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By | January 19, 2020

hello this is chef john from food wishes
calm with khachapuri that’s right I have Georgia on my mind the country not the
state and that’s because of this amazing cheese filled egg finish bread and not
only is the center filled with cheese but what appears to be way too much
bread around the outside is actually in fact way too much cheese so yes we’re
talking stuffed crust which you will see a little later but first things first
and the first step on the road to catch a prairie is making a very simple dough
which begins with some warm milk and some warm water as well as a little
spoon of sugar and one package of dry active yeast which we’ll go ahead and
sprinkle over the top and then as tradition dictates we will wait a couple
minutes to make sure our yeast is alive and then what we’ll do once we know our
yeast are reproducing and burpee and carbon dioxide let’s go ahead drizzle in
some olive oil followed by some all-purpose flour and then last but not
least a little bit of salt and then what we’ll do is take a wooden spoon and give
this a mix till we form a very very very wet and very sticky dough okay this is
like a borderline batter but that’s fine because once we have something that
looks like this we’ll go ahead and transfer that onto a floured surface and
we will press and knead in more flour until we’ve achieved our desired texture
and why I want you to use this technique even though it’s a little more difficult
is because there’s way less chance you’re gonna add too much flour all
right if you just dump the full amount into the bowl and mix that into a dough
ball it may or may not be too much and you can never pull flour out of a dough
you can always add more so we’ll go ahead and knead this for like three
minutes or so adding more flour as we see fit until we can actually handle the
dough without it sticking to everything okay it’s still gonna be extremely soft
but you should still be able to handle it and form into a ball like this so
right here I was getting very close but I decided didn’t eat a little more flour
so I sprinkled a little more on it under and then once we get that back into a
ball shape we’ll go ahead and transfer that into a lightly olive oil bowl at
which point we can cover this let it rise in a warm spot for about an
hour to an hour and a half or until it doubles in size and what we’ll do while
we’re waiting for that is move on to prep our Georgia and cheese blend which
for the record will contain no actual Georgian cheese unless you have
connections I don’t but what I like to use is one part creamy mild Monterey
Jack plus one part low moisture mozzarella and of course in the business
low moisture is a euphemism for cheap grocery store mozzarella and then we’ll
finish up with two parts feta cheese which means crumbling in about three
pieces this size and then what would do is give this a toss until it’s well
mixed and because we’re gonna do a little bit of cheese math later please
note this is one pound of cheese total but anyway like I said we will give that
a mix and we will simply refrigerate that until needed and then we’ll head
back to check on our dough and as you can see it’s fully inflated but not for
long because what we’ll do is deflate it and then we’ll transfer that onto a
floured surface and we’ll give that a little dust and in a pressing until it’s
pressed out into some kind of uniform shape that we can fairly evenly cut into
which I’ll do with my trusty bench scraper
they must have tool in every kitchen by the way and then what we’ll do as usual
is press this out into a rectangular shape so that we can start rolling it
but we’re not going to do it on the table this time we’re actually going to
transfer that to a flour dusted piece of parchment paper and then we can grab a
rolling pin and we’ll attempt to roll this out into something close to a
rectangle between 1/8 and 1/4 inch thick and the nice thing about working on the
parchment paper is it makes it very easy to rotate the dough plus as you’ll see
this will allow us to transfer this very very soft dough to our pan with a
minimum amount of danger so we’ll go ahead and roll that out into some kind
of generally rectangular shape and finish the rectangle ation by pulling
the corners and then once we’re happy with the size and shape it’s time to
apply the cheese and there’s two ways you can do this you can cover the whole
surface and then roll and shape this or you can use the stuffed crust method and
pile up your cheese in two rows an inch or two away from each edge as I’m doing
here oh and by the way we have a pound of cheese for two of these what
means each one gets eight ounces in four ounces of that is going in the crust and
the other half is going in the center so what I’m getting at is each of these
rows should theoretically have two ounces of cheese and then what will do
once our dough’s been cheesed it’s fold that dough over like this
and then roll towards the center okay we’re going to do that on both sides
