends forever.

  13. Qist Ash Post author

    I'm crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  14. Ellenamarie Lawas Canete Post author

    So touching this drama..😭😭😭😘

  15. Mohammed Danish Post author

    beautiful mv 😗😗💜💜💜plz makes one a new day has comewith this couple plz plz😐😐😊

  16. K.E Post author

    Your transitions are amazing this is really well edited it hits you right in the feels you summed them up perfectly

  17. lady rose Post author

    Hello love, can you tell me where you found the episodes?

  18. Peanut butter Post author

    Y'all… *Sobbing* go binge watch angels last mission: love.. for my sake


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