leaving a gap of about three or so inches in the center and as I’m doing
this I’m kind of pulling and stretching the dough back a little bit as I roll so
that we really have that cheese trapped in the center of that crust and once we
have both of those sides rolled up we will also need to seal the ends which
you can do by pressing and folding and twisting or combination of all the above
just as long as somehow someway they get sealed and if it feels like somehow you
have a ton of excess dough on the end you can pinch off a little bit but be
careful don’t pull off too much we’re gonna need that to dip in the center
later and like all big things don’t obsess about getting this absolutely
symmetrical okay as you’ll see once he’s come out of the oven they’re gonna look
amazing and besides they’re called cut your Puri
not cut you’re perfect so just get him semi symmetrical that’s all we ask and
then once we’re happy with how our sides are rolled and our ends are sealed we’ll
take some scissors and cut this all the way around and then we’ll use that
parchment to easily transfer this onto our baking sheet all right so if you
just form this on the table because that dough is so soft and these things are so
ridiculously stuffed you might screw up the shape trying to transfer it
so the parchment makes this step very easy plus we’re gonna bake it on
parchment anyway and then what we’ll do once both of those are formed and panned
up is go ahead and place the rest of our cheese mixture in the middle which again
going back to our cheese math is gonna be exactly four ounces in the center of
each own I should mention if you want you can brush an egg wash on these
before they get baked but I’m not going to I think they look fine without it but
if you did want to brush a little bit on go ahead
I mean you are after all this stuff Curry of your contr pergi actually you
know what I should have went with Ayesha curry since she is the chef in the
family but anyway once we’re pleased with how those are cheesed they are
ready to transfer into the center of an extremely hot 475 degree oven for about
15 minutes or until they look like this and yes one
did have a little tiny bit of leakage but I can’t even pretend to be concerned
because look at these but hang tight it gets better because what we’ll do is
take a spoon to make sure we have a nice well into which we’re gonna place one
crack large egg and then what we’ll do once that’s been completed is pop those
back in our 475 oven for approximately three to four minutes or until the eggs
are about halfway set our you see that wiggle that’s exactly how we want them
because how these are finishes with a couple slices of butter along with a
little shake of cayenne and the reason we don’t want the eggs fully set is
because by the time these are buttered and peppered and we’ve transferred one
onto a plate to eat because of all the residual heat that egg will be perfect
and by perfect I mean still perfectly runny and we’ll talk a little bit about
egg timing in the blog post but for now let me go ahead and move on and show you
how to eat one of these although I bet you could probably figure it out but
anyway what we’re supposed to do is pull off one of the ends and we will go ahead
and bust that egg right in the yolk and we’ll go ahead and stir all that melted
butter into our runny egg and that my friends is just an awesome bite of food
and by the way I was so distracted about how beautiful this was I forgot we were
supposed to also sprinkle a little salt over the top so I did and then I
continued on with the first phase of eating this which is dipping the non
cheese-stuffed ends into the center into that eggy buttery cheesy goodness and as
far as the actual bread itself goes it’s sort of a cross between a dinner roll
and a pizza crust just very interesting and delicious in both taste and texture
alright so that’s phase one of enjoying this and then what we’ll do once we’ve
reached the ends of our ends let’s continue doing the same thing only using
the rest of the cheese stuffed crust which I’m cutting in half so you can see
what’s going on and what’s going on is a ridiculous amount of cheese stuffed in
that crust look at that take that chain Pizza franchises that stole this idea
and if you thought those plain ends were good dunked in the center wait until you
start working it over with this part of the crust I mean it’s almost too much
actually not almost it is too much I mean this is probably enough for two
people unless it’s really late just got back from the club and then
ones probably fine but anyway that’s it might take on controversy me getting
kind of trendy and I’m pretty sure within like 10 years you’re gonna see
these on every single brunch and breakfast menu in the country because
why wouldn’t they be but in the meantime I really do hope you give this a try
soon so head over to food whooshes calm for all the ingredient amounts of more
info as usual and as always enjoy you

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